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Shawn Baker  50 + drug and hormone free athlete/strict carnivore/healthcare not sickcare /Twitter @sbakermd/no medical advice given #meatheals


At 42, he’s never felt better in his life- Greg tried all kinds of diets including Keto, Atkins, low carb, high carb and never found success losing spare tire until finding carnivore diet- now he’s killing it in the gym and his libido is off the charts- check out the latest story from meatheals.com

Just another average life changing day over at the World Carnivore Tribe!! Who’s in for March Meatness #meatheals

Yes, the reps aren’t below parallel and the weight is only 225lbs- but this was hard and it put a lot of pressure on my mind to grind it out until the last rep!! Find a way to not quit and you’ll find a way to win!! Every mental victory should lead to a desire for a bigger challenge- keep moving forward!! #meatheals the body and the mind!!

My review of Butcher Box is live on YouTube - click on link in my story

Joint pain, mood and energy all improved- 1 month Carnivore- who’s next? #meatheals #MarchMeatness#WorldCarnivoreTribe

Brace yourself!!

Enjoying the results of another successful “Steak Talk”- I really enjoy the opportunity to interact with everyone, answering your questions and hearing about all the wonderful results folks are having by adopting a carnivorous diet!! Looking forward the day when I get to meet many of you in person!! Until then keep getting stronger and healthier and help spread the word that #meatheals

At 51 years of age and 14 months into an all meat diet I continue to see the signs of age reversing every single month- I continue to get both faster and stronger and even happier!! I’m excited to see how far this goes! Truly it seems clear that indeed #meatheals

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” -In it he describes a hierarchy of human need and at the base of that hierarchy is breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis and excretion- there is no better form of food than what is pictured here! Unless you take care of the very foundation of needs, everything else in life is tenuous and produces unease and constant anxiety! #meatheals

Do vegans live longer (or does eating kale just make it seem longer) check out youtube video- go to my story for swipe up link! #meatheals #MarchMeatness #WorldCarnivoreTribe

Link to YouTube video in my story- eat meat, stay young, stay strong!! #meatheals

Since starting a carnivore diet in December- Mike has dropped 50lbs despite eating 3lbs of meat a day and now feels awesome- good job Mike! #meatheals

Yep, every damn day I cheat!! Steak FTW!! This is some magical stuff!! #meatismagic #meatheals #ribeye #steak

When you dump plants and go all meat, one often sees all the pain and inflammation associated with autoimmune inflammatory arthritic conditions go away- so awesome to see!! #meatheals #plantshavetoxins #worldcarnivoretribe

One ingredient!! Think how long humans have been eating meat, it is what has kept us in the game, it turns out it is nutritionally complete and fortunately is found in every environment on the planet!! That is why humans could conquer the globe- we were not following roaming herds of bean sprouts!! Humans eat meat! Not some synthetic meat like substitute!

She thought “that Baker guy was nuts😜” but tried the Carnivore diet anyway- within a few weeks wow, big changes!! Check out the latest story at meatheals.com

And while vegans like to crow about how constantly eating cattle food protects them from heart disease, the number one killer of vegans is heart disease (followed by cancer)- the 45 and up study completed on a quarter of a million Australians in 2017 showed that despite generally engaging in a healthier lifestyle vegans and vegetarians had no longer life span (although having a miserable existence might make it feel that way) - link to study in Instagram stories section- now go and just eat a damn steak!! #meatheals #MarchMeatness #Worldcarnivoretribe #steakislife

While I enjoy my steak everyday, I am certainly not oblivious to the environmental impact- one thing that is never discussed is the capacity for cattle to dramatically improve the greenhouse gas burden- link for article in today’s Instagram stories section! -worth a read- it’s not the typical vegan propaganda BS to which we’ve all been miserably exposed #meatheals #carbonsequestration #environment #stopthepropoganda

A little YouTube chat about cardiovascular disease risk - link found on instagram story page

Impossible to get a pump or build muscle without carbs? 14 months on an all meat diet- 51 years old, no drugs, no hormones, no supplements- just playing with these 50lb dumbbells to finish out workout #Carnivore #meatheals #fitness #steak #lean

A little bent over row business with 315lbs- haven’t done these in 25 years😳

Thanks for the inspiration @ed_cosner
#steakpower #meatheals #MarchMeatness

Another 1k prior to heading out for workout-not too bad at 24spm for an “old guy” #meatheals #steakpower

Not only did Catarina dramatically improve her chronic cystic acne, but every aspect of her physical and mental health improved when she finally ditched the vegetables and embraced a full carnivore diet!! Check out the latest story at meatheals.com

Just another average 250lb 51 year old carnivore!! Looks like I’m ready to drop dead any minute now😳

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