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Shawn Arnold  Coach at @toptiercolumbia

"Strong people are harder to kill"
#thugwife pulled PRs of 290 and 300 this morning while y'all were sleeping off your GOT hangovers.

Making of a Marine.

Seeing this made me happy

Facts and stuff. #effpeoplewithandroids

26 reps because #buttstuff

535 pound yoke walk for 50 feet. Shout out to everyone training core with sit ups like it's 1994.

Find your passion kids. #lifestyle #passion

It's official. My younger brother is sworn into the United States Marine Corps. He's wanted this since he was a little kid watching history channel documentaries about WWII when every other kid was watching nickelodeon.
Nate, a few things -
1: Be careful
2: I'm proud of you
3: Dad would be proud of you
4: No matter how tough they make you, I'll always be able to beat your ass. Don't forget that.

We all know you just get a free jug of protein every month #fittea #fitnessaddict #gains #yourhashtagssucktoo

Real married folks know about sending each other the same meme at the same time. #marriagegoals #goals @ang4490

I didn't have a mini band to do a real leg workout so I did these instead.

5 rep split squat PR at 170.

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