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Shay or Danni  Click the little blue button above... Make it green!(: Love One Direction!!(: <3

Oh my josh!!! Guys, I have 50 followers!!!:) #50 #followers #proud #love #you #guys #iluffyooh #wootwoot ! :)(:

Her hair shall mine!!!:) #paramore #haleyw #Haley #redhair #myhairshallbered :)(: @kermitbtrollin15 Cam you see me with red hair??

Dear previous crush, Okay so I dont like anyone right now, but I used to like you. So, I'm using you. I hope you don't mind!:) You're name is Mark P. I actually thought I was in love. But you had a gf. We didn't know each other. I'm a lamero while you're so popular. There was no way that we would ever actually be together. But somehow I fell. I remember my friends use to tease me and make fun of me because I would quit thinking about you. I know I sound like a freak. But I'm not. I promise. Ask @thatkidmadeline. But yea! I've gotten over you. I hope we can be friends!:) love always, ~Shay!~

Or not!;) @kermitbtrollin15

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