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stoppertattoo  ✉️: for appts. 🖤@JETBLACKSUPPLY🖤 🌙 OC California 🌴 - - @tattoodo ambassador

Soaking wet guts from a decapitated snake. Stay tuned for the head

Little bit crab. Little bit rose. Thanks Nick!

Just a friendly PSA from @shawntheroaster. Thanks Shawn!

Quail and Poppy. Classic California Tattoo right here done in San Francisco.

Fun one from a trip to Immovable Tattoo. Thanks for hosting @johansvahntattooing — Sweden- see you again in a few months!

Slightly altered version of the mermaid I painted for the “Lost at Sea” book project.

Video of this knee from the archives.

One more from the London convention in September.

One eagle.

Fire cat.

Black and grey rose on Hit me up if you’d like to get tattooed. Hit her up if you want your hair manipulated.

A customized bottle and some monarchs for this memorial tattoo.

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