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Sarah Carpenter-Mendes  NOT A SHIP PAGE if u ever need a friend, im here for u 🖤 •Started on 07/12/2017 • I love @runandhide_sabby @doveybrina @foreverwithmendes and more

@wdw_ebenxo started a go fund me campaign to help send care packages to the boys of why don't we. Check out the link in their bio, it explains everything!

this is a nice picture dudesssss -Sari 💫

Happy birthday @seaveydaniel !!! You're sooooooo amazing and awesome and FANTASTICAL and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love you! ❤️ -Sarah💫

So, this isnt something I usually do, cause I don't want to break my theme, but ya know what? I love him and it's his birthday so I'm just gonna make this part of my theme. -Sari 💫

How are y'all liking this theme? -Sari 💫

I'm proud of this lol -Sari 💫

I actually got a row today lol

So here comes the brina row!

Hi I'm actually proud of this whatttttt -Sari 💫

Today is a very important day. Today, students in schools all over the nation walked out those doors in support of better security of our lives. We are forced to go to school, and I'm sure that if we weren't, half the people who've been shot to death within the past decade would still be alive. They'd go to college, have kids, jobs, live out their dreams. School is not a privilege. It's my right. You cannot take away my rights, however you can take away my privileges, therefore, MY EDUCATION IS MY RIGHT. And it's also my right to be safe in a place where I have to go, forcefully or not. I need that right. I refuse to go somewhere thinking that within the next ten years I'll have a bachelor's/doctorates, a job, a family, etc, just to be shot to death. I refuse to go somewhere forcefully, just so that my dreams can all go down the drain. I'm so glad to have led the walkout with one of my best friends. I'm so glad to have given an empowering speech to my friends, teachers, principals, and fellow students. I'm so glad to have seen that even though we were sent back to class, or even held in the classroom against our will, almost the entire 1,200 students walked out the back of the school even though they weren't supposed to. I'm glad to have seen (on social media) that my peers prayed together, walked together, cried together, even if it was just for 5 minutes. That says something. I'm so proud to know that my friends who said they were too scared/nervous to walk out walked out the back of that school. I'm so proud of everyone. We got this. Today was a very important day in our history, and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. -Sari 💫♥️

So obviously the Shawn row is next

Not only is this long over due, but it's been in my phone for forever -Sari 💫

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