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Shaimaa  Ready to be the halal Kendall Jenner.... Snapchat: shaimaalove123

Honestly all I do is watch videos on my phone cuz I got no life and today I tried going out but my mom said no #lonerforlife #ineedfriends

This was and still is the best reality tv show ever #TotalDramaIsland

Y’all, meeting @laurenjauregui is on my bucket list... one day it’s gonna happen I love everything about her #laurenjauregui #makemywishcometrue

My dads and brothers conversation Bro: Dad can I have a phone?
Dad: Ask your mom
Bro: This can be just between me and you
Dad: No no no your mom is the boss here
Bro: come on dad
Dad: look I like my life and you may think I’m the boss but I’m not. I can’t even invite people over without your moms permission.
Y’all my mom will forever be the #boss

After 4 years my man @jessemccartney is back writing music #betterwithyou

Y’all I was out around 9 o’clock and it was snowing. North Carolina is bipolar asf like we are in spring but it feels like we never left winter

Ramadan is less than two months away and I’m ready #ramadan #ramadan_kareem

Y’all when I get my life together, y’all can call me Kylie Jannah ;) #halallife

So earlier today I called my mom and this is how the conversation went:
Me: Mom i think there is a problem
Her: What’s wrong? Are you okay? Where you at? What’s wrong?
Me: I think I’m about to die...
Her: hangs up the phone on me
20 minuets later I come home
Me: Why did you hang up on me when I called? I could’ve died
Her: I didn’t want you to die on the phone ————————————————————I’m heartbroken now 😭 she did me wrong 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I was listening to music while doing my homework and Out Loud comes on and I was like that sound like @thegabbieshow I’ve never really listened to the song but boy oh boy she sounded amazing. My girl @thegabbieshow killing it got nothing but support for her #outloudgabbie #thegabbieshow

Came late to school and school ends early today. Never felt truly blessed like this

Sometimes I want Arab friends that are Muslims, other than my family so we can relate to each other but then I think they will piss me off. Like one day I’ll say hi to a stranger and my friend would be like “that’s haram” and straight out the friendship would be over like no Fatima your life is haram so get out of mine

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