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Shelby Johnson  Roseville, CA, UCSC '21. Passionate about music and a big fan of succulents

Currently assessing my decision to post this trying to decide if selfies show confidence and self-love blah blah blah or if it's just extra af

Thank you Mom for being so awesome and taking me to orientation. I love you!!!

I'm still babashook

Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again. Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms." -Suzy Kassem

and everything turns together in the turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs- only to repeat the cycle again in the opposite current.

"Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward-

These pictures make me look crazy hahaha

A happy fluff at the beach

I might be twelve days late on posting these, but I love my family and friends so much and I'm happy I was able to share this exciting moment with all of them.

I'm so grateful I've gotten to explore so much this early in the summer. California state parks are beautiful🌲

Senior breakfast this morning with my best friends 🍓🥝🍳

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