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Shedd Aquarium  Shedd Aquarium sparks compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world. Explore Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea.


From radiographing an alligator snapping turtle to examining a bamboo shark ultrasound, it's all in a day's work for our vet techs! In celebration of #VetTechAppreciationWeek, we're showing off the hard work our vertinary technicians do to keep Shedd's animals healthy.

As Halloween approaches, check out these Shedd species and their incredible "costumes!" Can you dazzle like a Mandarin dragonet? Or masquerade like a queen angelfish? Join Shedd's own dazzling masquerade during the Arts in the Dark parade on Oct. 21!

Welcome home, @cubs! Good luck in game 3 of the NLCS tonight—we're all rooting for you! Showing some Cubs spirit are Violet the skunk, Tyson the prehensile-tailed porcupine and Jasmine the green tree python!

Fast facts about Ginsu, our green sawfish in Wild Reef: 1) She's 14 feet long, and a third of her length is her saw-studded rostrum. 2) Nearly 30 people from Shedd's care team contributed to surgery for Ginsu this past spring—and she recovered remarkably well! 3) Like sharks and rays, sawfish skeletons are made of cartilage. 4) The rostrum is used to capture prey, with swift side-to-side motions. 5) Every species of sawfish is endangered or critically endangered, so we celebrate #IntlSawfishDay to learn more about these fascinating animals. #UnbelievableLivesHere

Dinner time! It's #NationalSeafoodMonth, and our sea otters love a good seafood meal! Some fast facts about otter diets: 1. Sea otters eat up to a quarter of their weight in a day. 2. Feeding a single sea otter costs $20,000 a year. 3. Our sea otters are given restaurant-quality food, ranging from shrimp to krill to crab!

Truth in advertising! Brown knobs on the upper surface of this sea star look just like chocolate chips—however, they keep the sea star from being a snack! These strategically placed knobs might be a passive defense, making the sea star look too difficult or painful to swallow whole. If a predator does bite, like all sea stars, the chocolate chip can regenerate an arm! #UnbelievableLivesHere

Beluga update from Alaska! The rescued beluga calf is now drinking from a bottle and taking in much-needed calories. Steve Aibel, senior director of marine mammals at Shedd, is shown here supporting the calf as he sips! The calf is still under 24-hour care with the support of @alaskasealifecenter, @seaworldtexas, @georgiaaquarium, @vanaqua and @mystic.aquarium. Swipe through for photos from Alaska SeaLife Center. [Activities pictured are authorized by MMHSRP MMPA/ESA #18786-01]

It's #FanPhoto time, and we've got a full rainbow for you this weekend! Be sure to tag your best photos with #SheddAquarium for a chance to be featured! Pictured: false fire urchin, black-legged poison dart frog, Mandarin dragonet and Magellanic penguin.

If you give an octopus a GoPro... Aquarist Eve handed off a GoPro to our giant Pacific octopus, Rizzo, for some special enrichment and got a unique look at her perspective! Dive into this view from the water as we cap off #CephalopodAwarenessDays!

Quit squidding around and take our octopus quiz! In celebration of #CephalopodAwarenessDays, we put together some questions to flex your knowledge of these tentacled animals. Here's a warm-up: We all know octopuses have eight arms, but how many hearts do they have? Give the quiz a shot at sheddaquarium.org/quiz

Shedd Animal Response Team member Maura interacts with the rescued beluga calf that aquariums across the continent are helping to care for at Alaska SeaLife Center. His energy level varies from day to day, but he does have playful moments! Stay tuned as we share updates from Alaska.

Art imitates the wild with #WashedAshore: Art to Save the Sea. Stella the Seahorse, the 10-foot-tall sculpture made of countless recognizable single-use plastic items, is a reminder of how plastic trash is flooding our waterways. She offers a big voice for all small creatures that need our help!

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