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Shaun T  👶🏽👶🏼 Dad of Twins #TWINSANITY 📖Author #TisForTransformation 🙏🏽Fitness Motivator 👚👕@shauntapparel 💪🏼Creator #INSANITY #Transform20 #theongoingkey

Vacation for us has no rules! We can laugh, cry, play, social media, “adult”, eat whatever the f*%#k we want and just let each other live our best lives in the greatest way possible! One of the greatest things about our relationship is that we are individually together! We learn from one another and grow from one another and even in the toughest times we find a lesson that comes from the other side! #vacation #marriage #love #liveyourbestlife #dinnertime

🔊 I’m just sayin’ - I AINT PLAYIN’!📝 Drop a comment and tell me how you did with the free prep workout!

Did you act like this when you got your step in the mail? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Better get yours now because my exclusive Test Group is filling up FAST!! #Transform20 #riseup #transformation #riseup #letsgo

ABS AREN’T just made in the kitchen!! They’re made in every place where you decide to put something in your mouth! Don’t get it twisted- I’m not perfect but I sure know not to complain if I’ve decided to eat something fun! Join me in NYC on January 5th where I take you through step by step process to ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT whether it’s healthy or fun! #learn #inspire #transform #lit #shauntlive #nyc
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This was my favorite moment from this past weekend at my final @spartan race of the year. It was the moment when I was hugging my dear friend Alisha (@ncfitclubocr). As a lot of you now know, she is one of the amazing women that helped @scottphotobombs and I during our 5 year journey to have children! When I saw her at one point during the race it was such an emotional moment for me because I was on the struggle bus (lol) but when I saw her and knowing what she did to help us, it boosted my energy to finish strong! What’s also really special is how my soul brother, Todd (her husband) is looking at us! The point of this is: FIND GOOD PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW HAVE YOUR BACK IN THE GOOD TIMES AND THE TOUGH! #mondaymotivation #love #friends #family

Are you gonna go for it like @johnmattes55? @transform_20 is only 6 weeks of 20 min workouts and the best thing is that HE IS STILL GOING! #sustainability #progress #transform20 #riseup #letsgo

•Today was an amazing because I was inspired by so many of YOU, my #fitfam. Without y’all, I truly would never have done this #trifecta! I pushed myself to the limits simply because I ask you all to do it every single day and for that, I Thank You!!
•To @spartan - THANK YOU for designing an event that compliments my passion to help others succeed! This was a mental fitness experience just as much as a physical experience and with that, I was put to the test in terms of “Conquering My Mind”!
•Last but not least- I CONSTANTLY PUT MYSELF IN UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS because I believe that’s the definition of growth. So, while you’re rising up with @transform_20 in 2019, just know I’m really there with you every step of the way...& EVERY DAMN DAY!

#spartanrace #spartan #transform20 #trustandbelieve #transformyourlife #ocr #thankyou

Please help me wish a Happy Birthday to the Best person I know! @scottphotobombs you are the rock of our family and we love you! Thanks for being you and for being born!! #happybirthday #love #family

I’m watching your every move. If you don’t workout today, it better be for good “reason”! #fitness #motivation #friday #accountability

I’m smiling because I love it. I love my job, I love being busy but it's also SO important to me that I feel my best. It’s been a super busy week for #TeamShaunT and my main priority was to keep my health in check. One of the reasons I'm thankful to be a #teamipartner is because
I think most people underestimate the importance of digestive health and that’s one of my main focuses. What you put in your body can change the way you feel which is why drinking @teamiblends tea-infused products is just important to my routine as eating right and working out every day. You can try their 30 day challenge and use code SHAUN25 for 25% off your Teami. #thankyouteami

This amazing person just got me all up in my feels. Sometimes a nice message shows up just when you need it!
@melissamade 😭♥️THANK YOU and ditto!
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How do you accomplish great things?

Mirror the f>ck out of the person that you deeply admire! #hestherealdeal
#thankyou #throwbackthursday

Taking time to reflect is so important for my overall health! Fitness does not stop at a push up or a squat. Mental fitness includes finding ways to be grateful for the opportunities that come your way in addition to you making time to absorb the power of the opportunity. So I ask you - What have you reflected on today and what opportunities will you make the most of?
#reflection #wednesdaywisdom #trustandbelieve

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