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Here's to me always forgetting to post my selfie every day of the week and remembering at the least minute #lovingmyselfie #hopeless

Like Alice in Wonderland, always lost in thought #lovingmyselfie

A wise fortune cookie once said... #lovingmyselfieproject

"I am no copycat, I am "the" original" #lovingmyselfieproject

Please take me back to yesterday, where there was no work,no school. Just me and my anime 😩 #lovingmyselfieproject

Me back in my skinny mini days, my glow up is strong but my confidence was stronger. Love myself back then still loving myself now. #lovingmyselfieproject

"I wish common sense was more common" -My T-Shirt #lovingmyselfieproject

After a long crazy busy day at work I just want to sleep till no end, but I think I'll watch some anime first 😁😁 #anime #animelife #lovingmyselfie

"We're all quite mad here, you'll fit right in"- Alice in Wonderland #lovingmyselfieproject

" it's OKAY to love yourself, it's OKAY to be your own biggest fan. It's OKAY to hype yourself up. Stop putting yourself last, you're important" πŸ’πŸΎ

"Own who you are" πŸ˜πŸ’πŸΎ#lovingmyselfieproject

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