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shay prasad  UBC English Literature '17 | KPU Public Relations '19 | Vancouver | Life is better spent with a smile on your face 😊

Friday morning 🙌🏽☕️ Today's a great day to have a great day 💐

If ya know me, you know I'm a creature of habit and that I thrive when I'm in a consistent routine. Since graduating, traveling, moving, and starting a new job, life has basically said "NOPE" to any kind of consistency or routine - for a while that included my morning gym sessions. And for a while, I was also super hard on myself, instead of being patient with myself and all the changes I was going through. Because of that, the gym quickly became a very negative and daunting environment. But TODAY I thought, I'm tryna shape a lifestyle here, ups and downs are going to happen and I ain't gettin NO WHERE if I bully myself with silly amounts of pointless cardio and discouraging talk every time I hit a low. I had a fantastic workout, I'm feelin strong, and dem endorphins are obviously flowin. ANYWAYS just be healthy, be balanced, be happy and focus on how ya FEEL and that's when you'll see the real progress ✌🏽
Workout fueled by @buchabrew and check-ins by @rosie.k.walsh 💓

Serotonin overflow☀️ Happiest when placed under the sun with good company💓
📸 @gscollon

Mama n me 🙌🏽🍷

Bachelorette catch-up, ginger tea, and snugs from Frankie - a little Friday night R&R at its finest 🍵✌🏽#treatyoself

City smilin'✨

Someone tell Mary Poppins that a glass of beer or wine > a spoonful of sugar, aaaaanyday 🍷🍻 #TUTS2017

Monday's are for margaritas🍸 #ferdagirls

Luckiest girl in the world to live life with you by my side ✨

This is what summa lovin' looks like 🙌🏽 Happiest when I'm surrounded by positive souls🍷

Cherishing the moments that make me smile, with the people that make my heart warm💖 Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by such uplifting friends who are filled with nothing but love.

One of those evenings where you can't help but to giggle at yourself and smile from ear to ear while you watch the sunset and think about all the good that is on its way, and all the experiences that are just waiting to happen. 🙌🏽✌🏽#grateful #staysmiling

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