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sometimes you just get lucky and life hands you a gold mine in the form of a beating heart. trying to count the ways this beauty has enriched my life is impossible. and today is her birthday. cheers to you my love. let's continue to make waves.

believe it or not, it's all in your hands.

our saturday plan.

swam in a pool of sprinkles ✓
scratched and sniffed a wall ✓
swung on a swing surrounded by bananas ✓

just another regular day in whacky california.

when the craft store's fake flowers are so on point it makes you start to question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

the summer sizzle is upon us. 106 degree day? HI. THIS WILL BE ME TODAY.

friday tried to kick my ass but I kicked right back. when you tune enya to your radio and take the side streets instead, everyday feels like friday.


I have been clocking a lot of hours with this babe lately, taking me on adventures that are straight from my fantasies: pushing me out of my comfort zone, and making me see parts of the world I might not have. that to me is the best kind of friendship. I can't wait to see what our summer holds...

currently craving a hometown hotel room late night steak dinner so badly I could taste it. also craving the vintage neon...

my blooming crepe myrtle wishes you a happy friday friends! go do something to make yourself smile today ❁

I am still buzzing from the week I had alongside my @thepeachdiaries girls and the indescribable evening we had. I can not wait to share more...

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