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Biggest Fan Of Sheena  Welcome to fan world of Sheena Bajaj shout out DM guyz plz like & follow keep following me next is waiting for her following sanpchat ( derri_devils

My gorgeous mermaid @imsheenabajaj happy valentine's day

Biggest thanks to my favourite @anju_bajaj thanks again for sharing a beautiful moment of @imsheenabajaj with you that was crazy #derri_devils Love you Sheena Bajaj thanks for making me your die heart fan

My life is sheena biggest fan of Sheena #sheenabajaj
@imsheenabajaj this is very difficult to leave without you I think this is my biggest task of life sorry for posting less
Just for working hard I Will be regular after my final exam love you my luck @imsheenabajaj

The preety choker but not preety then my life my favourite actress @imsheenabajaj #cutes girl of this world I have seen @imsheenabajaj

My favourite actress #love this girl my dream girl I know that I cannot meet with you but will try to win your heart @imsheenabajaj your love @sheenna_

Sweetness of Sheena Bajaj #derri_devils

I am so sorry @imsheenabajaj for not posting your photos because I am too busy in my final year exams preparations
I can post daily but I am fan of @imsheenabajaj & you never want to fail in your life then how could I get fail in my exam thanks I hope that you will don't mind your lovely fan no 1 @imsheenabajaj

Photography by @raja_bajaj1 thanks for katching such a good moments love his photography @imsheenabajaj

My Sheena @imsheenabajaj

My reaction when someone really ask that @imsheenabajaj

😍😍😍😍 miss gorgeous #sheenabajaj #thapkipiyarki #love #that moment when she will be in front of me @imsheenabajaj

One of my favourite actress ever ever love @imsheenabajaj crazyness of @imsheenabajaj

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