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stoppertattoo  ✉️: shaun@capturedtattoo.com for appts. 🖤@JETBLACKSUPPLY🖤 🌙 OC California 🌴 - - @tattoodo ambassador


Strike with purpose. Strike with precision. Also, be a frog.

The maze wasn’t meant for you.

“MapMonsters” prints are up in the web-store! Touch the link in my bio to pick one up. SAFE TRAVELS✌🏼


Ram head on Justin’s kneecap. Swipe over to get horned up.

Girl yesterday on Juan. Aforementioned girl accompanied by a multitude of cranial accessories.

Is this like.. a tattoo you post on Instagram... or no? Dan said “yeah go for it”. Beau said “yeah F it”. Anthony said “what do I think? About what? posting it?” Forget it Anthony.

Derek came down from Canada to get this massive rose on his hand, and wrist, and thumb. Thanks for making the trip dude! #rose #derek

Filling a space on Jen’s leg with a skull and flames. Great subject matter to fill an awkward space. Thanks for visiting Jen.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was moving around to afi.

Redhead. #ginger

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