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Sheena Jayne Martin  IFBB Bikini Pro Olympian🇺🇸LA @gaspari #teamgaspari @beat.kicks SJF15 @officialbetterbodies SJ20 @sjfbikinibodyproject Competition Coach #TEAMSJF

Filled with all of the proud coach vibes tonight as some of my New Zealand athletes get ready for the stage this weekend!
Serena is such a hard worker & not only that but she’s one of those heart of gold kinda people who just deserves to achieve everything they strive for.
We set a bold goal diving into prep when Serena had been working abroad & out of “fitness routine” for a year. But the thing is, Serena is the kind of girl who conquers every mountain she climbs & I knew this would be no different!
Decide — Commit — Succeed 💜🥇 #Repost @serenarosefitness
Here we are. 2 days out. About to complete my LAST depletion work out then that's it fam. All the hard work is done, just have to relax, trust the process from here on out and enjoy show day and remember to HAVE FUN. To everyone else competing on Saturday at @nzifbb Waikato Champs goodluck! We all know the blood, sweat, tears, commitement and dedication and courage it takes on the crazy journey to the stage. Time to ride that final wave! Bring on the spray tan I say 😂🙌🏽 @sheenajayne_fitness

So very proud of my beautiful client @georgiamayfit!! She’s ready to slay the stage this weekend & I am so proud of how hard she’s worked to make insane improvements since our first show together 6 weeks ago!
Go show her some love & leave a comment on whether she should wear RED or GOLD on Saturday! 🥇🌹 #Repost @georgiamayfit
Hello it’s meeee! 2 days out - depleted, flat & on track ✨ today and tomorrow I’ll get a decent hit of carbs to fill out my wee muscles and I’ll dry out more as we cut back on water. I’m 2kgs lighter than I was at my last show too! Crazy huh!?
99% of the votes on my poll a while ago were to wear my red bikini and I totally think it suits me BUT I looooove this one so much and it actually gives me boobs and having boobs actually helps balance my wide hips so I’m going to make the final decision once I have my tan on and hair done I think... comment below RED or GOLD?? ❤️💛
Thanks to everyone for the love and support thus far!! It’s been a bloody tough prep and I couldn’t have done it without you all!! #2daystogo #nzifbb @sheenajayne_fitness

Knowledge is very important as a coach — it’s crucial. You have to be able to talk the talk.
For me, I’ve also learned invaluable coaching skills from my time walking the walk.
I have to believe in my clients & encourage them even if they’re doubting their own abilities. I know how important that is because I’ve been in the situation where I really had nobody but myself believing in me. I know how hard that is & I would never wish that for my girls.

Competing can be isolating —
especially if you’re new to the sport. It can be hard to know how to prioritize doing your best on prep & on stage whilst not losing important people in your life. It’s not easy, but I’ve learnt a lot over the years about when to fight for a relationship or friendship & when to let go or put the ball in someone else’s court to put yourself first.
It can be hard to overcome self doubt, especially if the people close to you every day don’t understand where you’re at physically & mentally. As a coach my role is to always be the person who understands & to never be one to contribute to self doubt but to be a continuous source of reassurance that the journey will lead to our planned destination as long as you stay committed to the journey even when it’s tough.
Having competed in 33 shows all over the world in the last 5 years I’ve experienced almost every form of stress, every wave of emotion & every cloud of self doubt.
The reason I will always endeavor to go above & beyond as a coach is because I know what it’s like to feel like you have no unconditional support. I say “unconditional” support because there are many people who will support you when they need you but turn their back when you don’t serve any purpose to them or it’s inconvenient for them to have your back.
It goes both ways too — I’m so grateful for the clients who have stayed loyal to me for years. There will always be clients who think the grass is greener somewhere else & maybe it is. But the ones who truly know I’ve got their back & would stand by them through anything are the ones who will always be loyal.
Coaching has taught me that there is always more fulfillment in what you GIVE than what you receive. 💜

These are my #teamsjf bikini athletes stepping on stage this weekend at the @nzifbb Waikato Champs.

I see four different physiques, backgrounds & personalities. I see challenges overcome. I see hearts & minds that have grown stronger throughout this journey. I see warriors & there are absolutely no words for the pride I have in each of these amazing ladies.
Swipe across to see each at 3 days out. [In order of appearance] 🎀This is show #4 for @tashcribb & I as a team. It’s been a tough prep but Tash is no quitter. We made frequent adjustments to make things happen — our goal is to beat the physique that saw Tash in the first callout in 2 international shows in March & we fight till we have. 🎀 @serenarosefitness competes for the 3rd time (all part of my team) after a year away from the stage working abroad. Our goal is a Nationals qualification & I have absolute faith in Serena achieving it. 🎀 @georgiamayfit competed last season with another coach. This is our 2nd show together. We already have a nationals qualification from our top 5 placement earlier this year. Georgia has made insane improvements since then & I can’t wait to reveal her overhauled physique this weekend! 🎀 I’m going to be bold & say that @jasmine_kathleen_woods is the dark horse on the @nzifbb Amateur circuit right now. This is her 1st show ever. I don’t even need to say anything — you only need to look at this incredible physique. Although what you can’t see is how much Jasmine has grown through this process & that’s what I love most.

As a coach, I guide my clients with the right training & nutrition to achieve their goals. My role is to believe in my clients unshakably until they believe in themselves.
There is no fulfillment for me like that I feel watching these beauties discover their own capabilities.
I couldn’t help but well up with tears opening these check ins. I’ve been there through every challenge & every hurdle overcome. We’ve been riding out this journey together & it makes me so proud seeing the victory in these faces because I know what it took to get here.
I am so blessed to do what I do! 🙏🏽 To chat about coaching you can email or DM me anytime! 💜

Life has a way of telling us when to hold on & fight, when to let go, when to stand by someone or something no matter what.
Life is so full of ups & downs. Sometimes you’re passing through a storm & you know exactly why. Sometimes you’re passing through a storm but you don’t know why till the storm is gone & things begin to make sense.
If the turbulence of the storm that’s passing is enough to stop you from chasing what you want, I think it shows you didn’t really want it.
But sometimes someone or something means too much for any storm to change your path.
We get stronger with every storm we pass through & we learn what matters most. The thing is, we evolve, sometimes a goal or a person that was a priority slips. It’s not everything anymore because your heart & soul are pulling you somewhere else.
Following your heart can be a dangerous thing to do. The risk is high, but so is the reward.
I’ve passed through my share of storms this year. Things that used to be a priority just aren’t anymore. That’s the reality of growing through life. Sometimes you don’t know how long the storm will last & don’t know if or how you’ll survive it — you just know that you can’t give up, you just know you couldn’t live with yourself unless you’ve fought at all costs for what you want.
A strong heart & a steady mind can overcome anything. If it truly matters to you, there’s no question of whether you stick out the fight & if you’re questioning whether the fight is worth it, I think your heart has already decided it’s not.
If you’re passing through a storm I won’t tell you to hold on but to look inside yourself for what is right for you in that moment — listen to your gut, listen to your mind, listen to your heart. 🖤

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Big goals are important.
You should always have a clear vision of where you want to be but it’s also so important to set a number of smaller goals along the way. Accomplishment drives ambition. The dream might be the destination but it’s every little triumph that will get you there. 🖤

I’m so excited for the next round of @sjfbikinibodyproject starting tomorrow (or today for my Southern Hemisphere babes!) Click the Bikini Body Project link in my bio to learn more about my 6 Week Challenge & download free sample workouts so you can get a taste of what it would be like to take part!

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There is no achievement without action so let’s make moves beautiful people!
Any questions on @sjfbikinibodyproject feel free to email/DM me or comment below!
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Popped into @vdnsuperstores event this morning before hitting the road back to California!
You know what’s freaking dope? Seeing bodybuilding legend & CEO of @gaspari, @richgaspari in the trenches on a Sunday, at an event spreading his knowledge & passion for @gaspari nutrition & taking time to meet with fans. How many CEO’s do you see doing the grunt work themselves (not many! Most would pay their staff to run events!). This man is the reason I’m so proud to be part of @gaspari nutrition. He’s incredibly successful in the sport of bodybuilding & as a businessman but he’s also just a straight up, no BS, passionate guy!
He’s real, & real recognize real!
Thank you @richgaspari for being who you are!! The future of @gaspari is so bright because you’re in the drivers seat! 💙👊🏽 #sheenajaynefitness #teamsjf #sjfgluteevolutiontrainingsystem #sjftribe
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Competitions are like life —
We rise & we fall.
In May 2017 I achieved the highest high of my IFBB Pro career, being crowned the @bevsgym New York Pro Bikini Champion. This achievement was beyond my expectations — beyond what I thought was anywhere near possible for this small town New Zealand gal!
My next show was the 2017 Bikini Olympia. Many people told me that winning the NY Pro means you’re “almost guaranteed” a Top 5 at the Olympia. I placed 13th. I was crushed but I knew it wasn’t my best physique — my body needed a break.
I took as much break as I could before coming back better for 2x Arnold Classics in March, redeeming myself with an 8th & a 5th in the two biggest & most competitive shows behind the @mrolympiallc to then miss out on this years Olympia by just 2 points. That was a big hit to my heart after everything I poured into it but watching on the livestream served as a great lesson in perspective for me.
The Bikini Olympia line up this year was incredible. I mean, these women are all absolutely amazing.
Someone asked me if it was tough watching many athletes who I’ve placed ahead of numerous times being on the Olympia stage whilst I sat at home watching. Of course it was — but we all fall sometimes!

Watching was harder than I thought, not because I wasn’t there but because I watched some beautiful athletes “fall” from the expectation (theirs or their fans etc) of this years Olympia & I knew exactly how they felt in that moment.

I’m very proud of the way that these women have handled themselves, including this beauty @caseysamsel_bikini. She was runner up when I won the NY Pro & went on to an incredible 4th place at the Olympia whilst I slipped to 13th. I saw Casey as a contender for another Top 5 (at least) this year & I’m looking forward to witnessing her come back better than ever (although I think this was her best!) The greatest strength of character is developed not when you’re on top but when you’ve been setback.
I’m still dusting myself off & finding my feet so it means a lot that I can be there to support those who are facing setbacks.
I’ll never forget the people who were there for me when I was knocked down 🙏🏽

This legend of our sport, @richgaspari & what he stands for are why I chose @gaspari.
We live in a world flooded with media & social media. A world where it can be hard to know what is real & what is just “for the gram”. Gaspari Nutrition stands for the same things I do — integrity, authenticity & transparency. 💙👊🏽 Video: @nextlevel_media7.
Ft: Teammate @justinhassan_ifbbpro.

#Repost @richgaspari ・・・ Integrity, authenticity, and transparency.
#GaspariNutrition - this is where you start & this is where you stay.

#flashback to the 2017 @mrolympiallc!! 😍

I was on the edge of my seat watching the Bikini Olympia Pre-Judging today!!! Check out my story for my full “opinion” on the Bikini PJ.
Bodybuilding is a very subjective sport & of course we all have personal preferences, but wow, the standard of athletes in this years Bikini Olympia was insane!
Peep my story for my thoughts & let me know what y’all think!! ❤️ Please remember to vote for me in the @maximmag cover model co test too! I need to get my top spot back! The link is in my bio “Maxim Cover Model” & I appreciate your support SO MUCH! 🙏🏽 #sheenajaynefitness #teamsjf #sjfgluteevolutiontrainingsystem #sjftribe
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My journey is about so much more than competitions. Of course, anyone whose competed non-stop for 5 years must have a competitive side, but the reason behind my journey has very much changed in the last year or two. This is bigger. Bigger than the stage. Bigger than me.
At one stage in my career, my goal was to become Ms Bikini Olympia. That was my goal at all costs but it was in striving for it I uncovered the true WHY.
I was at a low in my life in many ways when I found this sport. Putting my all into ME on this journey taught me what I was worth & what I was capable of. It taught me the importance or having something that you do for you. It taught me what’s most important to me & it opened doors to the most rewarding role I could ever have as someone who inspires others to set goals & chase them. As someone whose a role model for getting back up no matter how hard you fall. Competing stopped being about me & became about YOU. It’s been years since I did this for “me”. I feel this obligation, if you like, to keep fighting. Not till I win but to encourage you to fight your own fight, whatever that may be.

This journey is about me being the best me that I can be. It’s about challenging myself as a person. Why? Because without challenges you can’t evolve & without evolving you can’t offer the potential of who you are to the world.
Whether on stage or in life, I climb these mountains ahead of me to show you that you can climb your own mountains.
I strive to be the absolute best that I can be. I practice discipline because it makes me stronger, it makes me a better person. You have to master yourself before you can give your best in anything in life — any job, any sport, any relationship. 💙

I’m excited about this new phase in my life as a part of @gaspari nutrition. I’m excited about fueling my journey to achieve my physical best using high quality products & even more excited about sharing & being, what @gaspari stands for as a company — as a family!
PC: @ludwigaraujo shooting for @gaspari!
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Wearing: That true @gaspari blue from @officialbetterbodies (save 20% at using my discount code: SJ20).

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