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Amber Rae Paulson  Do no harm, take no shit. Queen of the hermits. Damsel in recess.

Damn bitch u ok

And then I find things like this and I just OH GOD❤️. And thus concludes my IG attention for several days/weeks. #lovest

We found a giant ottoman in the alley so now it's like all couchtimes bc the snow. Also I find all sorts of great memories in Paul's phone. Also also: I look like my mom and David Bowie had a baby. I feel like it's true. And I think I'm pretty. Thanks Mom and DB! #snuglife

Flirting with plantz. I found this in Paul's phone. Memories of last summer. IM READY OK

The gap under my bathroom door allows Fidge to act pathetic when I try to pee alone. #jesus

Oh hay, what did you have for dins last night? Answer: a Brussels Sprout. JUST ONE

I'm working on quite possibly the most important piece I've made. This hand embroidered shirt will be worn FREQUENTLY. I will make one for you, if you are interested. I AM selling them for $45 and 2O% of each sale will go to a worthy cause such as the ACLU, planned Parenthood, the Humane Society or ASPCA, or whichever charity you'd like me to donate to. I'll of course post a final product when I'm all finished. Come on, you NASTY WOMEN!! #NastyWoman

It's lit?

Lurking on photos of Bae from back when. My love can fly.

Today's (art) therapy. #nastywoman

Mindfulness exercise for today. #blacklivesmatter

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