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Sheena Shahangian  Photographer of creative souls | Portrait. Lifestyle. Wedding. | Fueled by moody lighting and red wine | Always down for coffee and collaboration.


Life will always put barriers in our way. We will happen upon doors that are closed, struggles that seem insurmountable, and moments where our grit begins to fade. It is in these moments, however, when we need the courage to persist, despite our frustration.
The good things in life are not easy to come by. They taunt us, asking if we are good enough, dedicated enough, deserving enough. The rewards for hard work may be sweet, but that definitely doesn't mean the path will be an easy one.
This is the reminder I give myself on a daily basis. It is the thing that keeps me balanced. What's the one piece of advice that you keep on replay in your head? Tell me in the comments below!

And if you're interested in seeing more of this set, check out the link in my bio.

When I shot this double exposure of Sarah, I remember asking her to pretend that she was the main character of a horror movie, meeting her twin for the first time.
Most people may have given me a crazy look, but not Sarah. She was totally game for my unusual concept. She immediately jumped into character and then this happened.

I absolutely love this shot, but more than that, I love my awesome clients who are always more than willing to put their trust in my vision. It's people like Sarah that make this job so rewarding. Thanks for being a badass @kid_sarah. You rock.
Click the link in my bio to see more of the always fabulous Sarah.

"Don't be trapped into accepting shame from someone who is trying to keep you from doing something you have every right to do." More lovely thoughts by the always rad Seth Godin.
Thought I'd share these words with you all, because I'm a believer that you shouldn't allow fear or disappointment from those around you keep you from reaching for the stars. Pay no attention to the people who make it their life's work to tell others how to live out their dreams and accomplish their goals. Keep your head down, do the work, live with passion, and reach for what you want.
And if daily business and life advice is your jam, you should totally check out Seth Godin's blog. He's kind of amazing.

“If you want to truly be great, you’re going to have to do things most people couldn’t imagine. That’s what makes them great, after all, the scarcity of it.” Wise words from the great Seth Godin. I’m sitting by my window watching as the wind rushes through the trees and our lights flicker on and off from the storm. Watching this weather shift as the hours go by has put me in a place of self-reflection. It frustrates me that we are constantly trying to meet society’s expectations. To be the people that others expect us to be. To do all we can to be proper members of society. But in the process of doing this, we seem to lose our sense of self. And more than that, we limit our ability to achieve greatness. It is only when we are willing to stray form the path of expectations that we can be something greater. I’m tired of living the life people expect of me, and frankly I am much more interested in living a life of fulfillment, where I am acting as my best self and doing what I can to make this world a better place. People will always have opinions on what they think is best for you. It doesn't make them right. Double tap if you feel me.

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that coffee and I are the best of friends. It's so much more than a drink. It's a passionate love affair 😂. From the moment I sipped my first cappuccino in college, I was hooked. What's your drink of choice?

Time to get real with you all. I've had the pleasure of knowing this chick for over 12 years. We've gone through pretty much every phase of life together: the good, the bad, and the tragic. @victoriaanitakita I'm sure you remember the unfortunate phase I went through in middle school when I thought wearing my gymnastics leotard underneath my bright red Aeropostale jumpsuit was a "good look." Or the time you used lemon juice to dye your hair. But yeah, we've seen it all. And despite the bizarre stages we experienced together, GUYS, look at how frickin awesome she's turned out. Like total 70's bad bitch status. I can't wait for our next shoot and all the antics that will ensue. And I'm so excited to see what kind of crazy shenanigans we get into on my wedding day. Love you sister from another mister. Guys, what's your weirdest friendship story? Share it with me in the comments!

There's just something about seeing the world through black and white images. I can't help but feel moved by it. I shot this while wandering the streets of Prague, and the moment I saw this car I fell in love. I was transported to a different time; perhaps a simpler time. When images didn't have the vibrancy that they do now, but for some reason they seemed to say so much more.

Every time I have the opportunity to shoot with this lovely lady, I am pushed beyond my creative boundaries. She is always game for my crazy ideas, and together we always create art that makes me so proud. @electric_ladylands you are an amazing model and an even more amazing soul. You're a badass and a sweetheart all in one. If you guys want to see more of this set, it's up on the blog! Click the link in my bio. 🌙

The feeling of fall is fast approaching. Ed jokes that he can feel the changing of the season in his knees lol. Personally, I've been longing for cool autumn evenings in cafes like this one, where the breeze peeks through opened windows. I dream about the feeling of hot espresso coursing through my veins as I watch the leaves do their color dance. There is no better feeling. What about fall makes your heart flutter?

I've come to realize that I spend so much of my time posting about the lovely people I photograph without really sharing much about myself with you all. So I'm going to make it a personal goal to not just share my work, but also my life. In honor of this, here are five facts about me:

1. I have to add lemon juice or pepper to virtually everything I cook. They are the flavors of life!
2. I dream of retiring on the coast of Italy, where I can eat endless amounts of pasta.
3. This May I get to marry my better half, @edscheff. He is the quirkiest, weirdest, and kindest soul. 💕
4. While I'm a bit of an introvert, there's nothing that makes me more excited than people sharing their lives and connecting with me.
5. I refuse to walk the Beltline without a King of Pops in hand. Thai Tea is the flavor of dreams.
BONUS FACT: Don't laugh...but I am a firm believer that new Miley will always be better than old Miley. I love that she's so willing to just do her own thing with reckless abandon.

If any of these things sound like your jam, we should totally be buds. 🥂 📸: @edscheff

Just one week ago from today, I had the amazing honor of photographing the proposal of these two love birds. Six years of the good, the bad (JK these two are perfect), and the long distance, but they have stuck it out through thick and thin. Their love has set an example in my life of what it means to find your crazy complement. @sedakid1 and @roshan2792, Ed and I are so blessed to know you both, and we couldn't be more thrilled to follow you on this journey with our cameras in hand. Your hearts shine so bright for each other and those around you and it makes me so happy to know that you're taking this next step in life together. Cheers to Team Candoshan! It's celebration time! 🎉

Is there anything better than shooting in the rain? I think not. I can't get enough of the energy in this photo. Such a sweet, sweet love.

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