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Shaun King  Co-Founder @ Real Justice; Columnist @TheIntercept; Writer-in-Residence @ The Appeal; Tom Joyner Morning Show;

Hours ago the wonderful parents of Botham Jean buried their son in St. Lucia. So much pain and grief from this unthinkable loss.
Photo by Vernon Bryant.

This is an important step. It’s not justice, but most bad cops are never fired. The family welcomes this news. I do too. Proud of my friends @leemerrittesq & @attorneycrump for seeing this through. Proud of the police chief of Dallas for methodically thinking this through and doing what was right. It was slower than it should’ve been, but this is important.

Our family is going through a lot right now, but it’s also my 17th wedding anniversary with this special woman. We’ve actually been together for 22 years - our entire adult lives, but got married on this day back in 2001! We were just kids, students at Morehouse & Spelman, still finding our way in the world. Highs and lows, ups and downs, for better or worse, you are my lady. I love you Rai.

We grew up without fathers.
No single man in my life has been more consistently kind and compassionate, more dependable, more protective than this man - Jason King.
He's been a saint to me since I was a boy. Never a single moment he didn't show up when I needed him. Not one.

NEW YORK. The family of Botham Jean is in town today. Tonight they are hosting this special event in his honor right here in Brooklyn. Doors open at 6:30pm. Come out if you can.

What y’all know about Grippos?? Had to order me some from Cincinnati and get them sent to Brooklyn! Growing up in Kentucky this was the chip of choice.

BREAKING: In this video we see the worst type of police brutality ever, including the shooting of an unarmed Black man. But this time he survived to tell his story and @leemerrittesq and I are so grateful for brother Lyndo Jones. Please allow me to explain what happens here, because this cop is on trial today we just got the video.
Officer Derrick Wiley immediately pulls out his gun and shouts commands at Lyndo who is sitting in his own car in a parking lot. The cop is responding to a distressed car call— not a crime. He calls off backup because he doesn’t believe there is any reason to fear for his safety. It appears the video picks up in the middle of an altercation. It doesn’t. He starts the encounter with this level of hostility. Lyndo immediately follows all of his commands although he can’t see him with the light in his face, he doesn’t ID himself and he doesn’t turn on his police lights. Watch for yourself. It looks like Lyndo is being robbed. He tells him to get on the ground and then puts his knee in his neck. Lyndo screams in pain what are you doing. Then he sticks his finger into a pressure point at the base of his shoulder blade. Lyndo rolls over and he starts choking him. Lyndo gets up and runs away with his hands up saying please don’t shoot me when he is shot two times.
He calls in shots fired without calling an ambulance or saying they he had actually shot someone. He never renders aid. Lyndo loses so much blood they don’t expect him to survive. He goes into emergency surgery while he is chained to the bed at the hospital. He spends the next week in the ICU. They charge him with attempted burglary.
It wasn’t until a week later when the family contacts us because they can’t find where Lyndo is being held. We blow the lid off of this with the facts. The cop is fired and then arrested. The charges are dropped against Lyndo and here we are.

BREAKING: Nearly 48 hours after being arrested for impeding traffic, the #Dallas9 are finally about to be released on $100 bail. $100.

They kept them in jail for 2 nights, away from family & jobs, but allowed Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger to be arrested/released in 1 hour.

I want to commend Dallas Pastor George Mason for these words on the murder of Botham Jean and the ugliness that has followed. This is a good example of how white pastors should be using their pulpits to talk to white people about racism and police brutality.

Loved this. From my friend and brother @leemerrittesq. People acting like we just showed up!! We been doing this! Y’all need to follow Lee so he can get his followers up! 😝

No I can’t get y’all no free @fentybeauty or @savagexfenty 😂😂😂

I was so touched by this. Thank you all for your kind words and for your support of my family. Means the world.

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