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Shaw Festival Theatre  Entertaining & provocative theatre experiences inspired by Bernard Shaw. 📸: Tag your experiences with #ShareYourShaw

When the cast of Androcles & the Lion 🦁 moonlights as a marching band 👉

#ShareYourShaw #sickbeats

“I think the girl herself is a bit of a miracle. 🙏
Anyhow, she is the last card left in our hand. 🃏

Better play her than throw up the game.” 🎲

Fight call warm up! 💪

Go backstage with actor André Sills (An Octoroon 👥 & The Madness of George III 👑) today on our Story! ↖️ #backstage 👀: @dre373

TOMORROW! ➡️ Actor André Sills takes over our Story! Go behind-the-scenes of AN OCTOROON 👥 & THE MADNESS OF GEORGE III 👑 👑: André Sills in The Madness of George III (2017) 👥: André Sills, Ryan Cunningham, Starr Domingue & Diana Donnelly in An Octoroon (2017)

Stephen Fry​ to star in the world premiere of Mythos: A Trilogy – Gods. Heroes. Men. at the Shaw Festival as part of our 2018 season! ✨
Based on Mr. Fry’s upcoming book, Mythos: A Trilogy – Gods. Heroes. Men. is a trilogy of plays telling the stories of Ancient Greece, with Mr. Fry’s witty and fresh take on everyone from Aphrodite to Zeus.
With so much material at Mr. Fry’s fingertips, he may sometimes need the audience to help him choose which tales to tell, as he takes the audience all the way from the creation of the cosmos to the stories of the Trojan War. 👀: @stephenfryactually

5️⃣ characters between 2️⃣ shows…but there’s only 1️⃣ André Sills ✨

@dre373 takes over our Story this Saturday! 👀 Follow him behind-the-scenes of AN OCTOROON 👥 and THE MADNESS OF GEORGE III 👑

↖️😇 Sara Topham (aka Saint Joan herself!) is currently taking over our Instagram! 📸 Check it out! 🙏 #instasaint #saintsofinstagram

How do you balance a career in the performing arts with raising a family? 🏠✨ Actors Marla & Graeme share for this week’s #WednesdayWisdom

How do you prepare for a role like Saint Joan? 🙏 Find out this Thursday when Sara Topham takes over our Story! ✨#instasaint #saintsofinstagram

An Octoroon 👥 "is still about making you feel something, which I love. It’s not just like: let’s all just sit and collectively say, ‘Oh, we’re so smart. Good for us, let’s all be educated theatre-goers.’ No, go and actually FEEL something!” - Actor @vanessa_sears

How can you start a career in the performing arts? 🤔 🎭

Actors Marla McLean and Graeme Somerville share some #WednesdayWisdom 💡

Why are we here? And how are we all connected? 🌎 MIDDLETOWN 🏠 opens today at the Jackie Maxwell Studio Theatre ✨ 👀: Karl Ang in Middletown (2017) 📸: David Cooper

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