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Shawn Arnold  Coach at @toptiercolumbia

Simply being in the presence of @gblake at the QOTSA concert yesterday for a 5 minute conversation got me my first strict muscle up.

Humbling. This pin height is right where I get stuck in front squats.

Productive day. Found a max effort bench variation that won't kill me when I'm in here by myself. Also got the balls to go all the way up the rope legless for the first time.

Interesting profile and code name ya got there @meelz_munro

Step your nickname game up. #buttstuff @ang4490 it's from a gym member who's leaving so chill.

Shout out to all the coaches telling people to brush the bar.

Shitty overhead position? Do this instead of the dumb stretch you've been doing for 5 years. Bonus points if you add a dual KB overhead carry afterwards.

Tugging from the shoelaces. Biggest deficit I've ever done on sumo. Hip mobility has come a long way despite zero passive stretching. If you want changes in mobility, you have to load the position and work on strength at end range.

Punked him

I'm going to play around with not doing any barbell squatting for a while. Instead I'll do all yoke squats from different heights and see what happens. Partial range work like this is the best way to address sticking points on the lifts. Talking about how low you squat but then being stuck at the same weight for three years makes you a dumbass (referring to myself obviously).

@ang4490 one of these things is not like the other. Goddamnit #thugwife

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