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Shaun King  In 1847 The North Star was launched by Frederick Douglass as the leading abolitionist newspaper of the day. 171 years later, we are rebuilding it!

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NBC News confirms this is Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin, the 7 year old girl who died of thirst and shock and exhaustion in Border Patrol custody.

‪Read this. ‬ ‪America is not living up to its core promise. ‬ ‪The words on our Statue of Liberty describe 7 year old Jakelin so well. ‬ ‪She was tired and poor and yearning to breathe free. She was homeless and needed refuge. ‬ ‪And our government let her die of thirst and shock. ‬Shame on Trump and his bigoted, heartless policies. And shame on conservatives, claiming to be Christians, who support them. To love America is to love immigrants in need of refuge.

Crying. A baby. A baby desperate for safety and refuge. Shame on us for not welcoming and protecting Jakelin.

What’s her name? I am so furious and hurt for her family.

As the majority of white Christians claim that Trump represents the faith, the death of this 7 year old girl is the opposite of the Gospel.

Billionaire, Trump supporting @Cubs owner Joe Ricketts described himself as being "a slave" because he has to pay money that goes to local unions.

My God.

Shame on our country and shame on Donald Trump.
A 7 year old girl was taken into custody by US Border Patrol and died of "dehydration and shock." These aren't thugs & criminals. They are people desperate for safe harbor.
This is a grave sin.

What is her name?
I am so broken for her family.
They literally walked thousands of miles to get to our nation, only to get here and die of thirst.
I am so deeply ashamed of this nation and its leadership right now.
The bible literally has thousands of verses about how important it is to care for:

The Thirsty
The Weary

Yet America's evangelical Christians have ushered in a President that is so cruel that a 7 year old girl died of thirst and shock in our custody.

Shame on all false Christians who've promoted this.

I need my full audience to hear me.
We must fight for and stand with and advocate on behalf of our ENTIRE community - particularly our most vulnerable trans family.
I hope to do a better job leading by example on this.
Love you all. Standing with you @indyamoore. And all of my trans family.

Dear Instagram Family,

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