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  Grab a Sharpie & Start Something.

Golden inspiration to CONQUER this week. #WeGotThis #MetallicSharpie
📷: @caliquynhletters

Sonnets, free verse, couplets, and haikus;
It's apparently #BadPoetryDay,
So here's a #Sharpie poem just for you.

WE WERE MADE to unleash our creativity, making the mundane EXCITING and the boring UNFORGETTABLE. How will you use #Sharpie to transform your study habits? #SharpieArtPens #Clearview

The dog days of #summer are even better with a BOLD stroke of #Sharpie.
📷: @dbelenc

WE BELIEVE that books are an ever-breathing world of imagination, inviting us to meet new characters, explore new places, and take unforgettable journeys….and what better way to highlight the best parts of that journey than with a #Sharpie? Happy #bookloversday! #Clearview

There's no better way to #MakeYourMark on a new school year than a desk stocked with fresh #Sharpie markers, #Clearview Sharpie highlighters, and #SharpieArtPens. What will be your go-to Sharpie this year?

WE BELIEVE inspiration comes from both chaos and simplicity. For our friends of simplicity - the minimalists, the organizers, and the color-coordinated creatives - we're celebrating #SimplifyYourLifeWeek! How do you use #Sharpie to infuse simplicity into your creative life?
📷: @practicallyperfectla

WE WERE MADE to be one in a melon. Happy #NationalWatermelonDay! #sharpieartpens #sharpiebrushmarkers #sharpieart

Permanent plants that will never die. #SharpieArt 📷: @bykattart

WE BELIEVE that artistic spirit brings people together across cities, states, and oceans. Tag a friend you share an artistic bond with to celebrate #InternationalDayofFriendship! 📷: @twoeasels

This week, we're channeling the fearsome spirit of the open ocean. What's inspiring your #SharpieArt this week? 📷: @bleedingheartcrafts

In our hands, #SharpieArtPens can create bold letters, ambitious plans, and striking art. For an inspiring change of pace in your #Bujo, try adding an art page featuring a geometric animal.
📷: @pageflutter

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