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Shedd Aquarium  Shedd Aquarium sparks compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world.

It's a high-flying weekend in Chicago, and the speed isn't limited to the lakefront! Swipe left to see some of Shedd's most active animals. Who are they? Pacific white-sided #dolphins can't break the sound barrier, but they can swim up to 25 miles per hour. #Otters have fast metabolisms, eating 25% of their body weight daily. And rescued red-tailed #hawk Athens can't survive on his own in the wild but has regained some of his flying form with Shedd physical therapy! #AirAndWaterShow

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We might not have unicorns here at Shedd, but we do have dragons! The mountain horned dragon can change color with its mood. #UnbelievableLivesHere

Our Opening Day wishes came true -- we received a very special visit from the @WhiteSox over the weekend, including centerfelder Adam Engel! The players and their families enjoyed skyline views and met some of our star players -- #penguins. #WhiteSox Photos by @dearfloyd

It's #WorldLizardDay! Our research team has dedicated the last 20 years to studying one very special -- and very endangered -- lizard: the Bahamian rock iguana. Rock iguana populations have suffered due to habitat loss, the introduction of predators such as dogs, goats and pigs, illegal hunting, increasing contact with tourists and smuggling for the illicit pet trade.

Did you know that an otter eats 25% of its body weight daily? That's like an average American eating 206 hot dogs every day! Think about that at your next barbecue.

Some animals flee when approached by a predator... pufferfish inflate like a balloon to discourage their enemies! #UnbelievableLivesHere

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Fish that can breathe above water? Australian lungfish not only have gills but also a single lung. They can swim to the water’s surface and get a breath of fresh air! #UnbelievableLivesHere

The health of our animals, like sea turtle Nickel, depends on a plastic-free ocean. In the last 15 years humans have added approximately 132 million tons of plastic waste to our oceans — a reality that threatens not just our favorite aquatic animals but our own health as well. This is why we’ve eliminated plastic straws and bags at Shedd Aquarium. Every time you turn down a disposable plastic bag or refill your reusable water bottle, that’s one less piece of plastic that could end up in our oceans. #InOurHands

"Since I was a kid I’ve loved fantasy stories, especially ones with a hero and his trusty band of companions adventuring through wild landscapes inhabited by mythical creatures. " Aidan Mullaney of Shedd's Learning department learned that these fantasies exist in real life while searching for endangered Bahamian rock iguanas on Shedd's research trip to Andros Island. He and the research team faced rugged terrain, nasty bites from doctor flies and blisters from poisonwood sap to find and monitor the health of the dwindling iguana populations on the island. Shedd researchers have been monitoring the Bahamian rock iguana for the last 20 years.

What hasn’t been found in a shark’s stomach? Dolls, a full suit of armor, an unopened bottle of wine, a license plate, or an NFL helmet? Share your guess in the comments !

As those options show, sharks can consume some pretty weird stuff. The same adaptations that let sharks survive spiny snacks like stingrays and crustaceans may help them bounce back from these off-menu items (which also serve a reminder for us to #SheddTheStraw and help keep our waters clean).

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