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Shayla Gail  "I'm not convinced that faith can move mountains, but i have seen what it can do to skyscrapers" Holding on. dead account, message me for the active 1

" A spiteful witch is she
Who would reject eternity
For the lavish of safe love.
A child is he
Who would choose being alone
Over a love of his own.
And maybe in the end
Were all children of the damned
But we are sent with a reason
We are sent with a plan.
And love isn't an option
We are only children of men."

Because awkward as fuck photos, 😊 your welcome.

I've spent 7 years fighting my self. And you know what?
I love me

She'd beat me for this photo lolz, but I had a bad day and what can I say I miss my momma some days to 💜💜
My tct photo is me and mamma during vacation

"They say where losers and where alright with that. We are the leaders of there not coming back, but where alright thou. Yeah will be alright though."

And take 2

Playful art of the day take 1

✨I am my own creation✨
#Happy #blueeyes #atu18 #grown

Because some memories last longer then the friendships, but that's ok, because in the end where only memories anyway.
Throw back to band, and friends who's memories will never fade. I hope you all are having fun building the lives you always dreamed of. Throw back to Disney and all the fun we had. Lolz what can I say? Being in town made me a little nostalgic
Love y'all 😉✌

Made. My. Night.

Because giving up on a dream and realizing you want something better will always feel alike but keep in mind joy is only a step away if you work for it. #Eyes #smile #dream #changing #holdon #growing #grown #adult #atu18 #freshmen #free

Damn 300 notes .... makes me smile #cool #tumblr #Qoutes #poetry #yeah

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