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Sally Chekan 

Someone tell this girl being a grown woman is not all it's cracked up to be. I am currently on my second period of the month because I took too many Airborne tablets in one weekend and the Internet said vitamin C mega-dosing increases estrogen levels dramatically. Typical woman even my estrogen levels are dramatic. And now those fake boobs are real boobs and they hurt sooo much. Anyway #tbt and #tmi

We used the photo strip from our first set as a prop in our second set 💕Also a llama finger puppet


Gonna decompress tonight by watching the Kristina Braverman for mayor arc on Parenthood and then run for elected office tomorrow??!!

Should I be "El Woods" for Halloween this year? An homage to both Stranger Things AND the 15 yr anniversary of Legally Blonde? Am I allowed too much screen time?

Happy Father's Day to my dad. I chose this picture specifically so I could, at this juncture in my Instagram post, make the joke that he's my "gyro." And what a good joke it is 💯

Congrats on your MBA from Columbia and promotion at McKinsey. I spent the last 4 years mastering zip zap zop! #uvareunions


Happy Mother's Day weekend! Sorry when the tasting guy said his whiskey barrels were about halfway through the aging process I said "hey so is she 👉🏼"

Pretty annoyed I can't figure out who I am style-wise

Took this pic with the hand I don't have anymore

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