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Sharna Burgess  I dance a bit, talk a lot, smile often... Love always 💋 PR- Mgmnt- Agent-

I’ve been using my mantra notebook for pretty much everything. New creative ideas, acting class, meetings .. you name it I’m using it. It reminds me every time I look at it that I AM everything it says and more. Link in bio to see all the new collection in the shop. Seriously is 🔥🔥🔥 •
Tell me your current daily mantra or daily practice below. Mine is practicing gratitude before I do anything else at all, I look out my windows and thank The universe for all of my blessings, opportunities and lessons. 💗

So this happened tonight!!!!!! Firstly @danceonfox thank you for having me, it’s been a long time coming and we finally made it happen 🙏🏻🙌🏻 So honored to be alongside choreographers that I admire and am in awe of daily. I’ll come back as often as you’ll have me. •

Now to my babies!!!! Ahhhhh @itsslavik and @genessyc_ you have me a proud mama right now!! You already know but let me say it again... YOU CRUSHED IT!!! I mean... a STANDING O from the judges too!!!! This wasn’t easy for you, and I certainly wasn’t easy on you, but my goodness... You two have a work ethic and passion like no other. Team work makes the dream work and you two are the dream team. I cannot wait to watch the rest of your journey not only on this show but also all the goodness that will follow it. Stay grounded stay focused and stay in that pocket 😘🙌🏻🔥♥️

Oh hey girl hey 👋🏼☺️ freaking so stoked to be hosting the 2018 @industrydanceawards !!!!!! In a room full of so much talent, passion and creativity I can’t help but feel grateful and honored to be asked to host this year. Now... tell me in the comments your favorite piece either TV or online of the last 12months and make sure you tag the choreographer and dancers if you can. ♥️💋♥️

A new week, a new adventure, and another opportunity to grow 💗 #mondaymotivation tell me what you’re gonna conquer this week!!

FACTS: You ain’t gonna get the booty you want by sitting on it 🤷🏻‍♀️... so click the link in my bio and come Cha Cha with me. 💕

Inspired by @juleshough post about feeling her emotions and it reminded of something I wrote back in April. Time to share 💕

We spend so much time being tough because we can. We spend so much time just pushing for more, because... well we can. We talk a lot about being strong, powerful women and we use quotes about how Queens don’t need Kings to rule. Now, You know me, i love all of that, heck I say scream it from the mountain top... WOMEN RULE!!! However, I think we can forget that we are human, and we need to allow ourselves to be beautifully, and at times painfully affected by ... life. I think that for some of us, the idea of vulnerability is terrifying. I know it is or at least “was” for me.
Recently(ish) came that moment for me when I decided ignoring and denying wasnt working so it was time to actually feel it. Tbh It was more like.. “Fine.. I surrender let’s do this”. Lol. However, I didn’t expect what came next... I found total freedom in allowing myself to cry, be honest with myself and my feelings, admit what hurts, admit to myself that maybe I’m not as invincible as Wonder Woman, and yes, sometimes shit really gets to me. I’ll be real, It took me a good minute to be ok with this revelation. Even as a kid (my Mum will tell you this), my favorite response was “it’s all good”. Didn’t matter what it was, how much it hurt, or what I felt... I was always.. all good. Lol, yah...🤦🏻‍♀️ I know now that It’s not always “all good”, and that’s ok. In denying how we really feel, in just trying to be tough and put it away... be unaffected, We are preventing ourselves from healing, growing and ACTUALLY BEING “all good”. Go figure lol.

There is an incredible author that I want you all to know about, @brenebrown She has a collection of must read books, one is “The Power of Vulnerability” if reading isn’t your thing then you can watch her vulnerability ted talk on YouTube. It’s a game changer ♥️ I think it’s so important we understand that being Wonder Woman doesn’t mean that we don’t feel vulnerable. It’s actually the opposite, it’s what we feel and how we grow that gives us our super powers & opens up the gateway to happiness, peace and fulfillment 💋

Update! I’ve been using @sugarbearhair gummies for quite a while now and my hair is in the best condition ever! I get compliments every time I’m out. Strong healthy thick and shiny hair makes me happy 😍You can only take 2 a day but they are yummy, effective and so freakin easy! #sugarbearhair #ad

Me.... every dang morning trying to get ready. Affectionately called... Dance A.D.D 💁🏻‍♀️😂 thanks @jockey and @arlenv1 for the awesome comfy’s 😘 #triller #jockey #dancelife

#fbf me attached to the chubbiest cheeks in all the land 😂😘 what up Dad! ♥️

Make sure you tune in to @entertainmenttonight TONIGHT so you can catch me update @laurenzima on my new dance workouts, my future DWTS plans AND of course we talked about my dating life 😉💁🏻‍♀️ Also... major major love to @koral for the incredible workout clothes I wore for my shoot.. they are without doubt now my fave to wear for all workouts and dance rehearsals (heck they’re so cute I even wear throughout my day running around) you guys are the best 💕💕 guys check out their stuff.

In the last few months of taking @careofvitamins Ive fallen in love with how fricken easy it it!!! Not to mention they make their own vitamin, AND for every sale they donate to GOOD+ Foundation and help pregnant women in need get their prenatal vitamins for their growing little ones. I’m taking care of me AND someone else at the same time. I love this. Use my code SHARNA for 25% and start looking after yourself with the highest quality and ease available. ♥️♥️ link in my bio my loves

👊🏼 YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT!! Let your girls know they ALL got this power. 💪🏼

This is one of my favorite items in the shop. Not just because the phrase is freaking awesome, but because this shirt COMES AS REGULAR T SHIRT, and then you get to add your own creativity to It and chop it up the way you feel It best represents you!! I’ll do a tutorial soon and show you some of the ways I’ve cut up mine. It’s so much fun and a perfect way to express your feminine power and individuality!! Link is in my bio my loves, only limited available. ♥️

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