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Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Jen @flett_outdoors I'm an Oregon coast daughter of a fisherman. Growing up , I hung out with my dad all the time,he was a commercial fisherman & used to take me elk hunting. I would fall asleep on these huge stumps while mushroom hunting. I always remember waking up to the smell of elk cooking & Abundant smell of wild mushrooms. I have always enjoyed the wild. I've been a free spirit all of my life and I have met the man of my dreams, a Wisconsin Country Boy. This year we started our own contracting business💪Ryan, my soon to be husband and I share the love of nature & hunting. We recently purchased a piece of land in Western Wisconsin that we have devoted to land conservation & learning more about the wild beast on our property. We have a 500 yd shooting Lane 🔫 and try to spend every moment that we're not working setting up tree stands, cameras and learning more about our property."
📸 Photo and story credit to Jen @flett_outdoors @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Emily @mentzemily "I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. My husband and I love to hunt and any chance we get to travel and hunt we do ! Just finished up a trip in Utah and Idaho bow fishing. With him being in the military and not seeing each other very much. The outdoors has always been out place to reconnect. We hope to one day have our own hunting show devoted to traveling around the country with veterans. Our family also owns a gun/tackle store called Guns&Tackle in Greensburg IN. So check us out !" 📸 Photo & story credit to Emily @mentzemily #girlswhohunt #HuntressView @huntressview @ladies_of_the_land #fieldtofork #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #hunter #hunting

Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Katrece @sheesh_oi I live in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges in little ole New Zealand.
I grew up a "Townie" so never had anything to do with hunting until 2 years ago - when I met my Partner.
He mainly hunts wild pigs but is also a keen deer stalker - taught to hunt from a young age.
Hunting was never something I thought (or any of my family members and friends thought) that I would even do, let alone enjoy, but I went one day "just for a walk" and have loved it ever since. I love when the adrenaline kicks in - hearing the first bark and then the bailing of the pig, trying to get to them as quick as you can, uphill, downhill, through streams or bush..Its very exciting!!!! While stalking a stag during my first Roar, we got so close to another one - I swear it must have been only a metre or 2 away. He caught wind of us and let out a huge deep bark - which not only scared the sheesh out of me, but has stayed with me, hoping that one day I get that close again!! I carried that head for 3 hours through thick bush - one of the most frustrating times of my short hunting life, but by far the most rewarding - seeing the huge smile on my partners face!!
Hunting for us is not just a sport but a way of life. 
Every hunt is different and I get to take in some of the most Beautiful NZ views every where we go!!
📸 Photo and story credit to Katrece @sheesh_oi @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl #huntingnz

Join our tribe @shehuntress Meet Lauren @laurrankin What made me fall in love with outdoor lifestyle is literally just being outside taking in nature, there's just something about being still and watching an animal walk right by you without it knowing you're there and spending time with my husband in the bush, that's my favourite part of all. I'll never forget my first turkey hunt. I had a flock of little chicadees fly right by me and one landed on the end of my gun, it was just so awesome Or seeing my first bear in the wild. It was amazing. Sitting in my tree stand watching woodducks fly overhead and hearing those whistling wings. I think that every moment spent out in the bush is magical... there's nothing else like it ☺
My husband, Jake, started it all. I've learned a lot from him. Many great memories have been made scouting, setting up stands, checking trail cams, sighting in guns or bows, the list goes on and on! And of course getting to feed ourselves and our families with the meat we have harvested is such a great feeling. And when winter rolls around we are out on the ice, ice fishing is the best kind of fishing there is in my books! So looking forward to the fall and currently planning a hunt trip for next year! Happy Hunting! 📸 Photo and story credit to Lauren @laurrankin @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl
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Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Brittany @brittany_nesmith "I got into hunting when I met my husband. Being from outside Boston I have never hunted or fished in my life. I feel in love with it. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for the outdoors, and let's face it it's just so much fun. Waterfowl is my absolute favorite. And I'm excited to try gator hunting next month!" Photo and story credit to @brittany_nesmith #girlswhohunt #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntressView @sheoutdoor @huntressview @ladies_of_the_land #birdhunting #duckhunting

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet mckayla @mckaylatemple "I grew up on a ranch in the beautiful state of North Dakota and I have always enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle. I was first introduced to hunting and fishing 🎣 at a young age by my father and grandfather. Hunting became more of a passion in my life when I met my husband Levi Temple (@levitemple) who is an avid hunter. He introduced me to the ethics of hunting and teaching me every aspect. Hunting is so much more than just the kill. Having respect for the animal, harvesting all that the animal provides and wildlife management. I love being out in nature, it is such an adventure. The tranquility of being out in the wide open spaces, makes me feel at peace. It first starts with the preparation and excitement, then comes defeat, exhaustion, failed attempts and perseverance. Through it all I gain patience, strength and many more highs and lows I can not begin to describe. I can remember in vivid detail all of the hunts I have accomplished.
It is fantastic to see other women hunters sharing their passion. You rock 📸 Photo and story credit to Mckayla @mckaylatemple @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Justice @justices_wildlife_artistry "I'm 17yrs old and I'm from, Australia!
I'm a hunter/taxidermist. I've been doing taxidermy since I was 13 and hunting since I was 15. I hunt all year round, have travelled all over Australia chasing different species. My favourite thing to hunt by far is feral pigs and red deer.
My first introduction to hunting was a 2 week trip to a rusa hunting lodge. Saw hundreds of rusa deer. Was incredible and from there I decided its what I wanted to do. My preferred choice is the bow but I still love the rifles.
I don't really know how I managed to get into this industry. It kinda just happened and I'm so thankful for it.
My favourite hunt is still my red deer hunt, while only a spiker, but he paved my way into greater things and I still remember the moment as if it was yesterday. 📸 Photo and story credit to Justice @justices_wildlife_artistry @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #huntingaustralia

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Alex @alexiroo30 "I'm a huntress and nurse but I like to get out when I can. Here's a picture of a kiwi chamois and loan buck which surprised us when we were looking for red stags in the roar in the South Island of nz :) I just love being outside where it's quiet and it's just you, the beautiful landscape and the animals. Some times I just like to watch them graze. And I get so much satisfaction from getting my own meat." 📸 Photo and story credit to Alex @alexiroo30 @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Megan @meginwanderland "I didn't grow up hunting. My one and only game hunting experience prior to November 2016 was a hunt in South Africa in 2011. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but my parents lived in Africa. I was very fortunate to be able to harvest this impala and a blesbok with a rifle. After the trip, I really did think about wanting to hunt again, but I never did. I was blessed to marry a man that loves the outdoors, which gave me an avenue back into the outdoor world. Since the wedding, I have harvested a pope and young whitetail deer with my bow and enjoyed duck hunting. I can't wait to continue to grow my "new" passion for hunting. I have so much to learn and can't wait to see what is in store for my future in the outdoors. 📸 Photo and story credit to Megan @meginwanderland @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Jessica @jesssicampbell "I'm 29, recently lost my amazing husband of 7 years, he taught me everything I know about hunting!! I've only been hunting for the past 5 years but I've grown up fishing and living in a small Oregon town! I love going to archery 3D shoots and I plan on continuing to hunt and fish and use everything my late husband taught me! He loved taking people hunting and he got nothing but pure happiness helping! RIP Colt Campbell 2/17/2017 📸 Photo and story credit to Jessica @jesssicampbell @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Brittany @brit_hickey "My family doesn't hunt but I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where we got off school the first day of hunting season. I always wanted to try it but never had anyone to teach me how to shoot a bow because that's they way I wanted to do it.
I learned how to shoot a bow September 2017! I got my first deer about a month after learning to shoot a bow. I was hooked! I wanted to be in the woods everyday! My family didn't quite get it haha! Now I've been on hog hunts and turkey as well! I'm excited to follow this passion for the rest of my life!" 📸 Photo and story credit to Brittany @brit_hickey @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

Join our tribe @shehuntress 🦌 Meet Kayla @kayladawn0617 "I am a mom to 3 boys, ages ranging 4 years to 9 months. I grew up in a super small town where there wasn't a lot to do besides get in trouble. I spent most of my childhood with my grandparents who taught me how to hunt and fish. They were self sufficient and had a beautiful homestead. It was never really a choice, just a way of life. People ask me "why won't your kids sit still and watch a movie?" Which most would be offended by but I take pride in knowing they are busy and would rather spend time and energy outdoors. We all hike together and we all love to take our bows out. I took my oldest son on his first hunt when he was 4 months old and harvested a spike. It was a proud mom moment. I can't wait to watch my little hunters grow and learn the same as I did! I hope everyone has a successful year and happy hunting!" 📸 Photo and story credit to Kayla @kayladawn0617 @Huntressview #HuntressView @ladies_of_the_land #GirlsWhoHunt #SheHuntress #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #HuntLikeAGirl

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