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Sheena Jayne Martin  IFBB Bikini Pro Olympian🇺🇸LA @gaspari #teamgaspari @_sheena.fit_💜 @sjfbikinibodyproject👙 @sheena_jayne🎞 Competition Coach #TEAMSJF Partners in Link👇🏽

The 2017 @bevsgym New York Pro. ⁣

Winning this show is my greatest victory as an IFBB Bikini Pro — in so many ways.⁣

The NY Pro is one of the big ones. Let’s say the 3rd biggest & most prestigious show on the @ifbb_pro_league circuit. ⁣

The fact that I took home the crown in one of the big ones isn’t why it was my greatest victory. ⁣

Any time I need to be reminded of how strong I am, how capable I am & how much I am solely responsible for my own success & happiness this memory is all I need. ⁣

The NY Pro was my 10th show in 10 months. I was hungry for a win & nothing in my power was going to stop me before I had one. ⁣

I had been so focused for so long on making it back to the 2017 @mrolympiallc. ⁣

When I got to that stage in New York it was literally the last show I could financially afford to do. ⁣

It was my birthday four days prior & @angelicaht asked me what I wanted for my birthday. ⁣

I said: “I want to win the New York Pro.”⁣

And I did. ⁣

I won. A bigger show than I ever dreamt of & I did it by myself. ⁣

No sponsors, no coach, no significant other. Me. ⁣
Little old me yo, I did this sh*t by myself. ⁣

So if I ever feel as though the climb is too steep, this little memory is all I need to know — ⁣

I got this! ⁣


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And she wore her scars as her best attire ⚡️⁣

I look at the girl on the left & see a smile that was masking so much. ⁣

Twenty, was early days for me suffering an eating disorder that I kept hidden from everyone around me. ⁣

I was at law school, excelling in class during the week & getting drunk most weekends with my friends to escape from myself. ⁣

At the age of twenty my “plan” was to be a successful lawyer, married & starting a family by the time I was thirty. ⁣

I’ve been a lawyer. I’ve been married. I’ve been “successful” at many things that made me feel nothing before I begun doing what I do now. ⁣

The thirty year old me took a much different path to what I thought my life would take.⁣

If I could share a little wisdom with the twenty year old me it would go something like this — ⁣

• Happiness doesn’t come from “things”. You’re responsible for creating happiness within yourself.⁣

• You cannot “fix” people, only love & support them. When that becomes damaging to you, it’s time to go. ⁣

• Not everyone is like you, but treat people the way you would like to be treated, even when they do you wrong. ⁣

• You are strong enough to overcome anything — everything you need is already inside. ⁣

• If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got. ⁣

• Put yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup, nor can you drink from one. ⁣

I’ve had some amazing memories over the last ten years but I am a different woman now & I am so ready for my next ten. ⁣

@karinaelle posted a quote yesterday. The second I read it, I knew that was the most important task ahead of me — ⁣

“It’s all about who you know, as long as that WHO is YOU”. ⁣


Right images: @tristanmanas.

2 0 1 9 ⁣


She was HERSELF & that made her ⁣⁣⁣
[beautiful][strong][dope][intelligent][brave][fun][loud][weird][whatever]. ⁣⁣⁣
Authenticity is a CHOICE. ⁣⁣⁣
Be YOU. ⁣⁣⁣
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Image: @tristanmanas LA rooftop style.⁣
Wearing: @vspink.⁣
Hair & MUA: Me.

🧘🏼‍♀️🔮🤙🏽 #sunday

Dancing to my own beat.⁣


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Hey girl, hey 👋🏽

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.⁣

~ @schwarzenegger

I am always most inspired by people who have a remarkable story & share a remarkable message. ⁣

I can’t begin to explain how motivating & special it is to see @schwarzenegger, in his seventies, at @goldsgymvenice1 most mornings. ⁣

I’ve never had a conversation with Arnold that didn’t open my mind in some way or make me feel inspired/grateful. ⁣

What better way to honor Flex Friday than with my own sassy variation on a classic @schwarzenegger pose. ⁣

This isn’t a “who did it better” but Arnold did once say:⁣

“the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits”. ⁣

I believe this wholeheartedly to be true. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been brave enough to create my own limits, my own rules, for my life! ⁣

Hit ‘em with a flex ladies! ⁣
Your game, your rules! 💪🏽⁣

Image: @bfitphoto @landisphotographic
MUA: @wwwbeeyecandycom
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Motivational. Vs. Sustainable.⁣

As a role model it’s important to me to share both versions of me & their respective message. ⁣

On the left I was right about to step on stage (May 2018). This was peak week which is the most extreme condition you’ll ever see me in. My weight was 120-122lb (54.5-55.5kg). ⁣

Achieving this condition for me typically requires training 6 days per week & cardio 2x per day, 6 days per week.⁣

Nutrition is strict & typically involves moderate protein, low fat & varying carbs. My body is very responsive to carbs so that’s the macro I most frequently manipulate — At this point, I was carb depleted looking dry but very flat (think of muscles like deflated balloons my non-bodybuilding peeps). ⁣

Was I healthy? I wasn’t “unhealthy” but I would (very) likely become unhealthy if I tried to maintain this condition too long. ⁣

Was I miserable? Hell no, I love this sh*t!! ⁣

Each to their own opinion but I personally hate it when people post prep/competition photos & say something to the effect that they looked good but they were unhappy. ⁣

If I choose to prep & compete that is my choice. It’s also my choice to be positive throughout the process. ⁣

I personally thrive off challenging myself to push through mental & physical barriers. ⁣

I feel happy/fulfilled/successful when I’m giving my best effort at everything I do & when I’m inspiring others to do the same. 💪🏽⁣

On the right (last week) I haven’t weighed myself for a few weeks but I’ve been sitting around 126lb (57kg). I’ve had to work hard to maintain this — my body typically wants to rebound to 135-140lb (61-63.5kg). ⁣

I’ve been training 5-6 days per week (I had just taken a full week off any upper body weights). Cardio typically 1x 6 days per week. ⁣

I haven’t tracked any calories or macros since I last competed in August 2018. I’ve been eating intuitively, with no restrictions but everything in moderation. ⁣

I eat clean most of the time, it’s not so much a “choice” but a lifestyle for me & something that makes me feel great inside & out! ⁣

In 2019 I want to FEEL great, LOVE this lifestyle & achieve in all areas of life not just on the stage! 🏆

#mrwednesday things 🤙🏽⁣ ⁣

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Wearing: @vspink ⁣⁣

Consistency wins every time. ⁣

It’s not what you do here & there, but what you do day in & day out. ⁣

Consistency is the true test of substance. ⁣

It’s easy to show up once or every now & again. What’s testing is to show up every single day no matter how you feel. ⁣

And when I say “show up” I’m not just talking about showing up in the gym to workout. ⁣

I’m talking about showing up for your goals & dreams. ⁣

Be present — Nobody is going to achieve your dreams for you if you’re mentally checking in & out. ⁣

Be proactive — What type of person must you become to achieve your goals. ⁣

Be accountable — If you struggle to be accountable to yourself when it comes to your goals, find someone to be accountable to like a friend, family member or coach/mentor. ⁣

Be educated — Learn what your goals will require. Does your goal require a qualification? Learning a new skill? If you don’t have the knowledge to achieve your goal, find someone who does — a coach/mentor or education provider. Learn what it takes then do what it takes. ⁣

Do your homework — This is the biggest downfall of most people when it comes to achieving health & fitness goals! ⁣

You can’t just show up for your workout then check out. Getting the best out of your body requires a lot more than that! ⁣

How are you fueling your body? The right nutrition will make or break your ability to transform your physique or perform faster/stronger. ⁣

This ties back to education — If you need help to eat right find a coach/mentor who does. ⁣

How are you recovering? I don’t use a lot of supplements but I’m consistent with the ones I know work!⁣

@gaspari Aminolast is my choice of pre/intra-workout most days (unless I need the caffeine kick from the HyperAmino). ⁣

To truly maximize your results you must maximize your recovery — rest, sleep, stretching & the right supplements! ⁣

Want to crush your goals in 2019? ⁣

Here’s the magic formula — ⁣


Consistency is QUEEN 👑 ⁣

[I could have said KING but 😉🤫]⁣

Double tap for consistency✊🏽⁣

Video: @optechpictures
Wearing: @officialbetterbodies SJ20 ⁣
Fueled by: @gaspari

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