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SHELBY WHITE  Made in Idaho. Founder of @Designspiration. Based in Los Angeles.


Every time I’m out here in Arizona the stars are out in full force, along with a calming breeze; it’s truly serene. As I sat outside with Grandma’s dog Bella, it became obvious that this would be the perfect time to take a photo. So I ran inside to get the camera to take this for Grandma, who is in the hospital with stomach cancer. It’s hard to believe and you never want to, but it’s another life fact to face no matter how hard you resist... she just gave me a salute—as I sit across from her writing this—to which I gave her one back, and a tiny Burger Ki... Queen hamburger. As Grandma always says, “to each their own.”

Insert Kygo song here.

Cashing in on the last of the days light.
#keepitwild #goexplore

Shelby coming around the mountain... get it?! Photo by @jayson_blair

Let’s go somewhere. Let’s climb on rocks. Let’s crawl into caves. Let’s do things that push our limits and make us feel uncomfortable because it’s those things that make us more smarter, more human, and most importantly more fun to be around.

We sat there just staring at the mountains lit by the moon while down in the valley floor a faint light slowly disappeared into the woods. Old miner carrying buckets of gold back to a secret hideout? Maybe. Though it’s more likely a bow hunter was just packing out an elk. #exploremore #idaho

Just about everywhere is smoky right now. Fires are popping up all over. Didn’t have much for a sunset but sure had a red sun.

Out here in Northern Idaho backpacking with Dad. He has spent so many years out here that he can tell you just about everything including the latest forest gossip between the bears and wolves. Since we haven’t seen any elk or mule deer, we’ve concluded that they’ve started wearing Nikes to hide their hoof prints on the trail 🦌🐾👟 #exploremore #wildernessculture

Ever wanted to have your own star? Well I’m naming a star after me and no one can stop me!

When you show up to swing but the swing is messed up, you improvise and SCHHHWWWWING anyways! P.S. do you see that face on the tree?

Feels so good to cruise around in Beverly Hills where the sun beams through the palms and the streets are free of potholes. Photo by @jayson_blair #goexplore #beverlyhills

Just a big kid at the playground! If you let go on this swing you’d be an astronaut! #exploremore

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