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Shaz  London MUA/Blogger Uber 'Sheikhbeauty' for Β£10 off your first ride Snapchat- shaista_s21

HAHAHAHAHAHAH the first one!!! Genius but omg god help him after πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ .... 2nd im TRYING SOOOO DAMN HARD butttt your testing me every millisecond πŸ™‚

I can't wait to show you all my new home and furniture 😍 you will love it!! #homefurniture #homedecor

Goodmorning everyone πŸ¦‰ sooo lastnight i was explaining to O how much your skin/body/face can change during pregnancy and how it can make you feel... not that he would everrrrr experience it but he SHOULD AND WILL know πŸ‘€ .... anyways at this crucial moment were us girls are a little vulnerable with the subject he decided to tell me that my eyes don't match!! And literally tested me and made me stare at him to figure them out!!! Now i don't know about you buttttt IS HE INSANEEEE DOES HE WANT TO DIE?! I actually think he wants me to punch him in the throat

Yep sums it all three moods πŸ˜‚ while i eat A WHOLE CHOCOLATE CAKE TO MYSELF 🀰🏽buttt lets get to the more serious part.... whats on tv in approximately 20mins 😭

I promise she loves me. And loves seeing me she just has a unique way of showing it- we are best friends! My little ilana 😍 #facetimewithmybaby #shehaskanyefacialexpressions #savagelikeme

Just incase @omarchoudhry doesn't understand my food craving or tries to act like he 'forgot' to get it.... im also wearing and walking my fave burger. πŸ” i guess theres NO EXCUSES #ivemadeyourlifeeasier #itsnowalloversocialmedia #youdontevenneedmemory #werewalkingburgers

Thats interesting because mine gets a punch in the face πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ ❀️ Hi everyone ❀️ Soo i wanted to explain where im at in life lol because i know i haven't been crazy active or been posting beauty/makeup stuff in a while. Im actually currently in process of moving homes 🏑 and at the same time im heavily pregnant 🀰🏽 I haven't got long to go at all - soo me, omar and my family are trying to make it as perfect as possible before our little angel does its arrival. I miss painting my face and posting for you guys sooo much but in this stage of my third trimester i can honestly say its the most tiring and painful one yett sooo when i get a chance to sitdown I just wanna sleep lol or eat ice cubes (its my thing right now)
Soo once ive settled and baby is here is when you'll get to see more of me properly again+ everything i have in line for us!! There's so much to look forward too with my brand and i cant wait for you all to experience it with me... after all you are my instagram Family ❀️ lots of love xx

πŸ’…πŸΌ im just gonna eat my cheese burger πŸ” from kingsbury

Strapped in sisters πŸ’Έ

When hubby doesn't get the food you want. It makes me feel this - baby bye bye bye #nsync4life

@m.sfurnishings is where we got our stuff from! WHICH I WILL BE SHOWING its all sooo pretty 😭 #homefurniture #homedecor soo i will be doing a little room tour for you guys... also i dont think omar understands that he has a wife who is carrying HIS child yet hes trying to INVITE someone to sit next to him. I think he has a brain size of a kitten. You might not EVER see him again. Farewell OMZ.

Sooo @romaana3 im not too sure what your dying about in this picture looking at dad πŸ˜‚.... @yaseen.soge looking sooo cute in that navy jumper i might just punch you in the face.... @ozayrs88 i mean its the awkward pose because i dont think you were ready or maybe even squashed πŸ¦‰.... and im obviously the diva with the shades looking like i just came out of a movie+a mug for wearing them in the house. YEP that sums us up 😩 love youuu guysssss #bestestfriends #dadsthebest

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