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Sharny and Julius  👻Snapchat: sharnyandjulius👻 FREE copy of the MATH DIET book here👇PLUS all our other programs and books available below also

Back in the arms of my drug! 😜😉 Have you got a positive drug in your life that you will never give up?
Tag us in a pic of you with your drug! 😝😂

Flying back to my lover today. 👏So our squad will be back together (minus @jjkieser who is hustling in LA)
I truly admire husband’s and wife’s that travel a lot and work away from each other. 🙌❤️ It must be so hard. You are so amazing!😍😘 Only 5 days away from Julius and the flight back to those big arms can’t come fast enough!! 😜😉😍

So excited to find an Aussie playground 😍

It feels cold to us here but everyone else is wearing summer clothes, so it must be just us...hahaha. 😂
Can anyone recommend where to find an incredible chai latte on almond milk? 😜

Out in Sydney town 😜❤️ Australia we have missed you 😘

Heading to Australia for a few days with only half our squad (Julius’ will stay in Malaysia with the other half). Can anyone please recommend Super healthy cafes in Sydney (in the Zetland area) to keep us nourished while there! Also Delivery would be amazing! 😍🙏

Check out this mega babe! Meet our incredible Fitmum Nicole. It has been a total pleasure and incredible inspiration to watch this mamas transformation, not only physically but also mentally. She has discovered what she is capable of and has found ‘her’ again. Knowing she can how achieve anything she wants in life for her and her daughters❤️❤️ We adore you Nic!! To join all our fitmum and even our epic fitdads, Head here... For mums/moms:

For dads:

We often get messages and emails about body image.
Please don’t hate on your body for its current state. This is a journey of health that you will be on forever.
It’s just a much nicer journey if you love what you have along the way.
It’s ok to always be working on yourself. Self improvement mentally, physically and spiritually is what life is all about.
When I truly started to love myself for my present state, what I looked like every day that I woke up.

That was when the transformation truly happened for me. The magic!! Hard work and self love.
I have stretch marks. I have loose skin. I have faults that I could pick at about myself but that’s just a dark and nasty road that I don’t want to ever go down again.
Trust me when I say.... Love what you look like now and your journey will be so much more rewarding, fun and happy for you and everyone around you 😘
This actually goes for woman and men as I know lots of men suffer in silence also.

Be kind to yourself 😘😘

Movie date!! This is a first for us, so not sure how it will go. We are very excited! (Julius is working at home with Magnus). Any tips from our regular movie goer parents? 😜😂

Our next episode for @thekiesers is now on our YouTube Channel! 😍😍 Cambodia at Christmas 🎄 🎅
Link at @thekiesers or in our story and highlights ❤️ Can’t wait to hear what you think! 👏😘

Our next @thekiesers episode is now up!! Have you been to China?? 😍 Link on our @thekiesers page it swipe up in our story and highlights 😍

Cambodia til we meet again ❤️😍 Only 24hours but worth every minute 🙌✈️😘

Happy Easter!
Emmett and I are doing a quick 24 hour trip to Cambodia, so we were all up at 4:30am this morning to celebrate Easter before we left. Julius is staying put in KL with the other 4.
Hope you have a great day! 😘

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