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shay prasad  UBC BA English Literature '17 | @buchabrew Kombucha | Vancouver |ΑΓΔ | Life is better spent with a smile on your face 😊

We’ll be 30 years old one day and I guarantee we will STILL be buying matching pjs for each other🤷🏽‍♀️💖🙋🏽 #onesiesleepies

5 months ✨ We miss you, momma 💖

Sweetest little coffee spot with the sweetest gal ✨ #happyshay

Beyond grateful for every second I get to spend with my other half 💖👯
Especially now since she’ll be too busy for me with NURSING SCHOOL soon! Congrats, @saieeshap - I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. You’re such a bright light in my life ✨

All I ever want to do with this life is cook, eat, smile, and drink wine. I just gotta find a gig that’ll pay me to do all four at once🙋🏽

She’s kindness, she’s uncontrollable laughter. She’s a warm hug, she’s a shoulder to catch my tears. She’s beautiful, smart, and passionate beyond belief. She’s the extra mile in every situation, she’s a real and comfortable conversation. She’s a movie night in, she’s the too many nights out not knowing when it’s time to go home. She’s the wine to my whisky, she’s my best friend, and I love her to pieces! HAPPY 25! My best life wouldn’t be my best life without you in it 😉😏
So tonight let’s have that extra glass of champagne when we know we don’t need it, let’s stay in pretend while everyone else is in reality, and let’s be the last to leave tonight 🥂

Day 2 of an eventful few days brought me to the ballet with @emmaharris32 and some snazzy lookin guy behind me🍷💃🏽

Not a girl in a red sundress, buuut I am about to hold an ice cold beer to my lips 🤠🍻
#Kip #yeet

Anotha one - because tonight, on top of celebrating my best friend, I got to celebrate so many other things I often neglect to acknowledge - the sunset, the quaint lights hung up on the trees in the backyard, a warm fire, the smell of summer camping, card games, loads of snacks, a good pair of heels, and comfort and love that only a roomful of my best people could provide. Step back and count the little things - they’re worth so much more than you give them credit for. I’m so grateful for THESE moments, for THIS life 💭😇

Sun & Sangria & Saturdays & Smiles & Shay 🙋🏽

Was going to post a Timberlake meme but then I sat down with a notebook and pen and got all *sentimental* instead, as I do 🙄😉
MAY! Yay. There’s just something about a new month that gets me aaaaall revved up about my goals. Since Christmas, I feel as if I’ve ever so slowly made my way down to rock bottom. I spent a bit of time hangin’ out there, until I realized the one really nice thing about that space - you can only go up. Being in a state of nothingness truly forces you to think hard about what your next move is going to be. All of the should’ve done’s, would’ve done’s, and could’ve done’s from your previous goals and dreams are striped away, and you get to start from scratch. Which is absolutely overwhelming, especially when you constantly have people asking “so, what are you going to do with you life?” (stop that, people!), but also undeniably exhilarating. You get to start over and choose aaaaanything! All those little things you always wanted to make time for, but never did, can be realigned into new goals. The things you love doing but you only ever considered “hobbies” can be turned into something greater.
So, I’m starting something new this month and while I’m a little late to the game and have a whole city of people ahead of me, I’m so mind-blowingly happy that I’ve finally found something that gets me excited to wake up and work towards each and every day. It took a lot of time, but the funny thing about time is that it always keeps going, even when it feels like it won’t, and your mindset or place in this world will never be stagnant.
ANY-WHO that’s all those are my thoughts I’m done happy May, the best month, aka my birthday month, enjoy the sun✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

Love me a good lazy Sunday 💤💭

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