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Sheena Jayne Martin  IFBB Bikini Pro Olympian🇺🇸LA @beat.kicks SJF15 @officialbetterbodies @ryderwear SJ10 @glamcompjewelry SHEENA20 👙@sjfbikinibodyproject 🏆@bodybyo


Saturday Night Squad, @jeremy_buendia @sergioolivajr!💃🏽 Supporting the future of our sport at @musclecontest Cal State Championships! 🏆

Your girl ain’t done!! We are 7 days out!! I’ve stayed off the scales since @bevsgym NY Pro because I already know the post show water rebound does whack things to the scales which messes with my head.

I got on the scales this morning for the first time & was pleasantly surprised to be 1lb lighter than I was one day out from New York. If I want to get tighter & drier fast I know what works & I’m going to build a blog post with my training & nutrition journal from this depletion phase to share it with y’all.
I didn’t bring my best to the stage at @npcifbbpropittsburgh or @bevsgym’s NY Pro down to things totally beyond my control & that’s life.
I have unfinished business & though I may have enough points to safely qualify for @mrolympiallc (I’m in the top 1/2 of the 20 who qualify on points) I haven’t brought my best.
This sport to me is about bringing my best & I won’t let up till I have.
There are multiple shows on June 2nd & which one I’ll be doing will be revealed in my next YouTube video tomorrow!
Dust settles. I don’t.
Working. 🔥


The thing about setting big goals in life is that it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start to get to where you want to be.
My best advice — start HERE, start NOW. Start with what you have & do your best with what you’ve got.
I’ve been at the “beginning” before. Sure, I’ve achieved some things since I started but with every goal I conquer, a bigger goal is born & I’m back at the beginning, looking for the right things to do day by day to get closer to the next goal.
The greatest blessing to me is in guiding others to find within themselves this same faith in their dreams.
I want to reach more people & help more of YOU to achieve your goals. This weekend I’m offering 20% off all personalised coaching packages. No matter your starting point & no matter your goal, I want to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.
DM or email me now to talk about your goals & which coaching package will be best to help you achieve them.
20% off all competition & lifestyle coaching packages till the end of Monday (Memorial Day) but only for those who reach out via DM or email to brainstorm their biggest wildest dreams with me!! Let’s make your dreams your reality!! 🔮🙌🏽

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I feel like I’ve spent half a lifetime girl crushing on these leggings on @laurensimpson’s fine booty... Finally I’ve got my hands on the @ryderwear Varsity Booty Scrunch leggings!!🍑🙌🏽 I’ll put money on these selling out so y’all better grab yours ASAP!! I’m wearing the Varsity Jersey, Burgundy XS & Varsity Booty Scrunch Leggings, Grey XS.
Save on your Varsity gears with my code SJ10! 💃🏽 @ryderwear

Competing is a huge personal challenge & I love the journey to the stage! There is never a finish line, you can always grow, evolve & improve. Pushing my own limits & striving to be better every day keeps my fire fuelled no matter the success or setback.
Coaching my girls is rewarding in an unexplainable way beyond what I could ever feel from my personal accomplishments.
This right here is my WHY. Seeing my girls bloom & achieve things they never dreamed they could is invaluable to me! My girls success is my success & fulfilment. And yes, I’ll be that embarrassing coach with proud tears in her eyes watching you do your thing! 😌🙏🏽 Shout out to this little star, @tashcribb whose crushing goals on another level! 3rd place in a huge Junior Bikini at the biggest show in New Zealand (which is also an international show inviting athletes from all over the world!). She forgot to mention too, 1st Callout in her first International show, the @arnoldsportsau just a week before this one!
Proud is a drastic understatement. This makes my heart explode! 🙏🏽❤️ To discuss joining my team, DM or email me! 🥇

#Repost @tashcribb
‘Don’t let the fear of failing, stop you from trying’ - @julietesveld
Just after my first show in August last year I remember talking to my flatmate at the time about ever competing in the @nzifbb PRO/AM show for 2018. I remember telling him that I would never compete in this show. I thought that I would just be setting myself up for failure.
And what does this girl end up doing?! .. I discovered an absolute passion for the sport, got myself a badass coach, did what I was told, put in the work, and much to my surprise 7 months later took out the damn 3rd placing in Junior Bikini.🙊😂

If I told you that in just 6 short weeks I could totally transform your body whilst teaching you all about the training, cardio, nutrition & supplement tools you need to keep seeing consistent changes beyond 6 weeks, would you want to learn more?
@sjfbikinibodyproject is a program I launched at the end of 2017 to allow me to work with more women all over the world to feel fitter, stronger, happier, more confident & more in love with the skin they’re in.
These are just a few transformations from ladies throughout my 6 Week Challenge!
I developed this program to begin new each month & create a community of women investing in bettering themselves. I wanted to create a program that was affordable & catered for beginners to advanced & this program is just that.
With new workouts every week & nutrition & cardio tailored to each BBP Babes caloric requirements & goals, everyone on this challenge has the right tools personalised to them! Every week, they check in with me so we can adjust things to keep progress constant!
I’m excited to launch my next @sjfbikinibodyproject 6 Week Challenge very soon! It will begin on June 4th!
This is the perfect opportunity to get your girls together & sign up for a fun 6 weeks of amazing physical & mental changes!
Tag a fit babe below & spread the word because in just a few days registration will open!

If you’re not already, follow @sjfbikinibodyproject for more transformations & recipes bikini bod friendly recipes etc!
Send a DM or comment below! 👙👊🏽

My overriding goal, my mission, in what I have chosen to do with my life is to make a difference. I want to inspire someone, somewhere, to chase their dreams & not give up. I want to encourage someone, somewhere, to find an empowerment within themselves that makes them believe they can conquer anything. Behind this, the mission — to leave the world a better place — to live an impactful life!
I recently discovered @diffeyewear, an eyewear company with a mission just like mine & I knew this was a movement I wanted to support & be part of.
@diffeyewear makes affordable & totally dope sunglasses but that’s not why I love DIFF. For every pair of @diffeyewear sunglasses sold, @diffeyewear donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need! Now that’s making a difference! 🙏🏽 I am wearing “BELLA” with tortoise frames & pink mirror polarised lenses. You can choose multiple frame & lens colours for each style!
I want YOU to get behind this cause with me so that we can give the gift of sight to more people! 🙏🏽 You will receive $25 off your purchase with the code SHEENAJAYNE & for every one of you who joins myself & @diffeyewear on this mission, we will bless someone less fortunate with a pair of reading glasses & a gift in life that is often taken for granted — to SEE.
Please get over to & get yourself some rad new shades for summer whilst helping us to make a real DIFFerence. 🖤

Wearing: Bella (Tortoise Frame, Pink Mirror Lens).
Code: SHEENAJAYNE ($25 off).
Video: @bad_mad007.


The thing about the road less travelled is that whilst it won’t be crowded, you may also feel lost sometimes.
Since 2014, when I walked away from my career as a lawyer after 4 years attaining an Honours Law Degree & 4.5 years working in the profession I have been chasing this vision, this dream.
I’ve achieved things I never knew I could. I’ve failed more times than I thought I would. I’ve struggled. I work around the clock & I’ve invested every cent I’ve earned in my career. When I feel disheartened & like maybe it’s too hard, I tell myself everything will pay off. I tell myself everything I’m doing is “paying it forward” for the break I needed!
4 years into this life change I’m still telling myself not to give up, to hold on to the vision. To keep chasing the dream. Finally, after all these years I feel like I’m on the verge of something big that’s going to bring the vision to life.
It takes courage to keep fighting for your dreams through storm after setback after storm. But I’m glad I held on. I’m glad I continued to work with integrity toward the dream, no matter how distant or unattainable it seemed.
There’s not a day I haven’t poured my whole heart into this dream & I’m very excited to share something big with y’all soon!
Waves are about to be made! 🌊✨ PC: @wolfs__spirit
MUA: @_sophweaver
Wearing: @swimwearworld


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