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Sheila  Reality is tight If the music is right ☺︎✌︎ @carbon38 : SHEILAGHA20

pH levels in the pool are a lil funky

exquisite & elaborate @kalos.klio

Me: “Denver is sunny 300 days a year you’ll love it!”
Denver this weekend: 🌧🌧🌧

Bet you’ve never seen someone this thrilled about moving 2 miles per hour!!! #wecantallbewinners

If we are lucky, we will all grow to be old, saggy and wrinkly one day. And there will be beauty in that too

Country be spitting some sheila tequila lyrics, might convert 🕺🏽

What a magical home we all have

Hi. We are here to dance.

First time in history anyone has said my arms look “kinda strong”, so if I can gain some muscle here, ANYONE can (📸: @mthurk )

A little chaos keeps things interesting

Every time I step foot in @transformcolorado I leave in a better mood than I walked in with (📸: @mthurk )

Let’s get sprung #happypersiannewyear

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