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Shawn Baker MD  50 + drug and hormone free athlete/strict carnivore/healthcare not sickcare /Twitter @sbakermd/no medical advice given

As the Carnivore movement grows stronger, more and more physicians and other influencers are beginning to see the obvious results from the early adopters and are becoming empowered to take on the dogma and the institutions-As the numbers grow, the impressive results come fast and furious- This will only get bigger and bigger and it will force us to have a worldwide discussion that we desperately need-do we accept sub optimal health and mediocrity and go plant based or do we choose to thrive and figure out how to best utilize our animal sourced food! #carnivorediet #meatheals

Sexual function is a an essential part of overall health-the capacity for erection in males is often related to vascular health- Vegetarian advocates like the Kellogg’s brother often promoted a grain based, red meat free diet in order to stifle sexual function- they were successful!! Steak makes life worth living in more ways than we know!! #morningwood #meatheals #steakboner

Fighting against SDS (Steak Deficiency Syndrome) - once I suffered from it as too much of my diet was NSF (non steak food) - thankfully at age 50 I figured it out and have been thriving ever since!! #meatheals #carnivorediet #StopSDS #NonSteakFood

45lbs down!! Carnivore Diet FTW (again)!! Eat Steak, Be Happy #meatheals #carnivorediet World Carnivore Tribe

SDS (Steak Deficiency Syndrome) is real people- please help stomp out this dreaded disease- it effects the central nervous syndrome resulting in anger issues and depression- results in the body are no less severe, often associated with difficulty lifting bags of groceries and a general bloated and pasty appearance! Please help bring awareness to this under recognized scourge before it’s too late- long term it effects the brain’s processing centers and leads to poor decision making and the desire to create and consume more chemical glop- some famous people that suffer from SDS include billionaires Bill Gates and Richard Branson- help before it’s too late #stopSDS

Remember in the United States, Cattle only produce around 1.9% of our green house gas emissions per the 2016 EPA data-all of agriculture produces 9%- over the last 50 years or so GHG emissions in the cattle sector have fallen by around 25% and the other industries keep on rising- If every human in the US went Vegan AND all the animals would magically disappear, the overall effect would be a 0.3% reduction in world wide greenhouse gas emissions!! Not eating a steak in the US has essentially ZERO to do with loss of rain forest- it has more to do with corruption and poor policies in those SPECIFIC countries and needs to be addressed locally! So snap out of it, don’t ruin your health by going vegan and wasting away! Enjoy a steak because SDS (steak deficiency syndrome) is real folks!! #StopSDS #Meatheals #CarnivoreDiet

“Just think Cesar, if the silly humans would have stayed meat eaters, none of this would have ever been possible- now it’s just too easy!”

CONFESSION TIME- earlier today I posted a photo of an all you can eat meat situation- unfortunately I only had 20 minutes to eat as I had to get my son to a piano lesson and thus I definitely underperformed today- sorry team carnivore😒- fortunately, I stepped back up and will be putting down 2.5lbs of this beautiful well marbled ribeye in an effort to end global warming via eating all the cows- please join me so we can rid the world of the methane producing monsters- we can eat our way to a better climate- one steak at a time #meatheals #CarnivoreDiet #onesteakatatime

House of Shabu Shabu-two things I like to see
Meat and all you can eat!!😜
#carnivorediet #meatheals

Been really digging this combo lately -2 x @butcher_box ribeyes and some wild caught smoked salmon- nice meal! (Link to @butcher_box discount in my bio- get you some free ribeyes)
#meatheals #carnivorediet

Carnivore diet versus liver disease...... and the winner is..... yup, it’s the meat!! #carnivorediet #meatheals

Lucas giving the thumbs up on the modified Flying Dutchman’s (1 slice of cheese instead of 2) - he crushed 3 and Daddy put down 8!! #carnivorediet #meatheals @innout

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