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Shelby // wife + mama // 🌿  choose joy and keep choosing it every day ✨ missing our angel babe #clementinejames, raising #ourlilliebean, and expecting our baby boy in March

Messy hair and an even messier room, but after a tough week, this kid wanted to wear matching outfits for our family Christmas light drive and movie night, so I decided this was worth posting. ☺️✨ PS - if you’re in the Knoxville area, check out the @knoxmomsblog list of Christmas lights, we have some pretty cool ones out here!
#ourlilliebean #babylistbumps #thebump #27weekspregnant

I’ve been waiting for the day that I could make this announcement for a very long time, but as of today, we can finally say that LILIANA IS A WINKELPLECK!
Adoption is such a beautiful and heartbreaking thing, and while there are many parts of this story that are not mine to tell, I will say for those of you who don’t already know, Liliana is biologically our niece, but the idea of her adoption has been something we’ve been prayerfully considering for over two and a half years (right around the time Clementine was born). Lillie considers Clementine her sister and is very excited about her new baby brother on the way, and while she fully knows her family tree and loves all involved, she is very excited to be a Winkelpleck. I can’t say enough how incredibly we love this precious girl, and we feel beyond blessed to call her daughter and be given the gift of being her mom and dad. ✨ 📸: @themeeklife
#nationaladoptionmonth #ourlilliebean #honestmotherhood

G R A T E F U L ✨
Happy thanksgiving, friends.
#thanksgiving2018 #ourlilliebean #clementinejames #25weekspregnant #afpsmama

I just wanted to see her face on here. 🍊✨ #clementinejames #childloss #mamagrief #onedaycloser

When we need a breath of fresh air, we head to the mountains. 🌲

We took a drive into the Smoky Mountains today, hoping to do a specific motor trail that ended up being closed (boo!) but instead we enjoyed the unreal yellow leaves and explored log cabins from the late 1800s, which is especially fun since Lillie and I are reading The Little House on the Prairie right now and just finished the chapters where they built their house last week!

We’re so grateful to live somewhere that’s just a quick drive away from all of this natural beauty and history. Where does your family go when you need a breath of fresh air?
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My parents’ neighborhood is the best for Halloween - it felt almost like a scene out of a movie tonight ✨
#halloween2018 #cinderellaandherpumpkin #andgusgus #andthefiddlerontheliteralroof #shelbysbabybump #21weekspregnant #ourlilliebean

Happy Halloween! Sneaking these pumpkins in on my feed just under the wire, but you guys don’t mind, right? ✨

So, I’m not going to lie, even though I absolutely can’t wait until this babe is in my arms, I’m feeling pretty clueless when it comes to what to do with a baby boy - all the children in my nearby family are girls! From what I’ve heard from mama friends, boys are just something else 😳 Any advice? Also - any favorite clothing recommendations? I’m super into simple and minimalist stuff, small shops, and also scouring Poshmark, etc. for secondhand quality stuff. What are your favorites?
Oh, andddddd I think we are about 90% settled on a name! We won’t be announcing it until he’s here, but still, it’s so exciting! ✨
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Me: basically a forensic scientist and defense lawyer after going on three days of binging Making A Murderer 😂 • craving tomatoes and bell peppers and also jelly beans • trying really hard to make the best of every day even when lately some days have been really dang hard

You: so darn smart • obsessed with singing 24/7 • still want to be a veterinarian • can make friends with everyone, including the employees at Trader Joe’s - one of whom totally remembered that he hadn’t seen you in a few weeks and ran to give you a bouquet of flowers. 😱💐😍 There should be another little hand to hold here. Another ‘you’ to profile. It’s so hard missing her, and no amount of pretty things we find to remind us of our girl will make it any easier, but still we find them and smile, and have fun days as best we can, carrying our Clementine with us always and loving every bit of our little family with everything we’ve got. ✨🍊 #ourlilliebean #projectyouandme #thebump #honestmotherhood #babylistbumps #mamagrief #thehappynow #afpsmama #twentyoneweekspregnant #shelbysbabybump

Oh my sweet angel girl, I just miss you so so much. ✨🍊 #clementinejames #onedaycloser

My wedding date for life. ✨💕 #happyweddingdayrobandsonia #twentyweekspregnant

Was going to post a slightly more polished picture of the two of us, but I think this one is a much more accurate depiction of our time last night, goofy faces and all. Love you forever, mister. ✨😆 #grainygoodness

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