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Learn to be FREE from within!
It will show outwardly....
#SheBuilds 💰💵💸

Look at my baby girl 💛Raegan Dior!💛
💛My Favorite Girl💛

Great morning Multi-Millionaire Successors! 💰
Today is a new day!
Wake up with new mercies/fresh start!
Kick butt and make moves that count!

What’s on your agenda?
How will you mak Smart Moves today?

I’m implementing the early bird gets the worm!
I’m up and making moves EARLY this morning!
3 things on my 20 To-Do-List for today!


This has been a phenomenal seminar!

I can’t wait to dive into Bishops New 📚 Book 📖!
Released to us first 🙌🏾
#GettingFueled ⛽️📝💰

Stephen Hightower 💰, 💰💰💰,💰💰💰.💰💰
⛽️ #OilIndustry

I LOVE when my clients catch the vision, listen to their advisor/coach/tax preparation (Me) and apply the knowledge and handle their business.

They are going back to correcting 2007 tax error.
It’s not the error it’s taking accountability and fixing it that sets you apart!

When building a SUCCESSFUL business you have to clean up the unsuccessful road blockers that will delay/prevent/capture your future endeavors in business/career/life.

Do you know not filing you taxes goes beyond penalties/fines/jail time... It prevents you from getting funding, buying a home, buying commercial property, investors taking you serious, along with your credit.
Taxes and Credit goes hand in hand.... 🛑 STOP BEING EMBARRASSED!!!!!
Correct your errors while you’re and your professional consultant are the only ones who know. The embarrassment comes when the IRS/State comes to collect, seize your assets, lock you up.

Handle your business and build without the added pressure/hiding/fronting/being fraudulent.

#WisdomWednesday ~Make Smart Moves

Schedule your appointment today!

Reminder - If your 2016 individual tax return is on extension...the October 16 extended filing due date is just around the corner.

Follow Elite Professional Tax to stay up to date on all of your tax needs.

Let’s hear it Success Builders!
▪️What do you have to sale/offer?
◾️How can we follow you?
▪️What do you have upcoming for you business/clients/holidays?

Who’s ready to build a lucrative business ?
If that’s you listen in and click the link in my bio or visit
www.samcarterent.com and lets turn what you envision into now reality!
Who’s ready to have their business up and running by January 1, 2018 or before?
If that’s you, what are you waiting on?

When Successors Win!
Learn to celebrate 🎉 others Successors!
I’m so proud of Latashia Alexander!
Follower her she’s business woman who builds travel ✈️ Paid at Home Mom
I salute your success!

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