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Shayleigh  Insert hipster photos here.

This is Oliver. He is a German shepherd/malamute/lab/husky/floofy eared gremlin/perfect creature filled with a whole lot of piss & vinegar. 💕 Today he turned 10. Double digits! Wow! He has been in my life for 8 years. Today is also his adoptiversary. 🎉🤘🏻 8 years ago today, my parents came to visit me at IUP & transport home this giant, energetic, crazy, strong snow-beast that I somehow convinced them would be my Christmas present that year. 😋 Little did they know what the future held. My life is better because Oliver found me. To a non-animal person that may sound ludicrous, but those that understand the power of animals know exactly what I mean. ❤️ We have been through countless adventures, moves, & life changes. We've been through ups & downs, highs & lows. Even though his eyes are foggy, his hearing is almost non-existent, & he is on medication for the rest of his life for a torn ACL, I can still see that sparkle in his eyes that made me fall in love many years ago. Happy birthday, Oliver! I love your goofy ass! #Happybirthday #Loveisafourleggedword #AdventureswithOliver #Malamutemix #Shepherdmix #Birthdayboy #Goodboy #Graymuzzle #DogsofInstagram #Cuddlebuddy #Dogpeoplegetit #Adoptiversary #Adoptdontshop

I bought this little Christmas cactus at Aldi a little bit ago for one specific reason - it reminded me of my Grandmother. She always had Christmas cacti in her home & they were always gorgeous. On December 2nd, it started to bloom. December 2nd would have been my Grandmother's 99th birthday. ❤️ It has been a really difficult (almost) year without her, but I try my hardest to celebrate her life every day. She was a resilient, feisty, wonderful, amazing, perfect woman & I hope I have inherited at least some of her fantastic qualities. 💕 I know she would have absolutely loved my house & I really wish she was able to see something so beautiful that she helped make a reality. I miss her daily, but I am beyond lucky to have had her in my life for 27 years. ☺️ Happy birthday in Heaven, Grandma. I love you, so very much. #Christmascactus #Remeberance #Love #Celebrationoflife #HappybirthdayinHeaven #Cactusinbloom #Pretty #Happy #Missingyou

A huge, gigantic, sloppy thank you to this amazing, patient, beautiful, kind, wonderful person that has been my partner in crime for almost 2 years. You are such a sweet angel & a fantastic Mother..& I'm so very glad you're in my life. You have listened to countless stories from me, shared no less than a million laughs together, & have just been one of my best friend through it all. ❤️ I'm going to miss working with you every day, but you can bet your ass I'm not going anywhere. 😋 Love you so much! Keep Jeff sane & don't get kidnapped! #Donttalktostrangers #Love #Bestfriends #Partnersincrime #Workwife #Timeforanewjob #Fun #Grateful

Happy Halloween from Oliver & I! We hope your day is spookier than crippling debt & health insurance deductibles combined! 🎃🦇🖤☠️👻 #Halloweenhusky #HappyHalloween! #Sosassy #AdventureswithOliver #Love #Bestfurryfriend #ByeOctober #Muttsrule #Halloweencostume #DogsofInstagram #Spooky

🎃 Please enjoy these photos of @patrick.pryts looking SUPER adorable as Star Lord & me looking like a very drowned Rocket Raccoon/werewolf/Barf from Spaceballs (which I eventually just started saying was my costume). I can't even tell you when I began rubbing my makeup off..but I'm fairly confident it was early. You gotta embrace it. 😂🤣 An awesome weekend filled with catching up with friends, hurling axes at things, almost getting run over picking up Baby Groot in the road, & laughing way too hard with some seriously lovely people. ❤️ Thank you for the super fun weekend, @rowema12 & @harlequinharvey! We can't wait to come back! & of course, thank you to Patrick, who endured me rubbing my black makeup all over him all night. 😋 #HappyHalloween #Halloween2018 #Halloweencostumes #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #StarLord #RocketRaccoon #Fun #Love #Bestholiday #MorgantownWV #Happy #Rainyweekend

I could type a novel about these pictures, but I think I'll just let them speak for themselves. ❤ You're never too old to go on vacation with your parents & you're never too old to roll around in the sand or play in the waves like a child. 🌴🐚💕 Both can do wonders for your soul. Truly. I love these two with all my heart & I love all these amazing memories we made. ☺ It was an absolutely fantastic vacation. #Love #Myparentsrock #Vacation #Summer #OceanCityMaryland #Ilovethebeach #Ilovemyparents #Roadtrip #Fun #Memories

Always thankful for my parents, who don't mind coming up on my day off to grill a few burgers & complete a few projects (especially spray painting that goofy squirrel the old owners left). ☺ We always have too much fun when we're together & I'm eternally grateful for all they've done to make my house a home (which is A LOT). ❤ I mean, come on, look how cute the little lights for the fence are? Ugh, so adorable. 😍 #Homeprojects #Newsteps #Myparentsrock #AdventureswithOliver #Love #Silly #Lucky #Homesweethome #Pittsburgh #Bestparentsever #Fun #Hardwork #Homeowner

Oliver & I play this game where I call him from the bottom of the steps to go outside...he doesn't come...then I walk up the steps & find him like this. 😂 He peers around the corner & wags his tail slowly like a little weirdo. Why do I love this dog so much? 😍 #AdventureswithOliver #Shepherdmix #Malamutemix #Love #Goofball #Bestfriend #Goofingoff #DogsofInstagram #Silly #Dogsarethebest #Lurking #Stubborn #DogMom

⚠️ This is SO VERY important. The first picture is a repost from the talented @derpy.duo, who is one of my inspirations for getting Oliver more accustomed to a muzzle (thank you Suzie & Camber). Her dog is also dog reactive & I saw a post a couple of weeks ago showing how he was able to participate in so many more activities due to the fact that he is trained to wear a muzzle. Oliver is nearing 10 years old & while his behavior has gotten so much better - it's really not him I worry about. Other people don't seem to understand that he does not want their very young, energetic, barking, crazy dog to come bounding up to his face & get rather offended when I tell them to get away. 🙄 I am beginning to work with Oliver on positive association with his muzzle so he can be included in every aspect of my life...especially if those aspects include other dogs. Why should he be penalized just because he likes his space? I'm right there with him on that one. 😂 He's not a bad dog by any means - he's probably the best dog I'll ever own - but this is one training tool that I'm excited to utilize. ❤ We are taking it slow, but so far he has been doing awesome. I'm ready to see what the future holds for my best friend & I. 🐶 A big thank you to my local @petvalu_us for helping every step of the way & giving me some tips along the way. True rock stars! #AdventureswithOliver #MuzzleUpProject #Basketmuzzle #Positivetraining #Workinghard #Olddognewtricks #Bestfriend #Perfect #Goodboy #Dogtraining #Bringiton #Shepherdmix #Malamutemix #Pittsburgh #Newadventures #Excited

You would think after almost 7 years, Oliver would grow to love the thousands of pictures I make him participate in. 🤣 Not the case. We always seem to find odd things on our hikes & that's one of the many reasons I love adventuring with him. ❤ It's our little escape from everything. #AdventureswithOliver #SouthsidePark #Pittsburgh #Exploring #Hiking #Malamutemix #Shepherdmix #Summer #Beautifulweather #Enjoyinglife #Trails #Citylife #Skeleton #Odd #Bestfriends #Love

I was reunited with the lovely @tquaide today & I could not have been happier! I have missed her way too goddamn much, ugh! I miss all our shenanigans. ❤😭 #Bestfriends #AustintoPittsburgh #Fun #Summer #Awesome #Neveradullmoment #Catchingup #Itsbeenagoodday

Everyone knows I tend to type way too much on my social media posts, so I'll keep this "light." HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER & HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE BEST DAD EVER. ❤🎉 Yinz are amazing. New words should be invented just to describe how fantastic you both are. 🤩 I am convinced you two are the best parents in the universe & I will fight anyone who says otherwise. 👊🏻 I love you both so very much. Thank you for making sure I didn't grow up to be a complete heathen. Happy birthday, Mom! Here's to many, many more wonderful birthdays filled with all your favorite many more house projects that I can't wait to do with you! 🐻💕 Happy Father's Day, Dad! I know you hate social media, but thank you for ensuring I was raised to be a badass, stubborn, strong, independent woman with excellent taste in rock music & a healthy disdain for people. 🐻❤ YOU TWO ARE LOVELY. #Happybirthday #HappyFathersDay #Myparentsrock #Callyourparents #BestDadever #BestMomever #Love #Family #Happy #Mommabear #Poppabear #Weneedavacation