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Shannon Cotter  fashion design &art history student I cook a lot #NannyLife my❤️belongs to the Pashman Magnolia 😺 twitter: shayycotts fb: shannon kathleen cotter

The last #CaramelloKoala 😭😭😭 too bad we don't know anyone in Australia... oh, wait. @jpash89 @jessicaannee1993

The Pashman is ready for pizza dip (layer of ricotta, layer of pizza sauce, layer of shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese) &garlic-Parmesan pull apart monkey bread muffins (herbed pizza dough cut up into bite sized pieces &tossed in olive oil &sprinkled with garlic powder &Parmesan cheese). Watching Sausage Party! #FridayNight #DinnerAndAMovie

Thank you global warming for this lovely day spent on the porch in the middle of February. Even though I'm getting sick, it was a nice way to relax on one of my vacation days. Here's to melting ice caps &starting an #IndianaJones marathon.

#Latergram: Funny Bunny 🐰 mani/pedi &massage gift certificate from my hunny for Valentine's Day ❤

The most perfect fur baby 😻 #TheAdventuresOfMagnolia

Happy belated Valentine's Day to my wonderful future husband. It was our fifth V-Day together, but it was a rough day for us both for a few reasons, one being the major migraine that knocked me on my ass. Just goes to show that even if you have a Valentine, life &stress can still wreak havoc on what should be a special day. But, we made it through together, because we're best friends; partners in life &in love.
Thankfully we celebrated early on Sunday when we were in Philly. &At the end of the rough day that was yesterday, we went to bed knowing that we can make it through anything &everything together.

Thank you for working so hard so we can achieve our goals in life; for being the only one who truly loves &accepts me for who I am, something I never thought I'd find; for putting up with me at my worst &lifting me back up to my best; for always making me feel special &worthy of love; for being a great cat dad to Magnolia... I can't wait to start a family with you one day. You truly are a one of a kind dude &I don't know what I did to deserve you.
I love you with every fiber of my being, Michael.

Had so much fun making these valentines for Riley's classmates! Peeled &chopped up crayons melted in the oven in silicone heart shaped molds! "I'm 'drawn' to you!" hehehe ☺️#Valentines #SchoolValentines #ValentinesDay #DIY #Crafts #NannyLife

Had such a great time in Philly! Home now watching the Grammys with Babes &our fur baby 😸

Cinnamon French toast with cherry compote, cream cheese custard and almond crumble // Eggs Benedict Carbonara with pancetta, cracked peppercorn, chives and Pecorino cheese sauce.

We always order two entrees &split 'em cause we're cute like dat.

Pistachio herbed ricotta with lavender honey bruschetta // Tête de Moine, or Monk's Head cheese // Italian meats with cornichons, pickled onion mostarda and pickled pepper oil.

Prosecco mimosas with my hunny ❤

Philly's still feelin' the Bern ❤