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Life Coach + Writer  Love is my super power. Poetry collection, coming 2018.

I am captivated
each time
I lose myself.
No matter how far
I swear to be,
I am always
right here
Currently seeking a publisher to get my first collection of poetry into loving hands, homes, and hearts. If you are one or know one, I'd love to connect and make some literary magic.
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Real talk: I weigh 95 pounds right now.
I was 110 pre-pregnancy.
Postpartum depression, sleep deprivation, and pumping breast milk for an entire year kicked my (literal) ass.
I used to beat myself up about it, because I didn't identify with the woman I saw in the mirror.
I began to mindfully move my body a few months ago and save for the discovery of impingement in my right shoulder followed by a cortisone shot, it's been SO nice to feel my body again.
With a wildly profound, new intelligence.
We all go through seasons.
It's not just our hearts that can break at the hands of mental and emotional darkness.
If we fight against the changes that need to happen, we double the weight resting on our shoulders.
Several weeks ago, I wrote a poem called "Lines" (several posts back).
And I'm happy to say that I AM home in my body.
But this time, I'm building my home on rocks.
Not sand.
My identity is not this vessel,
It's the soul within the home.
Strengthen the soul first,
And the home, the vessel will follow.
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Your ability to rise
Is not determined
By the size of the storm
On the horizon
If nothing else
The storm is a sign
Of energy
Don't be fearful
For there are powers
Far greater
Than yourself
At work
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"You're such a girl."
These words will find voice
at school,
on TV,
at family functions,
at practice.
In the event that this occurs,
and it will,
I will remind you of a time
when you were no more than twenty pounds
and just over two feet tall,
but you led
like an unstoppable force.
Oblivious to your gender
the only thing you were,
was you.
Bestowed upon women
of all species
is the power of creation.
We have the ability to
grow, form, nurture,
and carry another soul
within our own
and roar them into earthly existence.
The only other creator of breath and body
Is God.
If we are made
in the image and likeness of God,
one must question if God
is, in fact,
woman too.
False is the tale of Adam and Eve,
I feel in my bones,
the knowing of generations long before me,
Eve was not the temptress, she was the tempted;
She was not the ending, but the beginning.
She was not a menace, she was magic.
So when someone says
that you do anything
like the woman that you are,
know deeply,
that you are doing it right.
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I'm currently enrolled in @gabbybernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass and I feel called to share some of her teachings because they're radically changing my life and EVERYONE deserves to hear them...
Your healing heals others.
When you unearth past trauma (childhood or otherwise), accept it, forgive it, and reorganize it to serve a higher purpose, it can illuminate the path of healing, the path back to love for someone else.
There is a message in what can often feel like a mess.
Rumi states that the wound is where light enters you. But maybe, the wound is where your light shines from.
We are all light-workers in our own way because we have all lived. Within our deepest and darkest pain lies our highest and truest self. Through our own individual expressions of healing, we can teach.
We can serve.
We can empower.
And we can bring the people around us, every single one of them, back to love.
Everyone has a story.
And all of them deserve to be told.
There is always someone who needs to hear exactly what you have to say.
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Momming requires an expert level of multitasking.
Like cooking with a small human on your hip,
Working while making a mental note of where your daughter is hiding all of your shoes so you can retrieve them during nap time,
Guzzling your lukewarm coffee and checking emails with one hand while giving your daughter her morning bottle with the other,
Writing a piece on postpartum happenings for @shethinx while tiny fingers reach for my keyboard, deleting whole paragraphs, and toggling between applications,
Graciously accepting my favorite slobbery smooches while yogaing,
Feeling like a fierce, unstoppable cat woman/mom combo in my @shethinx unitard while not worrying about period leaks.
Yep. You read that correctly.
This little number is period-proof.
It holds half a tampon's worth of blood, an excellent backup to your usual weapon of choice.
These comfy creations are like a couple of glasses of wine on a bad date.
The bleeding (or the date) may suck, but their pretty panties and activewear make flow's visit slightly less painful.
The women behind THINX developed a style for every day of your cycle: heavy, moderate, and light.
Each pair is beautifully engineered to provide anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant protection.
They're essentially women empowerment in underwear form...
So, you need them.
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If you could possess any super power,
what would it be, they ask.
What do you mean, if?
I have a super power.
It's called love.
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Life coaches are the gym memberships of the 1990s.
No, that doesn’t mean we’re all entitled, self-absorbed, unmotivated narcissists that need someone to tell us how great we are in order to feel less shitty about the shitty things we are conditioned to do and feel as humans.
It means we're getting real about the necessity of self care, self awareness, and self growth. It means we give a damn about how we use and experience the short time we have on this Earth.
The life we deserve to live is on the other side of our fear patterns, learned anxiety, and brainwashed unworthiness.
My mentorship is simple.
I assist you in getting out of your own way; to recognize and blast through limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, step into your inherent power, and accept the abundance you so deeply deserve and are capable of manifesting.
Visit my website. Let me know what's on your mind and how I can empower you.
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Tell the people you dig that you dig them.
The ones whose fire ignites the one under your procrastinating butt and gets you back on your purpose horse.
Don't be envious.
Be inspired.
For when you recognize a quality that you admire within someone else,
It's the universe showing you a part of your own soul that needed a little belief to uncover.
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I've had a lot of pseudo purposes.
When I was young, I was destined to be a veterinarian that rescued and cared for the souls without a voice.
When I was in high school, I wanted to be a world renowned singer that touched hearts and moved bodies.
When I was in college, I was certain I was going to be a journalist,
and a psychologist,
and a teacher,
and a nutritionist.
After college, I was called to be a yoga instructor; one that guided people back into their bodies, back into their power and sensuality.
Now, after becoming a mother and somehow incorporating a bit of each of my "when I grow up's"
I realize that the purpose of my time on Mother Earth is to share my truth,
To offer transparency and familiarity,
To make like a conductor in an orchestra,
Using experience and heart to passionately guide others to their inherent brilliance through a conglomeration of notes, harmonies, melodies, crescendos, cadence, and tempos.
To remind my fellow humans of their abilities, their unique music.
To believe so deeply and unwaveringly in them that they don't have an option but to believe in themselves,
To watch the mastery of their gifts unfold in an epic performance of art and soul.
To embody and spread the one thing that conquers all: love.
It is now, at nearly 28 years young, that I realize that all of those things, those titles that I wanted,
They were already mine in one way or another,
All of the qualities I admired in my mentors,
They were already inside of me,
I just needed to open the right door,
The one that said writer, poet, life coach, yoga instructor, mom, nontoxic living advocate, compassionate earthling.
And when I stepped through the threshold,
I entered the rest of my life.
I found the @tinydevotions White Jade Highest Potential Mala and nothing seemed more fitting than this collection of stones; reminding me that anything is possible, balancing my yin and yang energies, soaking up the positive I need and expelling the negative I don't in order to step into my power and my purpose, to fulfill my highest potential.
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Putting Fallon to bed tonight, I realized as I stared at her cubby cheeks and still-wiggling toes that we are all created with such utter perfection.
We all start out sure of ourselves, our bodies, our words, our movements, our wants and needs because our truth hasn't yet been tainted by society and ego.
And then, as we age, we lose sight of that wholeness.
We judge ourselves (and others) and deem all of our decisions "good" or "bad, "right" or "wrong," living in our stories and not in our experience because sometimes it's easier to create a plot than to feel.
Certainly right and wrong exists, but we let it bleed into our everyday activities that don't deserve the criticism.
From the moment we wake up, we either jump out of bed on time or hit snooze, we either have a nutritious breakfast or stop for a glazed donut on the way to work, we either deliver a "flawless" presentation at work or stumble over our words, we either go to yoga and nail the asana we've been practicing or we spend the last thirty minutes in child's pose, we either go home and read a book on spiritually or we watch another couple episodes of House of Cards.
And all of those things carry either a positive or negative connotation. All of those have you awarding yourself a gold star or rolling in shame and disappointment.
But WHY?
Who made these guidelines of what's acceptable and what's frowned upon?
It's ALL good.
Literally. All of it.
Sometimes our dream is so enchanting we need two snoozes to allow it to unfold. Sometimes a glazed donut is necessary. Sometimes child's pose is how we heal. And sometimes House of Cards is just what your red wine needed to accompany it.
It's not moderation or indulgence, it's life.
And it's what you needed or wanted or chose at that moment.
No story or excuse necessary.
It's not good or bad.
It's just you.
And that is absolutely perfect.
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Happy International Yoga Day! Of all my years of practice, I never knew that these interruptions are exactly what I needed to really be present.
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