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can I tell you a little secret about myself if you promise not to hate me after?

monday is my favorite day of the week.
not sure if luna agrees...

they said no photos on the vintage home tour...but when you see a pink and black floral bathroom: rules must be broken.


barefoot. fresh cut flowers. 2 beers in. more memories made with the very best by my side. spring was good to me.


it's been gloomy and grey the past few days and we are soaking it up before that wicked summer sun sets in. we will be here, in warm sock feet, firing up the grill and chasing the chickens till the sun goes down...

just a casual mother's day over here, treating our minds & souls and our mama hearts. happy day to anyone out there lucky enough to mother!


desert bound today ✨
secretly I'm hoping to pick up another one of these blooming beauties from the @cactus_mart

35mm photo by @katieboink from our last trip together

she was born on a golden spring morning. our entire garden was in bloom. she came quickly, seemingly in a flash. my heart was burst open that day and experienced a love that could reach the stars. we named her after the most spectacular, most constant, most awe inspiring entity: the moon. on that morning, that most glorious morning, she made me a mama.


feeling a bit giddy over all the impending magic of the weekend + the blooming desert that is ready to welcome us.

35mm photo by @katieboink

today she told me, "you are the most beautiful princess mommy baby girl". and I fell into a million pieces.


we had a bit of a rough and gloomy day over here and it's got my mind caught up in the energy of this place. a desert trip is on my horizon this weekend so I am going to just hold onto this glowing memory till then...

i'm a girl mom, through and throughout. she has so many depths, but is undeniably who she is. I refuse to alter or shape her. it may be pink today, it may be blue tomorrow, or yellow the next day. none of that matters. I just love her and the world she has shown me.

it was a unicorn cupcake kinda day, or as I call it: death by sugar 🦄

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