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She Huntress  Sharing the inspiring stories of Women Who Hunt. 🦌 DM/email us yours! Find us on Facebook---We have a ladies only group too!! ⬇️


Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Lyndsie @fowltress09 I've always loved and appreciated the outdoors. I grew up on the back of a horse and was always outside. Showing horses all over the country was my entire life, beginning at the young age of 6. After many accomplishments I retired and finally found the time to get out into the field and hunt and fish more. A huge part of my outdoor life is my boyfriend of 5+ years. He has had a huge impact on my life. It's the best thing in the world to share a love for nature with the person you love!⠀

Photo and story credit to Lyndsie @fowltress09

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Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Reagan @reagandespain hi my name is Reagan i'm 14 & im from texas. i've been hunting with my dad ever since i was 5 & it's always been a pretty big deal to me. this is a picture from 2 years ago & im hoping to get a buck this season! hunting has always been something i could do with my dad to bond. hunting also makes me feel powerful & it makes me feel good when i can feed my family on my own. i started going with my dad ever since i was 5 & i've never missed an opportunity to go. i was fortunate enough to have a dad to take me & teach me.⠀

Photo and story credit to Reagan @reagandespain

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Savannah @savvvyy22 I started hunting when I was in diapers. Little did I know it was going to become something I am so passionate about 20 years down the road. Each hunt holds a special place in my heart. Whether we harvest an animal on that hunt or not. Just being outdoors is enough for me. Going hunting is such a privilege. I am so blessed with the abilities and all of the opportunities to harvest animals.⠀

Photo and story credit to Savannah @savvvyy22

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Samantha @grlnxtdoor24 HI! My name is Samantha. I was raised in WI deer hunting with my father, thats where the fire was lit. My true love for hunting didnt really start until I met my husband, he turned that small flame into a wild fire. Today hunting is my life. I actually feel bad for my friends because its all i talk about. Just last month my husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Namibia Africa. Now that we're home, my time and attention has turned to Whitetails! Give me a follow to keep updated on my adventures⠀

Photo and story credit to Samantha @grlnxtdoor24

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet @dirtydoe_buckwild_outdoors Bear Hunting In New Mexico ! Got it Done ❤️⠀
Thank you J & G Outfitters! I had the best experience on my bear hunt . We hunted for 3 days through the mud and rain and on the 3rd day , J & G 's amazing fearless hounds hooked up on a bear and the chase was on , at 1.5 miles as crow flies , our hike was on and man was it a hike ! Justine was our lead guide and she was beyond amazing , We hiked to the bear and I positioned myself to shoot . It was a great shot , at 11:00 am ! the bear came down , I was so happy beyond words ! We skinned the bear there and packed the meat and I hiked back out with that bear all the way back up through unbelievable terrain . But I was determined to do this !! As we got about 200 yards from truck , I kid you not , another bear came charging at us but then quickly turned and went the other way !!! We finished the last of the continuous uphill challenging hike I have ever been on and arrived back at truck at 4:40 PM⠀
Great hunting !⠀

Photo and story credit to @dirtydoe_buckwild_outdoors

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Bethany @bet412 Hey y'all!⠀
My name is Bethany. I'm 23 years old from South Louisiana. ⠀
Growing up I did not have close family that did hunting so I knew nothing about it nor was I around guns for that matter. ⠀
I started dating my future husband when I was 17 years old. He always told me he wanted to take me hunting and he began teaching me about what it is to hunt and how much more there is to it than what most people know. One of the first times I was in a deer stand we were waiting for a hog to come out and it starting getting late.⠀
I got bored and I wouldn't shut up and couldn't keep still. After 5 minutes of getting told I need to hush, my husband says to me, "You want to shoot a bobcat?" ⠀
I said, "Yeah, I do!" I grabbed the gun from him and aimed at the bobcat with shaky hands...boom. Dropped him. I had so much adrenaline. Now I've learned not to talk so much (in the deer stand lol) and I've shot deer, hogs, ducks, alligators, ect. Not to mention I absolutely adore fishing. I love getting to bring food home and knowing exactly where it came from, and getting to go on adventures with my best friend. Married for 3 years now and life together just keeps getting better and so does the hunting experiences!⠀

Photo and story credit to Bethany @bet412

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Brookelyn @brookelyn_norrisjones6 I was born into a family with six other brother and sisters that would never ever have taken up hunting. More or less straight city living. My mom how ever grew up camping, riding motorcycles and enjoying the outdoors. My mom re married when I was little to my step Dad who grew up his whole life hunting and fishing and brought the out doors into my life for the first time and back into my moms life. Now my whole family, my mom, my step dad and my younger sister all enjoy the out doors , hunting , fishing etc. we have a hunting cabin in the middle of British Columbia high in the mountains that has become a sanctuary and paradise for all of us. I believe that taking any animal for our use is very sacred I've been taught by my step dad to always put the animal that we hunt and harvest to put them first to make sure we take care of the population and do as little damage to the environment as possible. I'm looking forward to the future, exploring the outdoors.⠀

Photo and story credit to Brookelyn @brookelyn_norrisjones6

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Victoria! @tori_smithh Growing up I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Living here in Florida I spent most of my time on the water fishing. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I dived into the hunting side when I met my boyfriend. There's not much land to hunt in South Florida but that's what makes the challenge so much more worth it. This is one of the gators I harvested last season. It was 11 feet and 9 inches⠀

Photo and story credit to Victoria @tori_smithh

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Taylor @tayloroliver21 I'm 20 and I'm from Maine. I grew up with my dad and brother always by my side so adapting to their ways came easy! I fish every chance I get! Growing up in Maine there isn't much to do but to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy what natures gives you!⠀

Photo and story credit to Taylor @tayloroliver21

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Devon @outdoor_dev My name is Devon and I was born and raised in a small town in Minnesota. I have been hunting and fishing ever since I can remember with my father. My passion for duck hunting has grown tremendously in the past 5 years. It's not always easy but it's worth it. I also love to hunt whitetail deer (slug and archery) turkey, upland birds and mourning doves. My boyfriend and I just got a chocolate lab puppy back in May and are training him ourselves for retrieving. In the picture is Clint the black lab, He is not our pup but is one of a friends who we hunt with. It is such a pleasure to be able to hunt with a dog. And we can't wait to have Drake in the duck blind with us. Time to go get our stuff ready! And you can always find me in the great outdoors!⠀

Photo and story credit to Devon @outdoor_dev

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Brooke @missbrookeee My Name is Brooke Harris and I grew up in Currituck, NC. Currituck County is  B E S T  known for its duck hunting, and a number of species can be targeted here including pintails, mallards, black ducks, ruddy ducks, buffleheads, canvasbacks and redheads. Small and big game hunting is also very popular in the county. The greatest part about hunting to me isn't just the kill, but the memories that are created with friends and family while hunting. I have been hunting since before I can remember, and what I enjoy the most is all the time that I spend in the woods putting in all the hours, and sweat to try to harvest that big buck. It is an honor and privilege to be able to hunt and I have a passion for hunting because it's not just a sport to me it's a way of life! 🦌🌾🦆🌲📅🌻🦃🍂⠀

Photo and story credit to Brooke @missbrookeee

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe! @shehuntress Meet Reba @reebs243 I began hunting when I was 11 with my dad. I fell in love with it right away. My first buck I shot my first year of hunting while I was sitting on my dad's lap in the treestand. My 2 brothers were never into hunting so it's me and my dad's thing. On July 24th I fractured my trigger finger in an accident at work and the first thing that came to mind was that I wouldn't be able to hunt again. Hunting being my whole life, this was a scary thought. But a month later I have just enough bend in my finger to pull the trigger!!! It may never be normal again but as long as I can pull a trigger I'm set!! #huntingislife

Photo and story credit to Reba @reebs243

#HuntingIsConservation @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt#SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

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