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When we said besties for the resties in 4th grade, we meant it 💫 - thanks for sticking by my side through all my phases (especially the ugly ones)

Fundraising update:
Last Saturday I booked all of my travel. That includes flight + overnight stay in Joburg aka the most expensive part. THANK YOU. You’re support is not taken lightly, and this internship is not about supporting me. It is about bringing the Gospel to the nations, discipleship, serving, leading. It isn’t about me. Thank you for praying, donating, & keeping up with where I’m at.
The next step is to pay my room + board fee. After that, I’ll get caught up on some shots (yaaaay :/). There’s still plenty of opportunities to support financially. I have about 3 tees left, ton of little stickers, prints, and I have some other fundraising ideas in store. Stay tuned for some fun stuff :)

I love that I serve a plot twist God. He throws us curveballs and keeps us on the edge of our seats. My plans get frustratingly shattered, but God ordained something better. When Jesus breathed His last, darkness rejoiced! I can imagine the enemy thinking, “We’ve finally done it. We’ve won!!” Hope lost and was sealed in a tomb. What do you do when the Savior of the world dies? The same thing we do when we’re waiting for the Lord to speak. We wait. We obey. We hope. It must have been SO difficult! God did the ultimate, largest, most precious plot twist in all of time. Jesus, whose body was physically dead for 3 freaking days, breathed again. His lungs inflated. His heart started beating again. His cold body warmed. THE SHOCK. Our God wasn’t done when Jesus was sealed in the tomb, and He still isn’t done today! I love getting to live in a country that let’s us publicly celebrate this day! Praise Jesus 🙌🏼 Today we rejoice in freedom! .
“He will destroy death forever. The Lord God will wipe away the tears from every face and remove his people’s disgrace from the whole earth, for the Lord has spoken.” Isaiah‬ ‭25‬:‭8‬

Here’s whachu been missing out on if you aren’t following @shelbirainesphoto // lots of laughs with lots of rad people :) I’ve gotten to smash Cook Out, run in the rain, got my car stuck in mud (thank you to the policeman & park ranger for pushing my car out), & explore some new places! My clients rock 🤙🏼

Psalms 77. —
I identify with this so much. The beginning is doubt. Abandonment. Depression. Anxiety. It is hope barren, but seeking God anyways feeling confused and alone. So. Much. Doubt. But the Lord is good even when things don’t feel good. His title as King doesn’t vanish when circumstances become seemingly unbearable. The questions of doubt will come. And when they do, when the enemy calls you rejected, not favored, unloved by the Father...when the enemy seeks to evaporate God’s promises, make you feel forgotten, like the Lord’s grace has been taken away, like His compassion has come to an end with you, remind yourself of all He has done in your life. Remember what He has done in your life, your family’s life, your friends’ lives, and the Word of God which is a true, stable foundation on which we build our lives. God’s love will not crumble under the pressure of the enemy, but yours might. Mine might. Search for His love. Remind yourself of His unchanging (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8, James 1:17) love. I saw His love when He rescued me from the pit of darkness, and when He rescued Joseph from the literal pit his brothers threw him in to die. I saw His loved when He renewed my mind, like Paul’s who was once Saul: murderer of Christians, who became Paul: lover of Christ, little man, missionary, martyr. God’s love is present when we can’t sense His presence. He is here. Immanuel, God with us. —
“Your way went through the sea and your path through the vast water, but your footprints were unseen. “ ps77:19

Adventuring with my greatest adventure — I love you 💕🔥

I have a few size small tees & a 2X left, and I’m really tryna get rid of them ASAP. Comment / DM to claim :) I’ll ship! .
Here’s what you need to know about the shirt:
God’s grace shows up everywhere. The more we learn from Him, the more we look like Him. The more we read His Word & seek His truth, the easier it is for us to discern His voice. He is the God that meets us where we are, and we don’t have to be perfect to go to Him. That’s the beauty of the Gospel. My God uses one word to draw people near to Himself. That word for me was Kwamba. It’s a Tonga greeting that translates to how are you in English. We would say it in villages, and the natives would instantly smile or laugh. Those consonants sound so funny coming from a southerners lips! Instantly, awkwardness was broken. Internal walls crumbled. The language barrier was crossed. Though translators remained a huge necessity (and I am SO thankful for them), that little word showed the natives that we care for them. We care about where they come from and what they know. The ‘how are yous’ led to testifying on behalf of the Gospel. This is the beauty of our God. He can use anything. Anyone! And use it for His purpose and His glory. #FTN #fundthenations

Here's an update about the internship for you guys following along via social media. Financially, we hit $1,000 (yayyy!!). I need a little over $2,000 to book my plane ticket, which is first on the to do list. Fundraiser wise, I have sizes S, XL, and 1 2X left for purchase. I'm stocked up on prints & stickers too. If you guys are curious about purchasing anything, just go to my profile and see previous posts for detailed info about shirts, prints, & stickers! I'm working on planning some more stuff, so stay tuned for that. I also have to get 2 shots, which I'll post a video of so y'all can laugh. Continue praying for this summer, the teams, Global, families serving overseas longterm, water wells, ministry, discipleship, Zambia, + anything else your mind can think of:) my goal is to reach $2,000 by next week (WE GOT THIS). Thank you guys for all the help, donations, sponsorship, encouragement, & prayer. Your support is not taken lightly, and the Lord has been teaching me so much in this season of preparation.
For you guys that want to make an anonymous donation, you can go to Click the "Donate" tab. Then press "Make A Donation." You'll have the option to log in, create an account, or do a quick give with no log in required! Type in the amount, and on the 'To' tab press Team Trip. Type my name (Shelbi Renaldo) in the comments section.

I'll keep y'all updated on shots, financial victories, God's faithfulness, fundraisers, and how incredible you guys are!:D

Discipleship Now essentials. Can’t wait to hang with my girls and learn all about Jesus! ⚡️

Here’s an internship update:
I’m in the process of selecting dates and will have those confirmed soon! You guys have helped raise a little under $1,000 within 2 weeks. THANK YOU. The first thing I need to do is book my plane ticket (the cost is a little over $2,000). As soon as that’s booked, I can pay for my room + board. I’m sold out of large tees, but have every other size still available! Tons of stickers left ($3 without purchase of a t, $2 with). Prints ($12 for 1, $20 for 2) are still available too. You can go to my profile & check out recent posts for verrrry detailed info on tees & prints. Lemme know if ya want one:) | also here’s sweet Racheal Munkombwe rocking some stunna shades. Miss this bestie!

A few of you have requested I post the prints, so here they are. In the plastic holder behind the print is a handwritten card that gives some background info about the photograph + ways to specifically pray for what is involved in that print.

My inspiration behind these was not just telling you guys a story, but sharing memories with you. Giving you a mental image to correspond with names, places, moments. Each landscape has a message. Each child has a name. These prints are to be reminders of our purpose as believers. Our responsibility is to go and make disciples of all nations. Whether you’re making disciples here or on foreign soil, these prints are to serve as encouragement + accountability. They also give you guys a role in what is happening in Zambia. You get to be a personal part of God’s work in Zambia by committing to praying for these specific needs & blessings. I hope you guys treasure these as much as I do.
1 for $12. 2 for $20.
All photos were taken by me. As they sell, I’ll post updated photos of the ones left!

Sunday - @gosuluck is here too

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