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Shay C. Scranton  TX. Artist for hire. Illustrator/designer/world-builder. Co-creator/Dungeon Master for @darkestdelve *all artwork by me unless otherwise noted*

4th and last potion bottle for the @darkestdelve set. Just wait till you see what we're putting inside them... #dnd #darkestdelve

Yet another potion bottle for ye olde @darkestdelve gaming table. #dnd

More table props for @darkestdelve #dnd

Crafting table props for @darkestdelve. #potion #dnd

Here's another teaser video I made for @darkestdelve

I made this teaser video for @darkestdelve

Thanks so much to @timmietattoo for making this little dream come true. I couldn't be happier with the result. #dungeonmasterlife

Huge thanks to @destroyeroflightofficial for giving me the opportunity to work on one of their new shirts; a sister design to the original "Oracle" illustration I did for them some years back! If you haven't checked out what these guys have been up to, head over to and get a dose of that good good doom nectar. #illustration #doommetal

This non-Halloween selfie is just to prove that I wasn't bluffing. My life has been a long series of failed attempts to build something that makes me happy, and with each season those attempts became decreasingly genuine. It wasn't that I lacked the willingness; I just didn't know how. It isn't something that is taught, but it can be learned. It takes motivation. For me, that motivation was not wanting to continue with life unless I was able to change. So learning how to change became absolutely imperative for my survival. This outer shift is symbolic of a few very positive inner shifts which I've made recently. It's not a flashlight in the darkness, or a ladder leading out of the cave. It's not hope. It's a trophy for making my own tools and teaching myself how to make fire. It's a reward for surviving.

A city built vertically at the top of an immense stone spire. We should go there someday. #dnd #fantasyart #worldbuilding

I made a poster for a thing at @truelovewaco. If you're in the 254 this Friday, come check it out. #posterart #80s #danceparty

Silas Munroe the handsome half-elf warlock is now Level 13. Finally. Gotta love those Invocations and Mystic Arcanum. #dnd #characterdesign #fantasyart #warlock

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