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Sharyn / South Africa / Plett  I have the Sea in my veins, beach sand between my toes, wind in my hair & #danithelion in my heart!

Sorry I have been absent from Insta, I have literally been swamped with work (not complaining). So here is another Robberg beauty.

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This bird is catching the wind.

One of my favourites @jacques_crafford enjoying my favourite place, Robberg Nature Reserve.

#plett #gardenroute #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms #besttravelmoment

#sharynssaturdayshoutout goes to the incredible @rachstewartnz.

Not that she needs one, but every time I see her photographs, I put another R100 into my New Zealand adventure fund. I need to get to see all these beautiful mountain ranges and lakes.

Thank you Rach for giving my eyes such happiness.

Please go say Hi to @rachstewartnz for me!

Speed Kills.

So I have been waiting for a photo like this for probably three years now. And FINALLY there are about 6 Southern Right Whales playing RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!

I am literally freaking out, get the drone out, this is my shot. The drone takes forever to warm up and then decides the battery is too cold to operate. No problem, ill put the battery on my belly and I am jumping around trying to get the battery warm and watching the whales. HURRY UP!! Finally happy days we are flying, and then I start counting the whales and its the MOST SPECIAL thing EVER.

But wait a minute, why isn't the drone taking photos, oh, of course the SD is FULL!

I race the drone back to the house and then we hit a tree. Drone dead. Second last photo taken with the drone.

Shares are welcome.

#plett #gardenroute #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms  #wohza #fromwhereidrone #awakethesoul

Even after those devastating #KnysnaFires you can still find the beauty in nature.

This morning we went exploring in the forests that got burnt and I wanted to feed the birds some fruit. Some sections of the forest is just like the remains of a braai, black and sad. We also decided that my car, a mini could go off

Hope the birds find the fruit.

#knysna #gardenroute #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms

@emilymoonriverlodge and @musgrave_gin thank you SOOOO much for inviting me to an awesome evening. Honestly one of the best food pairings I have ever been to.

I am now Ginnnnnn'd for life and to that chef that prepared the food please give that man (or woman) a RAISE and a GIN! (and maybe even some shares!). We fattie'd out like no tomorrow!

#plett #gardenroute #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms

#sharynssaturdayshoutout goes to @kelvintrautman.

I recently met Kelvin in Tanzania and although we didn't get to spend much time together, all I can say is what a guy!

Honestly do yourself a favour and go check out his account. It's full of adventure inspiring photographs. Makes me want to go and explore the mountains.

And he is the most humble human I have met. Please go say Hi to @kelvintrautman for me.

My Tanzanian Promise - I am home

When I was approached to do this gig, I thought it was a joke. But once I wrapped my head around it, I started to google images and while the page was downloading, I stopped and closed the page. I am going to Tanzania with no expectations. That was my promise. Expect nothing.

My time here in Tanzania is coming to an end and although I am so excited to get back home to Family, friends, my Lion, my Savage, my Island and my bed, I am also sad to be leaving this beautiful country that I think should be nicknamed "Land Of The Smiles". No matter where I went I was greeted with biggest and beautiful smiles.

The Serengeti that is wide open and serene and when you drive around a corner there is chaos of a kill. Zanzibar that I have decided that is where I am going to retire, will open a coffee shop, people need decent coffee and wifi of course. The Ngorongoro Caldera (not crater) offers the most spectacular views and probably my favourite landscape I have ever seen. The morning with the Masai and that I got laughed at because I couldn't milk a cow and dance (facepalm), I could go on and on (Ill be writing a couple of blogs about it all). Thank you @easytraveltz for all of these amazing #experiencesofalifetime.

#tanzania #arusha #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms #tamron18400sa #besttravelmoments

Chasing African Sunrises with @easytraveltz.

I am not sure if this is fact or not, but I honestly think the sun is bigger here. Maybe because we are close to the equator and it was full moon.

Who would take on that hot air balloon ride? Tag them.

#serengetinationalpark #Serengeti #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms #Tanzania

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