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Shawn Baker  50 + drug and hormone free athlete/strict carnivore/healthcare not sickcare /Twitter @sbakermd/no medical advice given

5 year old Lucas has his lion face on!! Getting some awesome nutrition!! Steak via @butcher_box (see my bio for link!!)

Pretty comfy 600m row staying around projected 1k WR pace- nice and easy and left plenty to up output a bit over last 100m- wkt number 1 of 2 today- pushups and then some steak! This was done fasted early this morning!! #concept2 #carnivorediet #rowing #meatheals #fitatfiftyone

I eat 4lbs of fatty steak every day (roughly 4.5-5k calories a day) I’m in my 50s, I don’t take drugs or hormones-while I’m not “body builder lean” I’m in a pretty good place, I feel good and am performing at a world class level-eating copious amounts of red meat is the best health and performance decision I’ve ever made- go check out to see all the tremendous life transforming stories of people adopting a carnivorous diet- no, I don’t think we should force anyone to eat a particular diet, let folks eat what works for them, be it keto, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian or even Carnivore like me!! The vegan agenda to deny people nourishment needs to be strongly countered, what do they say to the countless thousand and more people that discover that eating a carnivorous diet is the only thing that fixed their autoimmune problem or their arthritis or their depression or their digestive diseases? Should these people suffer, so that you can feel smug? I disagree and I know the #meatheals #carnivorediet

This is the greenhouse gas data from the EPA for the US- here it shows that all of agriculture combined produces only 9% of the GHG emissions and beef cattle represent only about 1.9% of the total- this also does not take into account the fact that cattle can and do return carbon to the soil- no we don’t need to stop eating meat, but we should encourage more regenerative pasturing methods and then cattle can be a net positive to the environment- there are far greater effects from transportation and other industries that we should focus on rather than making everyone sick and giving up the most nutritious food on the planet- don’t let the vegan propaganda and their cherry picked environmental “stats” go unopposed and remember that #meatheals

Interesting little study out of Bowling Green Kentucky showed no difference in repeat 400m sprint performance between a group that carb loaded and a group that fasted- interesting to see some of the paradigms start to shift!

Who comes up with this garbage?? Oat Juice, FFS, why?? This is another secret IQ test!! I guess cause it’s “Swedish” it has to be healthy- never underestimate the power of stupidity!!

@sammy_james04 -up 11 lbs of muscle, down a significant amount of fat- 3 months #carnivorediet

#CarnivoreDiet FTW again!! 10 years of back pain and autoimmune issues gone!! #Repost @zoknowsflow with @get_repost
After 10+ years of debilitating back pain and dealing with autoimmune disease, I have FINALLY found the way of eating that is best for me (and all Humans?). I have tried just about every thing you could try to ameliorate back pain and reduce #inflammation. You name it, I tried it. Was it sitting too much? Car accident in my past, etc. Was it diet? Tried #SlowCarb --> #Paleo --> AIP Paleo --> AIP Keto. After being bed ridden for a few days three months ago, I decided to say fuck it and try the #CarnivoreDiet. That means eating only meat, mostly beef and animal fats. I am now 60 days in with the carnivore diet and I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life. * All the little joint aches and pains have disappeared. * Back pain has been reduced by 95%!
* Skin improved
* Brain Fog gone
* Sleep quality improved and am able to wake up in the morning
* No need for coffee with steady energy all day
* All excess weight melted away and I haven't been hungry once
* Eye floaters improved
* and much more
I never knew that it would be possible to feel this way. I'm excited to watch as the science starts catching up with all the people worldwide who are finding cures and benefits from this way of eating! (if big agriculture doesn't bury it again). Blood test results to come! If you have #autoimmunedisease and/or you are an N=1 biohacking person like me, I suggest you give it at least 30 days. You can do anything in thirty days! You won't regret it!

Thank for @shawnbaker1967 for introducing #JRE fans to this way of eating. I can honestly confirm that #MeatHeals #ZeroCarbZen thank you cows!

Don’t think I could pull off the hair😜-but, awesome to see stuff like ankylosing spondylitis respond so well to Carnivore diet #meatheals #carnivorediet

Plotting for world domination with the infamous Bell Brothers!! Thanks guys for steak and a great afternoon at the beach!! Looking forward to an awesome film from @bigstrongfast and @marksmellybell

Apparently if you don’t eat plant based fake meat you are evil-fuck @wholefoods #boycott

Way to go @consciouscarnivore -
#Repost @consciouscarnivore with @get_repost
Month 4 of carnivry coming up, and I honestly feel the most BALANCED I have ever felt, from the inside out. How ironic that this WOE is viewed as extreme, and while it IS an extreme deviation from the norm, I feel like THIS is the natural reference point from which to assess relatives. I can live pain-free, I can heal, I can get stronger, I can FEEL GOOD, I can thrive. THIS is the natural set point and birth right of a human being, and eating an animal-based diet is a natural part of that.
If I had this tool right when I was diagnosed with autoimmune, I think my recovery would have been a much smoother, less bumpy path. (well, and if I had it before then, it would have saved me from the deficiencies of veganism!). The fact that I was vegan during most of my later developmental years (13 to 20) makes me sad and mad, but this is the first time I actually feel hope to recover and rebuild on a cellular level. A small list of the very long list of consequences = Grave's disease, all metabolic syndrome markers, teeth literally breaking in half, gastrointestinal inflammation and impaction, brain fog, lermenant state of fatigue, never ending sense of hunger however much I ate, a perpetual feeling of anxiety, depression, skin rashes, brittle nails with deep ridges (indicates nutritional deficiencies)... And to think that vegan is becoming MORE popular, especially with the youth, makes me worry about generations down the line... & makes me even more passionate to advocate healthy animal foods. To think about all the days & experiences I missed when sick & in pain fuels me to want to give others who are in that position options and hope, and I wouldn't change a thing because its brought me to where I am now with an increased capacity for compassion.
I'm nowhere near my best, and it's a process, including one of self-acceptance, compassion and active examination of what works and what doesn't, but fuck, life is better on carnivore.
Thank you @shawnbaker1967
#consciouscarnivore #meatheals #healthyhappystrong #aip #zerocarb #veganrecovery #vegan #plantsoptional #hope #projectrebuildhealth #no

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