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SHAYNA  ARTIST. MUSICIAN. FEMINIST. Woman on a vision quest 👁‍🗨 searching for truth and authenticity.

In honor of the walkout this morning for Dr Christine. Women must tell their stories no matter how young they were when they were abused and no matter how long it took for them to come forward. Freeing ourselves from our secrets is the only way to true inner peace and authenticity. I am ready to take that chance. Support the women in your life trying to fight back from trauma. It’s harder than you will ever realize. #walkout #drchristine #christineblaseyford #stopkavanaugh #rap #women #metoo #timesup #artist #music #mc #abuse #trauma #survivor

I have felt it’s important to express all the things I feel. Not to show up on social media only with a smile (especially if it’s not real). I have made it my goal to be authentic and hold space for everything I’m going through - good and bad. Seems to me too many of us are trying to only show the good times, only show the beautiful times, only show the happy times and sometimes even those things are manufactured for others. When we don’t hold space for everything we experience we all become responsible for making each other feel alone and isolated. I want to be a real person for myself and others. When I express all of who I am it helps me find inner peace. Because I have allowed myself to feel it has helped me heal. I am in a more peaceful place than I have ever been because I stopped resisting the truth of where I was at. Fully accepting myself, all the things I’ve been through, and my own heart. Grateful for the journey. Grateful for those who have supported me. Grateful to myself for finally ending the self harm, quieting the critical voice, and showing up for the inner child.

Grief happens little bits at a time, in all the expected... and unexpected places and times. Real loss is something you experience many times over. When you miss someone. When you feel alone. When you know how things would have been different. When you feel eyes watching you. When people ask you how you are. When you wonder what they’re thinking. When you remember how life was before. When you know life will never be the same again. When you feel like no one understands. When you feel like you wish you could turn back time. When you can’t stop wondering why. When you know you can’t change it. When you feel like everyone else still has it all. When you feel naked. When you feel shame. Grief is experienced over and over again, not just at the time of the loss. For anyone out there grieving right now, I see you. You do not need to be over it. You do not need to cheer up. You do not need to forget about it. For this moment you can feel it. Feel it deeply. Give your grief some compassion. Understand it. Let it have a voice. Let it cry. Hold it. Caress it. Become grief’s friend. That is where the healing is. Embracing the pain. Being the soft place for it to feel safe enough to tell you it needs you.

Going to be releasing an album soon. In many ways, it’s the first one I’ve ever really shared with the world. And in true fashion I have chosen an entirely new genre of music that is going to be polarizing. So many thoughts run through my mind. Most days I worry that it’s stupid and will lead to my creative downfall, sending me into a dark reality of having to find a “real job.” Other times I think it will be my salvation, that this project is finally freeing me to be my authentic self and is going to lead to the kind of artistic success I have been working towards all these years. Total honesty - it is giving me terrible anxiety. BUT, with all the work I’ve done on myself as a person I come back to a truth — none of the thoughts are fact, they are all just thoughts. So I try to pick the thoughts that make me feel strong, that make me feel excited, that give me hope, and that send the message to the universe that I’m ready for my dreams to come true. Anxiety is worrying that the thoughts and fears of the future might be real, but the opposite may also be just as real if not more real. When I feel the anxiety coming up I try not to fight it. I welcome it in. I say okay anxiety, what do you have to say? Giving it a voice always somehow releases it, especially when I respond to it with compassion. I then give it the alternatives. I show anxiety we are allowed to believe in the positive possible outcomes just as much as the negative ones. If you’re feeling anxious today it’s all good. Let yourself feel it. Then let yourself believe the opposite of the fears and worries if even just for a moment. Pretty soon it might feel like everything is coming together exactly as you hoped.

We must be willing to see. To see ourselves clearly. To see others clearly. To see the truth. Not to be clouded by our thoughts or our judgements or our expectations or our desires. Just to see. Just observe. Often times when we are lost the best thing to do is take a step back and really just be willing to look at the situation clearly. What are we missing? Are we really listening to others? Are we really listening to ourselves? You are not your mind or what you think. Get outside yourself and look back in with honesty and compassion. Seeing is the beginning of awakening to who you really are. If you’re not willing to see you will continue to go through your life blind. There are things I didn’t want to see for a long time. But the more I get with the truth the more peace I find inside. Keeping my eyes open now.

Accept the things you cannot change Accept yourself Accept others Accept differences Accept love Accept the universe’s plan for you Accept what you actually deserve Accept the truth Accept when you need help Accept when you have to do it alone Accept every good thing trying to make its way into your life. Don’t push it away. Make room for all the good amazing things you’ve been waiting for.

The most difficult skill for me to master has been trusting the universe. I so often want to control things and believe that if I do something just right everything will turn out the way I want. WRONG! Sometimes the universe insists on giving me a hard redirect, and in my case, many times over. And the more I resist it, the more painful it is. When I let go and trust the universe I feel much more at ease and peace begins to find me. So once again I find myself taking my hands off the wheel and letting the universe take me where it wants me to go. And at every turn when it feels like something is going wrong I try and remember to say, “ok universe, I guess you didn’t want me to go that way. I’m listening. Do your thing. I’m not going to stand in the way of my own destiny. You know better than me.” TRUST. THE. UNIVERSE.

If things have been unraveling (again!) you can always reset. Do what you have to do to pause and recenter. Remember who you are and know that it’s okay to start over. You can do it as many times as needed and the truth is we all will. That whole “life is a journey thing” means that we will never truly arrive anywhere or be perfect or have life be exactly as it “should” be, but rather that there is beauty and growth in the process. Daily self growth is life. I hate starting over. Hate, hate, hate it! But I try to shift the lens and tell myself that it’s just beginning again further down the road with more wisdom, clarity, and self compassion. This week I’m getting back on the road for a quick reset to find myself again. And I will, and I’ll remember, and I’ll continue the journey of self.

Sometimes it feels as if there’s no rhyme or reason for the things that happen to us. Life has propelled us onto a path that makes little to no sense and it’s hard to find meaning or keep faith that things are unfolding exactly as they should be. But if you keep walking the path, keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually the universe will reveal its plan to you. Just be able to recognize it when it happens. Seize it! Don’t squander it! All that pain was for a purpose. Now is the time to embrace whatever is on the path in this moment. And even if it is only for a moment, take it in fully. This is the only way your story could have gone. Today might be the day none of it makes sense or it might be the day it’s finally all coming together. Either way, know that nothing lasts forever, good or bad, nothing. So remember that you’ll make it through the crap and let yourself go deep into the moments of joy. Feeling grateful to the person who made today feel like all the days before it happened for a reason. I hope to have many more with you.

I never imagined I would find joy in moments alone. In small moments of solitude. Those moments used to bring such anxiety. Now they are moments of peace. My car has become such a sanctuary. A place for listening to the music that speaks to me. A place I can make the perfect temperature. A place to watch the world around me from a perfect poetic distance. I feel safe and grounded. I feel creative and observant. Grateful for these moments now where I can find joy in now and reflection... as the sun sets in the background of Lost Angeles. #gratitude #selfhelp #rehab #change #anidifranco @anidifranco #music #car #travel #meditate #mind #hope #moment #alone #fiat @fiat #radio #psychology #philosophy #yoga #yogi #motivation #inspiration #coach

Feeling this beautiful morning after a good night’s sleep. We often forget how important self care is. Getting enough rest, exercising, eating right, meditating, socializing, breathing... we cannot be our best for others if we are not our best for ourselves. We neglect ourselves because we believe most of what we want to achieve is outside of us rather than what’s already inside of us. But here is the truth about how our minds work — core beliefs ——> thoughts ——> emotions ——-> actions ——-> habits ——-> destiny. Take care of yourself. Find balance. Be healthy. Reprioritize. Change what you believe. Watch your thoughts. Be aware of your emotions. Create new habits. Control your destiny! But maybe today just starts with a good breakfast or a much needed nap. #inspiration #motivation #selfcare #selflove #selfhelp #psychology #philosophy #meditation #yoga #yogi #journey #destiny #thoughts #mind #thinking #faith

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