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Founder @MLNNNYC  •Marketing Coordinator | FIT 🎓 •Creative 🎬 •Content Curator •Writer •Educator •Shooter •WINNER. 🇹🇹

Pretty sure our faces say it all. The amount of joy streamlining through my body is a reflection of these beauties,and a week full of messages from my ancestors and angels. Internally grateful for these women, being a part of my collective, a tribe, a sisterhood like @mlnnnyc 💖✨ the past 3 years has seen many faces but the authenticity of this current team is one that i thoroughly enjoy! Each of you and i hold such unique relationships, and I’m so proud of where you’re going in your self journeys as well as together. 💪🏾🍾 📸: @freako.vasquez

#mlnnnyc #freakovasquez #thesistersocial #melaninmagic #sisterhood #womanhood #womenempowerment #womenshistorymonth #strongertogether

Grateful for the opportunity to stand in my purpose, impact masses and do so genuinely. My sisterhoods may be rocky but they survive because we have the desire to complete our soul mission. Thank you to everyone who supports me, I’m humbled, honored to be present for you. And i can’t wait to continue my journey with each of you in mind. - I’m Shavonne Taisha and i am soooooooo @mlnnnyc

Looked through my camera roll for a photo that embodied the most “womanly” I’ve ever been, and included a covered body 😶😂 i couldn’t help but recall this summer, having an impromptu photo shoot on the train with @mylob.productions 👌🏾✨ Thank you for seeing me.
My authenticity.
And bonding with this random stranger over cameras & lenses.

Happy International Women’s Day to the mother’s, sisters, daughters, nieces and aunts— the women rebuilding their ego, their heart, growing their mind & their pockets! Love you all for your audacity to be FUCKING Flawless!!! You are responsible for the creation of @mlnnnyc ✨💪🏾 #tbt

Could never play in my face 😏🤫

Preparing for my victories, and all the ones that will follow! 😬💥💥

That’s my word. ✨💕

Thank you @theexperiencemag for providing a safe space for Afro people & their art!!! @stoneimmaculate your name reigns true & supreme! You are a necessity to our culture! And your friendship will never be taken lightly. 💪🏾🙏🏾✨👑💥 I appreciate everyone who performed last night and reminded us why unity is essential.
Major shout outs to @iamjennifair , @uniqbeing , @phoenixxflix , @leonharveynyc , @stevenkingxo , @rociomarie__ , @fvdgenaste97 , @rebelkitty525 @_arkitect @rebelmindedmedia for your contributions!

Excuse me if I don’t show up to events, meetups, etc. I’ve been showing up for myself. I’ve been too busy creating safe spaces within myself for myself. 🙏🏾Rebuilding myself and encoding every lesson from the past three years. I’ve never set this many boundaries, walked away from this many close people. this is my time. My selfish years. I get to say “no.” “I won’t.” “This doesn’t work for me anymore.” And it feels so good. When i stopped giving to everyone i could finally give to myself. That’s love. That’s healing. That’s strength. Be patient with yourself. You’re not the only one. Love y’all. 💋✨ •

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Wanted to make this entire post about the song stuck in my head (SONDER - TOO FAST). The song about heartbreak & pain but I’m getting past that. I’m getting past the comparisons, the “pick me.” I’m transitioning from “i wish you would,” to “watch how fast i dip.” From passive aggression to “I SAID WTF I SAID.” Moral of this is: “I FUCK WITH MYSELF MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE.” 💅🏾⚡️👌🏾🥒 •

#mlnnnyc #melaninpoppin #melaninonfleek #ladyinred #consciousthotsuperwoman #rebranding #rebuilding #brownbloggers #growth #slimthick #trinigirls #trinigirl #caribbeangirls #blackgirlmagic #melaninmagic

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