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Shaun Evaristo  Choreography, Artist Development, Creative Direction. Movement Lifestyle Originator👊🏽Click below: bts footage of my recent work for Exile the second


Summer camp season 2017 officially finished 🎉 Thank you @asia_camp for letting me end on such a good note! 🙏🏽 Was crazy to see students from all around the world here in Thailand. So much talent! Awesome week of dancing, poolside chilling and incredible island beach views😍 big love to the students for working hard and being so hungry to learn, keep fighting💪🏽Till next year!! 👋🏽#AsiaCamp #Thailand #Phuket

Having a blast out here in @asia_camp 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾feeling good and ready to get down with all the students🕺🏽Let's get it!! #asiacamp2017 #thailand #phuket #summercampseason

Out in Thailand for @asia_camp and in some pretty good company🥂 getting these opportunities still trip me out, so lucky and very honored to be on the line up. Big love to @dimoonzhang and the Asia camp team for giving me the chance to be with friends and do my dance thing🙏🏽 #thailand #phuket #imonaboat 🙌🏽 lol

Be the flow 🌊

This week @fairplaydancecamp has been nothing short of amazing!!! 🔥🔥🔥 So exhausted but worth every second💪🏽From all the classes, to @spidersalah1979 killing us in the workouts, to the battles and the freestyle sessions!!🙌🏽 Shout out to everyone that took my classes, Thank you for your energy⚡️ @lylebeniga you already know man, thanks for doing our collab piece for one of my sets🙏🏽 #Fairplay #Poland #MyBodyHurts lol

This same time two years ago we reconnected on the other side of the planet and this photo is that moment 😊I'm currently here in Poland @fairplaydancecamp where our reconnection happened and she's at home in LA. She'll be teaching tonight at 9:30pm @mlthestudio. If you're in the LA area go dance, support and show some love to her for me. Hope you have an amazing class!! Go baby go!!❤️💃🏻🕺🏽#AyeShaun 😬haha

Swipe to the left to see a little bit of the crazy fun week here at @thebeatcamp ⚡️📷 by @littleshao

Exhausted from all the amazing classes at @thebeatcamp 😯 Such a fun week, all the students were so responsive, involved, committed and respectful🙏🏽 you guys rock!! Thanks for moving with me everyone 🙌🏽 #wgs #beatcamp2017 #croatia 📷 by @littleshao

One of the best parts of my travels is getting to reunite with all of my dance friends and family 🤘🏽😆 love these guys! #beatcamp #littleshao #quickcrew #teamKandM #kenzo #wgs #shaunevaristo

Dance brings people together, in this case to jump in the pool haha. 💦 @thebeatcamp 2017 is on fire🔥So happy to be here, dance wins again🕺🏽#croatia #beatcamp #wgs 📷 by @littleshao

Summer camp season in session!! I always look forward to this time of year where I get to travel the world, hang with friends and share dance, It's truly the best!! I'm humbly honored anytime I get asked, so much joy from these moments! 🙇🏻🙏🏽🕺🏽First up @thebeatcamp, can't wait!! #essskeeeiiiiit 🤘🏽😝lol

Just wanted to show some gratitude to @hdidancecamp x @worldofdance for having me this past weekend in Pasadena for Sunday Sessions. Big love to all the students and thank you to @joshricketts @_marimadrid and @keonemadrid for even considering me to sub in, appreciate you guys in trusting me to fill your dancing shoes🙇🏻 Also @logistx_ugf you are the truth and the future, if you are an indication of what the next generation is like then dance has got a really bright path ahead. Keep being that beacon of light✨I hope to dance together asap and I'm super down to session! As always thank you @ayehasegawa for being the best, you push me to push myself, you know I love you. Aaaand lastly @ian_eastwood and Mama/Papa @young_lions_dance 🦁 You already know💛🙏🏽The coolest artsy family around, I'm always at home around you guys.

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