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Sheila Maharani Berlian 

Sandiwara, menurut saya, adalah saya, kamu, dia, kami, kita, kalian, mereka.
Bukankah pada kenyataannya kita semua hidup dalam sebuah sandiwara?
Karena kita butuh sandiwara, dan kita akan tetap menjadi sandiwara
Inilah kisah tentang sebuah grup teater di Batavia pada tahun 1920-an dengan sandiwara - sandiwaranya, pemain dibalik layar dan segala cinta, mimpi, dan intrik dibaliknya. Lakon kehidupan bertemu dengan panggung opera. Sandiwara dalam sandiwara.
Mereka butuh, kami butuh, kalian butuh, sandiwara, tetap sandiwara.
Opera Primadona
Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki
Teater Paradoks FISIP UI

The sky was gloomy and so were we, but it all didn't matter because you were there for me (thank you for being a home)
(yes this is my attempt on writing in rhymes it sucks i know pls don't comment on it)

p.s: Happy world poetry day!

If this question is not deep then i don't know what is.
p.s: happy voting everyone!
(It's not that i don't vote but more like i have no right to vote, i'm not a jakarta citizen lol /disclaimer///)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

This is extremely long overdue but happy new year everyone!! Have a great year ahead and hopefully 2017 will be a nice one for us all! (yes that's my dad sleeping on the couch in a broad daylight we're all knocked out after partying on new years eve) (i was the only one who was awake, amazing)

Ada karena percaya. Kita percaya kalau kita bisa memberikan yang terbaik, karena itulah kita jadi yang terbaik. Selamat untuk kita, Komunikasi 2016!✨

My dad is currently in New York and he sent me this photo, he said it's the view from his hotel room. It's a mixture of 'please go back home soon i miss you' and 'please take me with you bcs i wanna be there too'😢

I skipped class today:( this is my first time skipping class at uni and it feels weird but i feel super sick ugh someone send help

Continuing my japan trip journal bc yes i know it was months ago but i still have shit tons of pretty places not yet posted, so anyways here's some doraemons

Thank you for the autograph, Kak Rio! @riodewanto

I was not supposed to take pictures i'm so sorry!!!

I look exactly like that guy in the middle these past two days; white shirt black pants tired face

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