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But what makes you give them the power to impinge on you ?

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Don't allow a few humans who shattered your belief in humanity to make you believe that good humans don't exist. They do exist. And the biggest proof is that you exist. So if you exist in this world, you'd better believe that there are people like you out there. So when you find them, be their friend, empower them, give them a voice, give them the care and love and kindness that you would give to everybody else out there in the world. But because you know how much you need it, being the good heart that you are, give it to them in abundance.

Forgiveness is never easy. It doesn't mean that what they did was okay. It doesn't mean that the pain they planted in your heart was okay. It doesn't mean that they got away with it. It just means that you decided to stop allowing their pain to affect you, anger you or drag you down. Forgiving them means that you've accepted that their choice to hurt you is their burden to bear. Not yours. You did not make the choice to be hurt. And you did not deserve it. You should not carry their burden with you. Leave it behind you. Leave them behind you. And start walking towards your future.

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When you dwell on things that you can't change, those things become in control of you. So instead of saying, "this person is lying to me; I want them to be honest", "this person said that they care about me, but they don't; I want them to care about me", "this person was insincere with me, and I want them to be sincere"- instead of saying those things, say, "all I can do is be sincere with them", "all I can do is be honest with them", "all I can do is care about them". Instead of focusing on changing them, focus on making yourself a better person, and when the day comes that the people who are meant to be in your life come into your life, you're going to be so thankful that you spent your time making yourself a better person rather than making others better people when you have no control over them πŸ’•


This is a reminder to anyone who has been deeply broken to the point where they feel that there is absolutely no way to heal. The harder it feels that it is to heal yourself, that just means that what you went through was that painful. The harder it is that you fell, the more time it's going to take you to get back up. The more broken you were, the more time it's going to take for you to put your broken pieces back together. So the depth of your pain shows the depth of your struggle. And the depth of your struggle shows the depth of your endurance. And the depth of your endurance is going to show how much of the hero you are, and how much of a hero you are going to be. So as tempting as it may be to give up and say, "I'm never going to get over it", you ARE going to get over it. Because if you went through that kind of pain and you survived, you're going to become such a beautiful person. You already are. And you're becoming even more beautiful.

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