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Shayna Kulik  Creative director & trend forecaster with a penchant for patterns.

I have to believe that only a coordinated effort could be this brazen. These poor children. Perhaps extreme facial recognition could be used for good here to solve this mess. (via Amanda Kinsey)

Back to business...opened photoshop, illustrator & indesign for the first time in a while and it felt GOOD.

crystal clear call to action (via @garrettmorin)

Our attempt at a family selfie 🤳 maybe we need a professional!

summer greens

new palette in the works

2D3D 🆙 👀

shadow forest 🌳

switched and swapped a few things out #wip

Life is a rollercoaster and its curve balls are the only thing that seem to be a sure thing...for better and for worse. The news of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were shocking in completely different ways and have stung with such sadness for me...I love dissecting culture and the culture-makers...the creative energy that flowed from these completely different icons was remarkable and gripped me at various points along my own life path. I hope our country can start investing in mental health, as we’re truly in an epidemic that’s taken hold of every demographic and generation. On a happier note, I loved this episode with Anthony and Obama in Vietnam and stumbled upon a beautiful watercolor capturing the mood of the moment (sadly artist unknown). To compliment this sentiment and remind us that inspiration and creative curiosity overlaps industries and professions, this Kate Spade watercolor (artist unknown as well) is equally befitting of her legacy. Such charging figures, such loss.

Prolonging an afternoon Sunday nap, rocking 🐥 in the dark to a sound machine. Nice to be doing nearly nothing for a minute.

complementary / contrasts

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