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WWW.SHAZREEYANASHUKRI.COM  ❤ Founder @shazreeyanashukri 💄 Original Skincare and Make-Ups 🚚 Worldwide Shipping 💌 For enquiries👉🏼shazreeyanashukrirtw@gmail.com 🖥 Order here 👇🏻


The Ultimate Makeup Guide by Nuex Rosli and Syedewa. A full of makeup guide from zero to hero in one book only with RM45.00! 😍❤
Order now at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ✨
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The best cushion blusher ever! Suikóne Cushion Blush by Suikóne. The color is in milky pink and suitable to use even on powder. It's everyone's favorite! .
Get them not at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or place your order at https://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤
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Happy Eid Mubarak Everyone! We will continue working and shipping after Raya Holidays on 3rd of July 2017. We would like to apologize for all of our mistakes that we've done sama ada sedar ataupun tidak. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin everyone and enjoy your Raya! Much love, SS Team ❤✨

3D SAB Lashes in True Love ❤️ with 100% like human hair! .
Suitable for gorgeous bridal on their fabulous wedding day! ✨
Get now with only RM17.00 MYR at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤
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"This is your BB Cushion SF Glowing Skin"
What a gorgeous packaging we have there! BB Glowing Skin Cushion is a compact-foundation that is suitable for sensitive skin and help to cover your face flawlessly. The product is tested dermatologically thus provide the ultimate care and confidence for your delicate skin! This BB Cushion is suitable for all skin types. So, no need to worry! Easy to carry everywhere ❤
Now with discount RM10 OFF if you purchase the BB Cushion SF Glowing Skin
We also sell the refill for the BB cushion and you can refill them once it's finished. No need to buy a new BB Cushion 😍
Check them now at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656
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Kak Love kita pun pakai Schatzs Foundation. Cantiknya Kak Love! .
Schatzs Foundation ialah satu formula dari France! Amazing!
Sekarang harga promosi only RM88.00 at www.shazreeyanashukri.com and whatsapp us for manually order at https://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤

The color of FAME x Nuex Rosli in Audrey is like bubblegum! Very chewy 😍
RM45.00 BUT NOW IT'S ON SALE! Only RM39.00 and it is limited piecea only. Grab now at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤
Okay semua, selamat shopping Raya! Tag your friends! ❤
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Minyak Argan Emas iFlawless Festosa is now still in promotion till 24th of June! .
Only for RM60.00! So grab yours now before its too late!
💻 visit us at www.shazreeyanashukri.com
📱 Whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤

Nak dekat Raya ni kan, jangan lupa untuk jaga kulit kita so that nanti kulit kota bersih and flawless masa Raya hehe
Argania Wonder Oil for face, hair and body. Untuk makeup pun boleh pakai. .
Apa kegunaan Argania Wonder Oil ni? 🍃merawat kulit berminyak
🍃melembapkan kulit muka
🍃menghilangkan parut
🍃menghilangkan kesan jerawat
🍃 menghilangkan "rashes"
🍃 sekatakan tona kulit 🍃 menjadikan muka glowing
🍃 menghilangkan kulit kusam 🍃melebatkan bulu mata
🍃melebatkan bulu kening
🍃menghilangkan bibir kering
Banyaknya benefits dia! Only RM50.00 for one bottle je. Boleh dapatkan kat www.shazreeyanashukri.com atau whatsapp at http://ww.wasap.my/60104071656 ❤
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Ferrarossa with her gorgeous Eyeshadows and Palette!
Sapa tak beli lagi rugi sebab sekarang masih ada promotion Combo palette+3eyeshadows hanya RM160.
Jom shopping di 🖥www.shazreeyanashukri.com
📲Whatsapp+ 60104071656

Ha! Raya dah nak dekat ni, make up make up juga, tapi dah jumpa belum product local yang bagus untuk padam makeup and berus kita? Belum?! Haaa, Hermosa Cleansing Water By Belinda la!
You can now remove your makeup or clean your brushes instantly with Hermosa Cleansing Water eventhough on lip matte or waterproof makeup. It smells so good like pomegranate ❤ @hermosabybelinda .
Available at www.shazreeyanashukri.com or whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 .

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LAST DAY PROMO TRULOOKS! Don't forget to grab Trulooks Tinted Mosturizer while they're still on promo. Only RM82.00 ❤ .
Get them now before 20th June! Whatsapp us at http://www.wasap.my/60104071656 or at www.shazreeyanashukri.com ❤
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