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mid-week organic market haul of my dreams. not sure if i am more excited for the mini chocolate pot de crème or the guava kombucha....

HAPPY MAMAS DAY! my two loves are treating me to every single one of my hearts desires today so these guys are coming with us to the hotel, okay @ronaldofierro?


well. that was one for the books. boys, don’t ever fool yourselves thinking we do this for you. we do this for us 💋

still in recovery mode from the big 5 year olds WEEK LONG birthday. kids parties are magical and exhausting, all rolled into one, so this week we are sleeping in extra late and spending time in the garden to ease our spirits back down. off I go to sweep up more glitter...

my tiny little baby moon girl turns FIVE in a few days. the feelings are allllll being felt watching her grow and shine every single day, but something about the big 5 just feels a little different. It’s like she’s turning a whole page in our book, and I am desperately trying to keep hold by the binding. although we are ready to keep filling the pages, I have to catch my breath when I realize how many years are already there.

peep my stories for 5 glorious years of luna, all captured, magically, by @katieboink

we needed a dose of spring so we ended up here. the scent of orange blossoms hung so heavy in the air it caught me up in my steps. I just love lazy days like these, spent with friends, loving and laughing and eating the hours away. lately I have realized my days like this with luna are numbered. she will be 5 in less than a month and every day that goes by my little peanut is changing right before my eyes. I just want to keep her and hold her right here, in this sacred space, as long as I possibly can. my little spring baby, this season is ours ♡

the sassiest little bunny ya ever did meet 🎀


dallas day three. we did the damn thang ✓✓ #dallaslove

{re-post: because my girl’s edit of my photo is just too lovely}

we gathered the village. and what a village it was. layers and tears and walls were shed. we held each other in our arms and hearts and minds. barefoot in the grass, just before twilight, we buried our intentions into the earth. we sowed seeds that will bloom along with what we are manifesting for ourselves.
every dinner I have attended has mended my woes in different ways, but this time the shift is proving to be the deepest I have felt. dallas and these women made a permanent mark on me. and it’s going to last my lifetime.


something pretty exciting has hatched over at our little farmette. let’s just say I am now a professional expert number one chicken breeder. in the whole world.
peep my stories for our hatching journey 🐣


don’t mind me, I’m just filling every inch of my home with these beauties to welcome spring with open arms. my roses are still recovering from the frost so I have been indulging in grocery store bouquets. our vegetable garden is sprouting and our citrus trees are overflowing. the morning air is cold and the evening skies glow. the seasons blend here in the desert but spring is making its debut loud and clear. I’m starting to think this may be my favorite time after all...

we have been clocking a lot of time with this beauty lately and it pretty much makes me smile from ear to ear. seeing my daughter finding joy in caring for and loving animals the same way I did as a child is indescribable. but also secretly I’m super eager for my turn....

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