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Always thankful for my parents, who don't mind coming up on my day off to grill a few burgers & complete a few projects (especially spray painting that goofy squirrel the old owners left). ☺ We always have too much fun when we're together & I'm eternally grateful for all they've done to make my house a home (which is A LOT). ❀ I mean, come on, look how cute the little lights for the fence are? Ugh, so adorable. 😍 #Homeprojects #Newsteps #Myparentsrock #AdventureswithOliver #Love #Silly #Lucky #Homesweethome #Pittsburgh #Bestparentsever #Fun #Hardwork #Homeowner

Oliver & I play this game where I call him from the bottom of the steps to go outside...he doesn't come...then I walk up the steps & find him like this. πŸ˜‚ He peers around the corner & wags his tail slowly like a little weirdo. Why do I love this dog so much? 😍 #AdventureswithOliver #Shepherdmix #Malamutemix #Love #Goofball #Bestfriend #Goofingoff #DogsofInstagram #Silly #Dogsarethebest #Lurking #Stubborn #DogMom

⚠️ This is SO VERY important. The first picture is a repost from the talented @derpy.duo, who is one of my inspirations for getting Oliver more accustomed to a muzzle (thank you Suzie & Camber). Her dog is also dog reactive & I saw a post a couple of weeks ago showing how he was able to participate in so many more activities due to the fact that he is trained to wear a muzzle. Oliver is nearing 10 years old & while his behavior has gotten so much better - it's really not him I worry about. Other people don't seem to understand that he does not want their very young, energetic, barking, crazy dog to come bounding up to his face & get rather offended when I tell them to get away. πŸ™„ I am beginning to work with Oliver on positive association with his muzzle so he can be included in every aspect of my life...especially if those aspects include other dogs. Why should he be penalized just because he likes his space? I'm right there with him on that one. πŸ˜‚ He's not a bad dog by any means - he's probably the best dog I'll ever own - but this is one training tool that I'm excited to utilize. ❀ We are taking it slow, but so far he has been doing awesome. I'm ready to see what the future holds for my best friend & I. 🐢 A big thank you to my local @petvalu_us for helping every step of the way & giving me some tips along the way. True rock stars! #AdventureswithOliver #MuzzleUpProject #Basketmuzzle #Positivetraining #Workinghard #Olddognewtricks #Bestfriend #Perfect #Goodboy #Dogtraining #Bringiton #Shepherdmix #Malamutemix #Pittsburgh #Newadventures #Excited

You would think after almost 7 years, Oliver would grow to love the thousands of pictures I make him participate in. 🀣 Not the case. We always seem to find odd things on our hikes & that's one of the many reasons I love adventuring with him. ❀ It's our little escape from everything. #AdventureswithOliver #SouthsidePark #Pittsburgh #Exploring #Hiking #Malamutemix #Shepherdmix #Summer #Beautifulweather #Enjoyinglife #Trails #Citylife #Skeleton #Odd #Bestfriends #Love

I was reunited with the lovely @tquaide today & I could not have been happier! I have missed her way too goddamn much, ugh! I miss all our shenanigans. ❀😭 #Bestfriends #AustintoPittsburgh #Fun #Summer #Awesome #Neveradullmoment #Catchingup #Itsbeenagoodday

Everyone knows I tend to type way too much on my social media posts, so I'll keep this "light." HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER & HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE BEST DAD EVER. β€πŸŽ‰ Yinz are amazing. New words should be invented just to describe how fantastic you both are. 🀩 I am convinced you two are the best parents in the universe & I will fight anyone who says otherwise. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» I love you both so very much. Thank you for making sure I didn't grow up to be a complete heathen. Happy birthday, Mom! Here's to many, many more wonderful birthdays filled with all your favorite many more house projects that I can't wait to do with you! πŸ»πŸ’• Happy Father's Day, Dad! I know you hate social media, but thank you for ensuring I was raised to be a badass, stubborn, strong, independent woman with excellent taste in rock music & a healthy disdain for people. 🐻❀ YOU TWO ARE LOVELY. #Happybirthday #HappyFathersDay #Myparentsrock #Callyourparents #BestDadever #BestMomever #Love #Family #Happy #Mommabear #Poppabear #Weneedavacation

My brain works as so -- go to the store for something completely unrelated to Oliver; buy Oliver a treat regardless BECAUSE LOOK AT THAT FACE. 😍 He clearly has no problem with this logic. #Goodboy #AdventureswithOliver #Malamutemix #Beggingfortreats #Sweetboy #Puppydogeyes #Summerafternoon #Happydog #Love #Bestfriend #DogsofInstagram

Just an appreciation post for these two wonderful, selfless, amazing, perfect, crazy, supportive, fantastic humans that I can't say enough good things about. πŸ’– Without them, I would without a doubt be eternally lost & broken. They have helped more than I can even voice with the house & all that has gone into it & I truly can never thank them enough. I am grateful that these two are my parents every single day. 😊 The farm will always be my home & always be a place that brings me such happiness, but I am so very glad that they get to be a part of everything I do with my own home. It's truly something special, just like them. Thanks Mom & Dad for always kicking ass! #Myparentsrock #Love #Thefarm #Grateful #Appreciationpost #Amazing #Callyourparents #Fireside #Summer #Perfectpeople #Perfectnight

Happy #NationalRescueDogDay to the O.G., Oliver. He really hates getting his picture taken, but you think he would be used to it by now (because let's be honest - in the almost 7 years I've had him, I've taken about 2,000 pictures of him). 😁 He's my main man & the reason I realize how very important rescuing is. He has come so very far & become such an amazing dog in the time I've spent with him. While he's still the little shithead occasionally, you would not even recognize the dog he used to be. Anytime you rescue, you're making such a huge difference in not only the dog's life, but also your own. ❀ My heart is so full due to this little asshole. I wouldn't have it any other way. Also, peep my Dog Mom tank - I got it at Target. 😍 #Adoptdontshop #AdventureswithOliver #Rescuedogsrock #Rescuingsaveslives #Goodboy #Bestbuddy #Shepherdmix #Malamutemix #Shelterpetsrock #Love #Myfavoriteasshole #Dogmom

Short & sweet - a gigantic, heartfelt, sloppy thank you to everyone that made my birthday & first few weeks in my new house super amazing. Yinz are angels & I love you. πŸ˜˜πŸ’– A special thank you to my parents who work endlessly with me on all my little home projects (hence the picture of just our feet because we were sweaty from working all day) & are always there through every little panic attack I have. ❀ I would be lost without them. #My27thbirthday #Birthdayfun #Lifechanges #Love #Grateful #Familyiseverything #Myfriendsrock #Messylife #Thankful #Homeowner #Myparentsrock

It's been a stressful, rough, trying time the past few weeks. I truthfully & fully believe that I couldn't have done it without my family. Absolutely never. πŸ’– A gigantic shout out to every single person that has been with me on this difficult journey, whether in person or from afar or in Heaven. I'm eternally grateful, even if I haven't showed it lately. A huge thank you to my Aunt Sharon for always being there no matter what & my brother who helped more than he realizes. A special thank you to my parents who I would be utterly LOST without. πŸ’• Your cards & notes mean the world to me. Truly. That birthday card (the first one on the left) is absolutely perfect! I love you both, to the moon & back. This journey wouldn't mean anything without you. I turn 27 in a few days & with a lot weighing on my shoulders, I'm so glad to have some seriously amazing people next to me. 😊 Thank you all so much. #Grateful #Love #Familyiseverything #Perfect #Myparentsrock #Myfamilyrocks #Reflecting #Almostmybirthday #Notready #Thankyou

Thank you SO VERY MUCH to my work family for being the absolute best ever! ❀ I am so lucky to have you all in my life. I didn't know that after attending the lovely Pirates Home Opener with some of my amazing co-workers on Monday, I would come home to the heartbreaking news of my Grandmother's passing. πŸ–€ To all those in this picture & all those not pictured (especially @jeffpdietz & @paiged207) - thank you all for being amazing, thoughtful, perfect, fantastic humans that put up with my grumpiness on a daily basis. The flowers are absolutely perfect & made my heart so very full. πŸ’• My Grandmother would have loved them so much & she would have loved you all too. πŸ’ Thank you. I love you. #Grateful #Workfamily #Thankful #Love #Friends #PiratesHomeOpener #Flowers #Springflowers #Perfect #Restinpeace #Heartisfull #Grandmother #Lucky

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