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Bee happy☺

"Falling" into Telluride. Bridal Veil Basin in all it's autumn glory.

Storms a comin'. Actually, Mama Nature pulled the power plug and quit the show before it got close enough for the shot I was after. I haven't had any time for free shooting this summer so this night had me smiling like a kid. Hope she has a few more of these storms before old man winter comes back.

Seasons changing. It's always the grasses that announce falls return first. Wish I could bottle the feel and the smell in the air.

I was a supervisor for an airline at the time. It was the start of my weekend and I had just woke up to birds chirping and the calm feeling of the early sun shining through my window. That awesome feeling of "hey...I don't have to do anything today!" It was a good morning.

The first thing I always do is turn the news on and start making coffee. At the time I had one of those giant big screen TV's that looked more like the front of a mack truck than a TV. And just like a Mack Truck it took few seconds to warm up and come on so I walked away to make coffee. From the other room I could hear the commentary... "There has been an aircraft incident in New York City. An aircraft has appeared to have crashed into the World Trade Center." The first videos and pictures were just starting to show up on the news of the smoke billowing from the first building. "How in the hell does this even happen? Being in airline industry, this was my first thought. "Who is the idiot?" Then the second one hit in real time...live. I will never ever forget the feeling in my gut. Watching it all unfold live on a big screen TV thinking "this can't be real, I've seen better special effects in the movies." We were shut down at work for 4 days. Large commercial aircraft were ordered to immediately land and they filled our smaller tarmac. Confused displaced passengers filled the terminal, all of them wondering what had happened and how/when they could get home. I still remember looking up at the clear blue sky for the next 3 days and not seeing a single contrail. Our world had changed forever.

It's really hard to believe that there is an entire generation running around in the world now that didn't experience this day of death, destruction, suffering, heroism, selflessness, and patriotism. We were "one country". The place wreaked of patriotism, gratitude, and loyalty.
I won't ever forget. 🇺🇸

Purple Haze, Telluride, CO

Smokey Sunrise in Telluride.

This town makes it very hard to focus sometimes.
A street painter inspired this random photo yesterday. I know nothing about painting techniques and I draw stick figures that 3 year olds look sideways at. The artist wasn't trying to interpret the scene line by line with ultimate precision and clarity. His brush strokes blurred the lines and melted all parts of the scene together. Like a giant heavily used painters pallet. If you gazed at a small portion of the photo you'd probably never recognize what he was painting. But when you step back and see the canvas in full it all comes together into one very familiar scene.
This is a feable attempt at his technique with the limitations of technology. The hand and the mind reign far supreme over glass, metal, batteries, and pixels.

All roads lead to...

Mama nature makes my job easy sometimes. Sunrise over #Cassidyridge and Mountain Village. A listing from my friends at #invitedhome.

It's summer and the northern hemisphere is blowing up in technicolor...and I still gravitate to black and white.

Between work and "nesting" I've had zero time for the high country this summer. This is an image from a project in Breckenridge, CO. Architecture and real estate/rental property photography are my main gigs. Absolutely love bringing clients homes to life.

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