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Writer + Life Coach + Mama  You do not become a goddess. You were born a goddess. You simply need to get comfortable with your roar.


Tell the people you dig that you dig them.
The ones whose fire ignites the one under your procrastinating butt and gets you back on your purpose horse.
Don't be envious.
Be inspired.
For when you recognize a quality that you admire within someone else,
It's the universe showing you a part of your own soul that needed a little belief to uncover.
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I've had a lot of pseudo purposes.
When I was young, I was destined to be a veterinarian that rescued and cared for the souls without a voice.
When I was in high school, I wanted to be a world renowned singer that touched hearts and moved bodies.
When I was in college, I was certain I was going to be a journalist,
and a psychologist,
and a teacher,
and a nutritionist.
After college, I was called to be a yoga instructor; one that guided people back into their bodies, back into their power and sensuality.
Now, after becoming a mother and somehow incorporating a bit of each of my "when I grow up's"
I realize that the purpose of my time on Mother Earth is to share my truth,
To offer transparency and familiarity,
To make like a conductor in an orchestra,
Using experience and heart to passionately guide others to their inherent brilliance through a conglomeration of notes, harmonies, melodies, crescendos, cadence, and tempos.
To remind my fellow humans of their abilities, their unique music.
To believe so deeply and unwaveringly in them that they don't have an option but to believe in themselves,
To watch the mastery of their gifts unfold in an epic performance of art and soul.
To embody and spread the one thing that conquers all: love.
It is now, at nearly 28 years young, that I realize that all of those things, those titles that I wanted,
They were already mine in one way or another,
All of the qualities I admired in my mentors,
They were already inside of me,
I just needed to open the right door,
The one that said writer, poet, life coach, yoga instructor, mom, nontoxic living advocate, compassionate earthling.
And when I stepped through the threshold,
I entered the rest of my life.
I found the @tinydevotions White Jade Highest Potential Mala and nothing seemed more fitting than this collection of stones; reminding me that anything is possible, balancing my yin and yang energies, soaking up the positive I need and expelling the negative I don't in order to step into my power and my purpose, to fulfill my highest potential.
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Putting Fallon to bed tonight, I realized as I stared at her cubby cheeks and still-wiggling toes that we are all created with such utter perfection.
We all start out sure of ourselves, our bodies, our words, our movements, our wants and needs because our truth hasn't yet been tainted by society and ego.
And then, as we age, we lose sight of that wholeness.
We judge ourselves (and others) and deem all of our decisions "good" or "bad, "right" or "wrong," living in our stories and not in our experience because sometimes it's easier to create a plot than to feel.
Certainly right and wrong exists, but we let it bleed into our everyday activities that don't deserve the criticism.
From the moment we wake up, we either jump out of bed on time or hit snooze, we either have a nutritious breakfast or stop for a glazed donut on the way to work, we either deliver a "flawless" presentation at work or stumble over our words, we either go to yoga and nail the asana we've been practicing or we spend the last thirty minutes in child's pose, we either go home and read a book on spiritually or we watch another couple episodes of House of Cards.
And all of those things carry either a positive or negative connotation. All of those have you awarding yourself a gold star or rolling in shame and disappointment.
But WHY?
Who made these guidelines of what's acceptable and what's frowned upon?
It's ALL good.
Literally. All of it.
Sometimes our dream is so enchanting we need two snoozes to allow it to unfold. Sometimes a glazed donut is necessary. Sometimes child's pose is how we heal. And sometimes House of Cards is just what your red wine needed to accompany it.
It's not moderation or indulgence, it's life.
And it's what you needed or wanted or chose at that moment.
No story or excuse necessary.
It's not good or bad.
It's just you.
And that is absolutely perfect.
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Happy International Yoga Day! Of all my years of practice, I never knew that these interruptions are exactly what I needed to really be present.
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Learning to move freely from a human that knows nothing but following how she feels. They may not be able to form a complete sentence just yet, but damn do they hold some serious life-altering wisdom. She's also completely obsessed with carrying around my @tinydevotions mala. Me too, sister. Me too.
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This picture effortlessly cracks my heart wide open.
I stopped practicing yoga when I was pregnant with Fallon due to first trimester complications.
I couldn't seem to find my place back on my mat (or floor) until recently.
So in a way, we're both experiencing yoga for the first time again; she as a new human, and me as a new mom.
It's all new.
The bodies, the experience, the company.
But in this moment it felt as though we'd been doing this forever.
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Thanks for holdin' it down for the past year, babe. Two lucky broads right here. Happy Father's Day 🌞✨🌊

I see you,
Two years and one human later,
Motherhood is everywhere.
My breasts,
My eyes,
My abdomen,
I wear her,
Like the crooked, purple scar
Smiling back at me.
You didn't go,
I just didn't see you.
Not the way I used to,
At least.
But I'm here now,
Tracing the landscape,
With eyes that have belittled you.
Neglected you.
Rejected you.
You are so divinely powerful,
But I've labeled you
with shame.
And I'm sorry.
You are not shameful.
You are not ugly.
You are not meant to be perfect.
You are meant to be lived,
And loved -
As much as I love the life you created.
I'll settle in again,
But please,
Be patient with me.
It's been a long time since
Your lines
Felt like home.
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"Just stay here,
In this box."
But I don't want to be in the box.
I am the box,
And all of the space around it.
The box never existed.
It was always me,
Confining myself,
Making myself small.
Boxes had nothing to do with it.
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A moving metaphor for motherhood.
Making space for those that take up the most space in our hearts.
Also, yes those are toys scattered about, yes that is laundry yet to be done, and yes Fallon tried to have a crotch group hug with monkey lol 😂.
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I hope you wake with the sunrise
And step into your power
Like stepping into your favorite pair of jeans
Shimmying the waistband over your hips
And fastening the button
As if you intend never to remove them
I hope you look in the mirror
And tell yourself how beautiful you are
When you embody your truth
And because you're the only you
That can walk in your purpose
I hope you strut your way
To the hole in the world
In the shape of you
And fill it
As perfectly as you fill
Your power.
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