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Sharyn / South Africa / Plett  I have the Sea in my veins, beach sand between my toes, wind in my hair & #danithelion in my heart! Info@sharynhodges.co.za


Beneath all the layers there is just a girl who is hitting tennis balls against the garage wall while her Grandy watches her whilst sipping her afternoon tea underneath the itchy ball tree.
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Not a goodbye, just a see you later.

The more I travel, the greedier I get to want to travel. The need and want to see and know whats around that corner, over that hill, I hope these clouds stay for sunset or I wonder if there will be reflections on that dam, never stopped over these passed few days. I felt like a kid in a candy shop imagining what could be.

Yes, we were actually here to enjoy the hospitality of some of Robertson and surrounds finest wineries, throw in an olive farm, a gin tasting, chocolate, peacan nut pie, homemade ice cream, dungeon lunches, old slave house accommodation, layers and layers of mountains, cherry blossoms, fast drones, some weird people (who knew there were more of ME!) and you get AN EPIC EXPERIENCE!
Thank you @robertsonwinev And @hotovenmarketing For this amazing time in your valley.
Cheers Robertson.
#southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms #wineontheriver #tastethelifestyle

I have been having the most amazing time here in "Valley" of Robertson and surrounds. Going from one stunning winery to another, throw in an olive farm, gin tasting, blending your own wine and a river cruise and all I can say is I'll be doing extra squats and burpees this coming week!
Thank you so much @robertsonwinev and @hotovenmarketing for inviting me to your special "valley"

#southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #wineontheriver #tastethelifestyle #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms

Finally something to really smile about, September is here. My absolute favourite month.

#plett #gardenroute #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms

If there is anything I learnt over these last couple of kak days, is that the promise of tomorrow is not is guaranteed.
Eat that freakin cupcake, in fact eat 3 if you can.
Go on that road trip with no destination.
Pinch that cute guy's ass and expect a slap from his girlfriend.
Give everything. Expect nothing.
Forgive quickly and love slowly.
Be in moments without your phone.
Take chances and expect to fail, but expect to succeed too.
No regrets and no "what if's".
Just live

#cityofcapetown #capetown #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #iamnikonsa #ishootwithorms

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