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Teaching the boy about the woes of capitalism and consumer holidays in one go. And he’s fucking winning.

I don’t remember the last time I drew just for fun, so 2 weeks ago I quietly started @365monsters. One monster doodle per day for a year. I may not make it, but it’s already 14 more drawings than I had 15 days ago.

Sick days are made for saltines and Super Mario.

My girl is turning 10, so I bought her a new everything. #fixedgear #outsideisfree

When the kid calls you into the bathroom during bath time to tell you to check out his hair and he’s killing it with the devilock, you know playing The Misfits during car rides is paying off. #littlejerryonly

First promotion in Brazilian Jujitsu. He may not have liked it that much yesterday, but today it was gangbusters. #bjj

Happy 40th birthday (I know, right?!) to the best woman I’ve ever known. We were young when we met and apparently I’m the only one who got old. Are... are you a vampire? happy birthday anyway!

Jerk puppies are jerks.

Welcome home Ollie boy. You’re gonna like it here.

New parts day! #blackonblack #singlespeed

The graduate.

First annual Samson boys camping trip. No cuts, burns, melanoma, or bear attacks. No fish either. 🤕🔥🌞🐻🎣 #camping #beautifulbc

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