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These days everything is accessible just by the tip of your fingers. Unlike the late 80's to the mid 1990's. U have to brainstorm what to write in your own words to describe releases of demo tapes & albums. It's not easy, especially if u are writing from South East Asia region. Time has changed. These days people exchanging correspondences via emails. Sometimes it makes people lazy & less committed. I still miss waiting for snail mail replies, though it can take months..

Broken bones, agnostic front, G.B.H., Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Cro-Mags, Septic Death, Excel, The Exploited, Misfits, M.D.C. were some of the bands I've crossover to between the speed/thrash movements. I knew nothing of NYHC hardcore until I heard Stompin Ground. From 1988 they have pioneered the local underground hardcore scene in Singapore & abroad too. Have remained friends ever since. A very tight, in your face hardcore & technical. The progression made by the band has always been ahead from any bands that was around during those days. I considered myself lucky to know & interviewed them in 1990. This is the era of the legendary Grey demo✊🏾✊🏾

Looking back what I did 27 years ago in 1991 as a teenager, I have no regrets. In fact, it's a process of learning, knowledge & discovering music that's beyond mainstream & commercial. Connecting with individuals, labels & bands since their early births was just indescribable & profound experience. The underground not only thought me to be decently literate but also uplift my confidence in expressing my views & thoughts as an individual. Such a valuable education I would say in some ways..

In the early 1990's some of us from Singapore wrote to Takashi & his band Transgressor. Here's the original flyer that was given to me by Arturo Alvarez of Shub Niggurath (Mexico) who also runs a label called Distorted Harmony with Adolfo Lameran (they released 7'eps of Nihilist Thou Shalt Suffer, Traumatic, Eternal Darkness, Carnage (sweden), Carcass). Now, Takashi has a band as we all know, Anatomia.

I knew the band back when I was 16 years old & still friends till now. (I'm turning 45 yrs old) They were among the earliest in the local underground scene along with Nuctemeron, Stukas, Abhorer, Xtreme Obsession, Thartarus, Stompin Ground etc. The band split up & the rest of the members went on to play for Beheaded Nasrani, Profanation, Abhorer, Impiety, Xasthur & Abbatory.

Probably the earliest person from South America I wrote to was Enrique Zuniga. His band was Atomic Aggressor. I got their bloody ceremonial demo tape back then. This is the only original flyer left after all these years...

What I have here is the Stockholm death metal band called Hetsheads. This was during their Remonstrating the preserver demo 1991. Unfortunately I don't have the demo anymore. They have a mini cd under Repulse Records called Hail The Possessed.

This is Astaroth from Finland. They came out a demo around the same time as their comrades such as Sentenced, Amorphis, Putrid/God Forsaken, Impaled Nazarene, Convulse, Abhorrence, Lubricant, Mordicus. This original pic from left to right Knisma, Remmu, Hessu & Teema.

The original Relapse flyer for the official Incantation merchandise. This is during their Entrantment Of Evil 7'ep. The initial pressings was actually under the Seraphic Decay Records (with different artwork of Chris Moyen). The second pressings was under Relapse.

The original Seraphim demo #2 flyer that came out in 1990.

Original flyers that still survived/kept all these years. These were the internet back in the days..

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