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Go give a shout out to this big birthday boy! He is the best daddy, sexiest houndsman, damn good provider, hilarious pee your pants goof, keep you on your toes, love of our life. Hope you have a wonderful day babe.
#30neverlookedsogood #cookem #scorpio

Been crazy the last few weeks have not been in the mood to post. I am just sitting here wishing i was on top of this mtn with my little ones. This deer hunt was one for the books thats for sure. Camryn killed her first buck, Cody's big ole muley took a dirtnap and well i rolled a wheeler. Some good some bad but i will take it. Life is short, count your blessings and get down on those knees at night. I cant thank God enough for watching over me and these little two that morning, it should of been allot worse and I am thankful we walked away unharmed.......#blessed #GODisgood #huntinchick #deerhunt #thanksbabeforsavingme

Vegan What? I hunt for this right here. No you can not find this at your local grocery store or local farm, this is worth all of the sweat and tears. You gotta work for it and earn it!!!👊👊#backstrap #organicmeat #huntinchick #muledeer

Big things a happening. I have busted my butt for the last 17 years to get where i am at today. I had to sacrifice allot of time and sometimes heartache to get here and I am super proud of what I have accomplished. I must say thanks to my mom for always showing me the ropes of a working woman and mom, i wouldn't be where i am at today if it wasn't for you. BIG things coming!! #workhard #workharder #GODisgood #workingmom #thanksmom

This one right here keeps my life very interesting 😂😂 she totally should be the poster child for @carhartt #tofreakingcute #littlered #shelbers #allmystars #loveher

No filter needed on this Colorado sunrise. Had a blast with this fine mighty hunter of mine. 9 more tags to fill, thinking im gonna have to buy another freezer 🤔😉 #firstworldproblems #illtakeit #colorado #antelope #speedgoat #letsroll

What a great time we had in CO. Quick trip and got 2 antelope done and back home! Needless to say I think we got this antelope hunting down to a science!! #4antelope #eatlikekings #CO #WY #speedgoat

Hello Colorado. #speedgoat #GODisgood #antelope

Ready to do it all over again! Nothing is more satisfying than harvesting a animal and processing the meat all on your own. Knowing how my meat was handled and packaged, there is nothing that compares. Who else loves some good ole antelope meat??
#antelope #wyomingspeedgoat #100yardshot #creedmore #organicmeat #chickswhohunt #sitka #wildchaos

Such a rush hunting these beautiful animals! Packed up took off a week of work. Drug the trailer out with the two kiddos, spent hours of meal prep and making sure we had everything we needed. 4 hours later we made it out in the middle of no where. Woke up opening morning and slammed this freaking stud at 100 yards away! Couldn't of done it without @cookem007 for finding him and helping me stock him. WE ARE GONNA EAT LIKE KINGS!!!! GODisgood
#wildchaos #antelope

From field to freezer in less than 7 hours. I am so blessed again for being able to do the things that i love. God is amazing.....thanks to my little man for his help as always

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