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  Grab a Sharpie & Start Something.

We believe ADVENTURE calls year-round. Have you braved the elements this winter? #SharpieBackpack
📷: @danidarko01

Tonight’s the big night for film, song, and dance…Who will shine brightest?

It’s time to kick back and relax in our one-of-a-kind style. Welcome to the weekend! #HappyFriday #DIY
📷: @anothersupermoon

Let’s forget the drudgery of spring cleaning and attack it a different way: with a punch of color and a touch of personalization. How are you using your Sharpie collection to organize and personalize this #SpringCleaning season? #MakeYourMark

WE BELIEVE in filling our world with blazing colors…and sometimes that means coloring outside the lines. How do you journal with color? #MakeYourMark #BuJo 📷: @_studybuddies
📖: Journal featured is a "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith

For the PATRIOTS, the BOLD, the ones who never gave up... Today we celebrate America’s fearless leaders. #PresidentsDay
📷: @justinmcallistersharpieartist

We believe a week of gold-status work deserves a gold-status weekend. #HappyFriday
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Don't forget to join the #SingleSharpie on our IG story today, who is not afraid to celebrate a self-pampering #singlesawarenessday!

Meet the Single Sharpie, who is having a serious #SinglesAwarenessDay moment. But he believes BOLD happens one person (and one marker) at a time, so he has decided to celebrate what he calls #SingleSharpie Day instead. Join him tomorrow on our FIRST Instagram Story!

Congrats to all the talented artists who took home gold tonight.

Planning any DARING adventures? Share them with us! #BuJo #BuJoWithSharpie