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Shelby Winkelpleck  wife + mama missing her angel babe #clementinejames


On our way home from our hike on Clementine’s birthday, we saw this frozen waterfall and had to pull over to check it out. We walked out on the totally frozen riverbed and stood right next to the falls. I’d never seen anything like that, so neat!

If you swipe 👉 you’ll see a picture of our little family at that same waterfall on Father’s Day 2016 ✨🍊 Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m still totally chipmunk-cheeked and really missing foods that aren’t soup and mashed potatoes, but otherwise doing just fine. 👍

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and messages yesterday. I’m still working my way through all of them, but I really do appreciate every single one of you 💗✨🍊 Now, I’m on the way to get my wisdom teeth removed (🙈😬), so I’m leaving this here - let the record show that Rick has promised to make me mashed potatoes and gravy and give me a foot massage tonight. 😂💕

✨🍊 left this at the top of Looking Glass Rock today (swipe to see more detail, it got lost a bit after we spray painted the protective clear coat over it)

Clementine, my sweet, precious, perfect girl. Today is your second birthday. It’s the day I’ve been bracing myself for the most. It’s so hard to articulate my thoughts, because on the one hand, like any proud mama, all I want to do is celebrate my beautiful big girl no matter where you are (and I am so so proud of you), and on the other, my heart is shattered because we have to celebrate this day without you here. We’ll do both, of course, remembering and celebrating you and aching all at once. Just know that my love for you is unending, I miss you every single moment, and one day I’ll see you again. Happy birthday, precious girl. ✨🍊

I saw my sweet Clementine in my dream this morning. It’s bittersweet to wake up knowing it was just a glimpse, and I have to live my days without her in my arms, but still, I hope these dreams never stop coming. ✨🍊 It’s her birthday on Monday and this beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered today - an early birthday gift for our girl from her Auntie Wendi and Uncle Jeremy. The flowers are so pretty, I couldn’t help but get a picture with them before we put them in the vase (ranunculus + greenery = 😍😍😍 and all things orange remind me of her, obviously.) Thank you guys!

Almost like a family picture. I see you baby girl, in the sun’s rays and rainbows, in crisp, clear days at the top of the (freezing cold!) mountain, and in your dada’s smile.
Happy New Year from the Winkelplecks ✨🍊

My precious girl. We’re aching for you so badly today and every day. I don’t want a new year. I’d relive the pain of this year a thousand times if it meant I got to relive the parts with you in it too, but once again, I have no say, so I’ll just watch this video on loop and miss you with every breath I take. One day closer. 👉👉👉
“What’s your name?”
“I’m baby”
I know it was a bit confusing with having a nickname (Lemon) and a full name... but the look she gave me when I tried to get her to say “Clementine” was just like, uhh mom...😐 We miss you so, so much, my love. ✨🍊

Never a dull moment with this guy. This being the last weekend of the year feels hard, but we’re still doing our best to soak up joy as much as we can, and being with him is the best way I know how to do that.

Also, teaching a four year old to ice skate is challenging, to say the least, but so fun! Swipe to see my sweet niece and her long legs (she might as well be a baby giraffe)

More from today in my stories ✨

I’m 110% over Christmas, but not even 1% ready to part with these Christmas decorations. Funny how that goes, huh?

#orangegarlandsforever #nowitsanewyearstree

One year ago from almost exactly now, a sweet surprise I found on Rick’s phone this morning.
Today I’m remembering that He is close to the broken-hearted, and clinging to that.
I threw a few other sweet reminders of Clementine in my stories if you want to see 💕✨🍊

My favorites ✨🍊🍋

It’s my mom’s birthday today, and goodness, I owe her so much. So much is asked of her every day, and still she never acts like there’s too much on her shoulders.
Happy birthday, Mom! I love you so much. Thank you for everything - including my smile, apparently. 😉 💕

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