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Shehera Mocellin ✨🌙  Happiness Engineer || Wellness Architect || Spiritual Alchemist Nutrition Coach Reiki Master Breathwork & Pranic Healer Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Just take that in for a moment... #weareallconnected

A beyond magical evening with @avamilva creating sacred healing sounds to harness the 888 Lion's Gate frequencies. So grateful for all the beautiful souls who showed up to work on themselves and help collectively shift the energy of the planet. It starts with us as individuals, fearlessly activating the power of our hearts and connecting to the frequencies of love, peace and unity that are waiting to be showered on us. 💖✨🙏

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse today is one of the most significant portals of light we can experience for the year. Eclipses help us clear all that no longer serves our evolution and bring forth illumination for the path ahead. This is the first of three major celestial offerings, with Lion's Gate Portal on Tuesday to anchor in the light and blessings with courage and a total solar eclipse and powerful new moon on 8/21 to rescript our lives.
Tonight, we will be priming your physical and energetic bodies to cleanse, clear and activate your heart center to be ready to receive divine light and blessings into your lives over the next few weeks. Please join me on this powerful evening for an invigorating and energizing kundalini yoga set and deep meditation. Wahe Guru! 🙏💖✨ Kundalini Yoga by the Sea
605 N Colorado Ave
Santa Monica Ca 90401

This event is not to be missed! If you are feeling the intense energy of the eclipse season and full moon and ready to manifest the best life ever, please join Ava Milva and I, poolside in a beautiful private residence, surrounded by nature and under the starlit skies for a very special 888 Lion's Gate Portal Sound Healing journey. This magical evening will help you clear out old energies and align you with the higher frequencies to help elevate your life on every level. 💖✨ The Lion's Gate portal of 888 on Aug. 8, is a prosperity and abundance gateway as the planet Sirius moves closer to the Earth and aligns with Orion's belt activating the heart center to allow more love, blessings, and prosperity to flow freely into our lives. 💫

This evening will consist of a 90 minute immersive sound bath commencing with light breath work and meditation, leading into a transformative healing journey with Crystal Quartz Chakra Singing Bowls, Gong, Sacred Drums and Solfegio 432 hz microtonals to tune you into frequency of love along with other indigenous instruments. You will also receive individual Clear Light and Reiki adjustments for additional clearing and balancing benefits. Each journey will offer deep healing on a cellular level, cleansing negative energy and emotions, breaking old unwanted patterns of behavior and subconscious fears and resetting the physical, emotional and mental body into perfect peace and harmony.

Benefits of Sound Healing: ✨Stress Management
✨Greater Peace & Relaxation
✨Reduce Anxiety/panic disorders
✨Strengthen Immune & Nervous System
✨Balance Chakras
✨Release Blocked Energy
✨Eliminate Fears and Phobias
✨Breaking Subconscious Thought Forms
✨Increased Creativity
✨Personal Growth
✨Harmonious Relationships
✨Happiness & Joy
✨Heart Expansion

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow and anything else that will make you feel comfortable.
We are selling out fast for these events so lock in your spot by paying in advance:

Energy Exchange:
Pre-sale: $20
Day of Event: $30

please send PayPal to or Venmo Ava Milva or Shehera Mocellin or contact us for other payment options.

Everyday I choose to be happy. I count my blessings, I set out my projections and prayers for how the day will unfold and I wholeheartedly trust the universe to deliver that or better. And then I let go and have faith that whatever happens that day is grace.
But most importantly I am grateful... I am grateful to be alive, to be in this exact human body with all its beauty and flaws at the same time, to have an opportunity to grow, to connect with so many amazing people during this journey, and to love and to be loved. Everything else is an illusion 🙌🙏💖 #lovelife

There is a simple secret to being happy; just let go of your demand on this moment ...

“The purpose of life is to watch and experience living. To enjoy living every moment of it. Just to be. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful – great and full – that you are alive, and you enjoy it.” Yogi Bhajan

Another year around the sun and I couldn't be more grateful for my life today. More than ever I feel I am living my truth, purpose and the life I've always dreamt of.
Thank you @sirimarka and @dharamdevkaur for being my family, believing in me and giving me the opportunity to teach this technology that has transformed my life at your sacred studio.
Your support, love and teachings have made me who I am today. Forever grateful to you both today and everyday.

A fully open and activated heart has the power of 108 suns. Come join me every Monday evening from 6-7 PM @kundaliniyogabythesea for a heart opening class to bring abundance and opportunity into your lives.
I look forward to sharing these teachings with you. ✨💖🙏

Hey loves! You want to check out and follow @sirimarka 's beautiful and devotional page to Yogi Bhajan's teachings. Start each day with an inspirational quote from the master.
Siri Marka is also one of the founders of @kundaliniyogabythesea, a beautiful new studio in Santa Monica. His heart centered teachings have changed and transformed my life. Wahe Guru 🙏🙌✨💖

Summer lovin' ☀️

High Vibe signature tonic at @cafegratitude made with coconut water, blue spirulina and cannabidiol oil. Cheers to the weekend. 🙌

Please come join this angel and I tonight for a powerful Kundalini Yoga & meditation to awaken the ten bodies 🙌 The class will be followed by a 30 minute gong immersion and individual energy healing to further balance your chakras and activate your heart center. 💖✨ In order for us to live a balanced and healthy life, we must have all of our bodies in alignment and functioning properly, which includes the physical body but also the mental, emotional, subtle, and radiant body etc. These are the elements of our being that once activated can help us be deeply aligned with our soul.

If we have blockages in any of our ten bodies they can manifest in ailments in the physical body or unhealthy patterns such as addiction, depression or physcical illness.
Kundalini yoga helps clear these blockages faster than any other method so you can live a richer and more fulfilling and expansive life.

The technology of Kundalini yoga is one of the fastest ways to break through our subconscious blocks and start living the life of our dreams. Once we change our inner world then the outer reality will match that higher frequency.

Location: Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles with plenty of parking.
Please DM me for details and to reserve your spot as space is limited.

Energy Exchange: $20 ✨

We look forward to seeing you tonight. 💖

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