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Shelby // wife + mama // 🌿  choose joy and keep choosing it every day ✨ missing our angel babe #clementinejames and raising #ourlilliebean

Today, this sweet, loving, smart, caring, veterinarian-in-training, always energetic, gift of a human is FIVE. My heart can hardly contain my love for her, and I am so grateful for the role she plays in our family and lives. Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are so so loved. 💗 #ourlilliebean #fiveyearsold

One year without you in my arms. I feel like I should be able to say more, but words are failing me. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I feel you everywhere, think of you always, and I’m sure you sent us that butterfly on our hike today. I love you, my precious girl. ✨🍊 #clementinejames #oneyearinheaven #mamagrief #onedaycloser

Highlights of the weekend:
Lillie: dressing up like various princesses with clothes she already has... is she not the best Belle ever? 😍
Rick: bought a new Ninja blender so he can get back to his Jamba Juice roots and make me smoothies all day long (JK he wants it for his bulletproof coffee..)
Me: replaced my fiddle leaf fig plant (only $13 at home depot!) that some jerk stole off our front porch while we were out of town and now she’s potted and hanging out in my room waiting for a name 🌿
Happy weekend, friends!
#ourlilliebean #aliceandames #beautyandthebeast #fouryearsold #darlingweekend #thepursuitofjoyproject

Today is August 16th. • Two years ago today was the day Clementine was diagnosed with ALL. • One year ago we flew to Cincinnati for her to have the best and most experienced care for her HLH. •
And today was supposed to be the day she finished her ALL treatment. Two years from her diagnosis date we were supposed to be finished. • I keep saying that in my head, “supposed to.” It’s really hard to wrap your head around when your arms are empty. But the thing is, the other day when I was wrestling with the idea of today I thought, “said who?” • None of us are promised even tomorrow. • So even though it sucks, and I hate it, and too often I honestly want to stomp and scream and curse, I’m going to try to use this day to remember the crazy amount of love we squeezed in in between those first two August 16ths, (and before and beyond, obviously), and to hold close to the promise of heaven and know how sweet the day will be when I get to wrap my arms around her again. •
#onedaycloser #mamagrief #clementinejames

Sneaking this one in at the tail end of #worldbreastfeedingweek - some of sweetest memories with my girl were during our nursing sessions. The hours we logged breastfeeding were the most precious gift, especially when she was fighting so so hard and almost nothing else would do to comfort her. I’ll forever be grateful for that time we spent together and all those (friends, family, doctors, nurses!) who supported and encouraged us to keep going. ✨

#normalizebreastfeeding #clementinejames

Married this guy eight years ago and I fall more in love with him every single day.
Happy anniversary, babe. 😘 📸: @staceylramsey

I love him and I love trees, so I got a pretty good thing going right about now... #darlingweekend #savannahgeorgia

August will never not be hard month for us, but today, today was a good day. I could spend forever wandering around new cities with you, @rick_wink 😘

#darlingweekend #postthepeople #thepursuitofjoyproject #lovelywanderings #optoutside #everydaymadewell #thehatswewear #savannahgeorgia

These are a few of my favorite things ✨

So... I might have borrowed these magnolia blooms from a tree a while back, and I’m STILL in awe of how beautiful these perfect blooms were! (Especially now that it’s a million degrees outside and all of our springtime beauties are fading)

Now I’m about to go celebrate my sweet sister’s birthday with burgers and fries and arcade games. Not a bad way to end a Monday. (Happy almost birthday, @summerjohnson18, love you!) ☺️

I had a good talk with a friend a while back; I’ve told her more than once how I appreciate her openness about asking how I’m doing, how I’m coping (especially in person, which is understandably harder for people). She said that she understood how others might want to be careful not to upset me, in case I was having a good day, and didn’t want to be brought down - I understand this way of thinking, but it’s so far from the truth. •
There’s no “good day” where I wouldn’t want to talk about Clementine, or hear someone say her name, it just simply doesn’t exist. Some days are harder than others, absolutely, but even on “good days” I’m never not thinking about her or missing her. Just wanted to put it out there, in case you know someone else who has been through loss - it doesn’t go away. You can’t surprise them by bringing it up. I know there are others who have articulated this point better than I can, but I’ve just been thinking about how blessed I am to have so MANY people who will sit and talk and remember Clementine with me. I’m grateful, and I hope I never shy away from sitting in that loss or grief with someone else. •
So here I am, just wanting to stare at my beautiful girl. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. So glad that no matter what, I’ll always be your mama. ✨🍊

#clementinejames #honestmotherhood #onedaycloser #mamagrief

Annicke and Phoebe and Gwendolyn and Zoe. Two are Clementine’s and two are Lil’s. ✨💗

Liliana requested that we organize her room and toys, and then said, “Look! I made them hold hands!” 😍 Love that girl. •
#lillieandlemon #hazelvillage #mywallsmyway

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