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Shaun King  Co-Founder @ Real Justice; Columnist @ The Intercept; Writer-in-Residence @ the Fair Punishment Project; Tom Joyner Morning Show;

I’ve been thinking about this as well @tommorello.

Moments ago the United States withdrew from the United Nation Human Rights Council. Nations should begin to sanction this US for human rights violations.

This a friend of my friends. Complete BS. Read the caption. They charged HIM with assaulting the officer. ・・・
Pretty much at a loss for words right now. It really hits home when it happens to a friend you know personally and in an area where you grew up and have family. I grew up going to this beach and have been to @martells_tikibar multiple times. This could have been any one of us, or my 20 year old nephew who lives near this town and goes to point pleasant with his friends. I feel helpless sometimes because videos like this surface almost everyday only for it to keep happening. I’m so angry, hurt, and frustrated with how America continues to treat people of color and it has to stop. Thankful that he left with only bruises and scratches because we all know how this could have ended.
Details below of what happened to my friend @jay_soserious below: “Racial profiling at its finest (worth an arrest?)
This took place at martell's tiki at point pleasant yesterday.
This all started over an employee accusing me of stealing a plain slice of pizza when I paid for it and showed my receipt. After the employee and I exchanged a few words, the manager came out and threw the money in my face. He then pushed me out accompanied by the cops telling me to put my hands behind my back! While being harassed I was puzzled asking “what did I do and why do I need to put my hands behind my back, am I getting arrested?” What ever happened to lets get both sides of the story and then taking the appropriate action? All of this is over a slice that someone said I was stealing. #martellstikibar”

Read this.
They have detained this pregnant Honduran woman for 6 weeks. While her 5 year old son is being held in a separate detention center.
For 6 weeks. She has just been asking that they go ahead and deport she and her son so they can go home and be together. They refuse.

8 months old.

The justification of the unjustifiable has begun.
Laura Ingraham, on Fox News, literally said these detention centers, where kids are locked in cages with strangers after being forcefully separated from their parents, are "essentially like summer camps."

This says it all


Before genocide and oppression comes public humiliation and dehumanization.

This IS America.

URGENT. For the first time, we are hearing the actual wailing and crying of young children - begging to be reuinited with their families - begging to be allowed to call someone for help - after being forcefully separated at the US/Mexico border.
This is am extreme human rights violation.
From @ProPublica.


My teenage daughters sent me their favorite photos they’ve taken of me. My 16 year old sent me this one. That’s from Egypt in front of the Great Pyramids.

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