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SHELBY WHITE  Made in Idaho. Creator of @Designspiration. Based in Los Angeles.

When you show up to swing but the swing is messed up, you improvise and SCHHHWWWWING anyways! P.S. do you see that face on the tree?

Cruisin’ through the streets on my skate bo

We all have our moments of loneliness and self doubt, but always keep looking forward because there’s something out there more worthy of colonizing the real estate of your mind. #exploremore

Feels so good to cruise around in Beverly Hills where the sun beams through the palms and the streets are free of potholes. Photo by @jayson_blair #goexplore #beverlyhills

Just a big kid at the playground! If you let go on this swing you’d be an astronaut! #exploremore

Had a car ride yesterday where I was asked how I stay focused on my projects… the realest answer I can give is that it’s tough and sometimes I’m not able to. My mind seems similar to that of a crows—constantly bouncing around to each new idea and focusing my attention on it even if it’s not priority. Controlling that is what I’m working to be better at. #exploremore

For so many years I’ve hid behind my computer and worked on @Designspiration, building out this global community that really has been more fun than feeling like a job. From day one it has been quite an undertaking trying to accomplish what I envision. A lot of the other companies in this space employ teams of people, but it’s just me here, and that makes it a test of willpower to wake up and continue building each day... learning new things in order to do what I need to do–learning things I never want to learn but know I need to. That said, with most of my time spent working as of lately, I haven’t been enjoying the outdoors as I usually do. At the end of the day that’s what I need to do more of because in that is where I begin to be the most fun, creative, and happy. #exploremore #landrover

It has been such a long time since I have skated. So long infact that I couldn’t find my original skateboard so I had to go grab a new set up from @brooklynprojectsla. Though, I did find some decks that I designed for a company in Utah nearly 10 years ago that were still brand new. So stoked to have found them and to be able to finally put one together! It’s funny though because the last time I skated might have been when I had the half pipe in the backyard in Idaho and the board I was on was one that I hand painted. Nevertheless I’m good to go now! #tothebeach

The big bad ocean from up above 🐋🦈💦

The heat out here in Palm Springs is unreal. Consistent 110-117 degrees

#happyfathersday Daddio. I shot this last summer when out mountain biking in northern Idaho with @eylerwhite and dad. Dad and I were on bikes and Eyler had the motorcycle, which we ended up having to carry over a lot of blowdown covering the trail.

Feeling those good vibes and sunshine today! Here’s a fav from hanging with @catcherinthestyle in Palm Springs. Stoked to be headed back out there. #fashionblogger

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