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Shawn Adeli  Director, cinematographer, animator, cat enthusiast (mine specifically but probably yours too)

Proud of so much stuff I did for @todrick 's Forbidden album but especially had fun editing this cause I didn't have much footage so just went weird and dramatic (and reversed and cropped accidental shots) to make this intro to my new fav song. Also designed and drew all the labels and props!

aaand we're back

100's, 100's, 100's across the board @chasingstep

I secretly love when people take bts shots of me on set

boyfriend twins

ready for All Stars 3

Now it takes a lot to get me starstruck but this guy definitely did it for me and I spent the night wondering how to casually inception an all-Brenda scary movie spinoff (also full disclos this is like 4 years old) #wayansbros #scarymovie

When you work with your fav people it's the best @chesterlockhart @theonlydetox @dannyplots

Another fav shoot from 2017 of @gingerminj which had a lot of special effects that thankfully she trusted me when I swore it wouldn't look crazy when I'm done 😍❤🎄 #whitechristmas #directorofphotography #director

I will stop by your needlessly extra corporate event for a pic and free ice cream but u can't stop me from cropping out the branding

Probably one of my fav music videos I shot/co-directed in 2017 because I love using colors and these girls all BROUGHT IT @manilaluzon @theonlyalaska5000 @peppermint247

I like cheesy stuff

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