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Imswissbitch Body piercer .

@b.kci met some new people on sat at the #giahiloewenstrasse freak show ! Great night just don't remember anything pass 22:00 😂 @flow_plurnt @nicolerenardroux

You know it's Gona be a good day. When you see a grown ass man in a pink bunny suit drinking a beer at 9:00in the morning on the bus with his buddy's . ❤️❤️😂😂🔥🔥 see you guys later tonight at the @giahi_official happy birthday #giahiloewenstrasse

Had some awesome clients today ! Thanks for the love . Septum . Come get it @giahi_official @giahiniederdorf #piercings #giahiniederdorf #giahiwinterthur #giahiseebach #giahiloewenstrasse

@cin_derel_la I love you ! Vertical upper lip for my love . Thanks for the trust ❤️❤️❤️ @giahi_official @giahiniederdorf #giahiloewenstrasse #giahiseebach #giahiwinterthur #giahiniederdorf #piercings #piercingsoftheweek

I fucking live what I do . I feel it's the only thing that will always make me feel special .

Go listen ! #music#calishit #hiphop

Yay ! It's out !!!! This guy never lets me down . Love your music . Keep doing it , check him out @azizigibson

My second fav guy in the whole world . My fav actor . I watch him everyday and glad to see him finally get a main role @charliehunnam.usa hope one day I can meet you jacks #bestactorever

Fells good to say this . I'm home with my family @mybrainhasanerror @flow_plurnt @cindyhugs

California it's been real . I love all of my people ! Sharif and Melinda you have the most special place in my heart and Paige,Logan,syndney and Gavin . ❤️❤️❤️❤️ see you soon @melinda_hageali @flow_plurnt @cindyhugs @mybrainhasanerror #giahiniederdorf #giahi #giahiwinterthur #giahiloewenstrasse #giahiseebach love love love love

Reunited with my brother @flow_plurnt

Im Coming @flow_plurnt

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