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Sharna Burgess  I dance a bit, talk a lot, smile often... Love always 💋 PR- Mgmnt- Agent-

Crushed it, all three of us!!! In my book it was a 7,7,7!!! We have room to grow so let’s do it this week. THANK YOU EVERYONE for keeping us here and in the running, we are so excited for this coming week and will work to make you proud. Please VOTE!!!! 18008683402

L A S T 💋 L O O K S

You can’t touch this 🔨🔥🙌🏻

Hi there beautiful people! Check out the latest release in the shop 💗 🧘🏻‍♀️My new yoga mats are available and I’m obsessed with them! I especially loved designing the mantra mat, when I’m using it I’m reminded of my strength, I’m reminded that I am enough and I am love. We can all use that daily reminder! I also love the “Just Breathe” mat. For me it’s a reminder of how Important it is to connect to our breathing not just in workouts but in life!! (But especially in those harder workouts 😅) check them out and tell me what you think. Make sure you use #sharnashop when you get yours and I’ll repost you!! Links in my story 💋

Still on a high from last weeks beautiful and emotional piece!!! I want to give a big big shout out filed with gratitude to @merissagassel and @nicassbass for their talent and time. We collaborated and came up with something beautiful, filled with story and perfect for @mrbobbybones 💗🙏🏻 you guys rock

So much pride and gratitude for you. Thank you for letting me tell your story, and thank you for giving it your whole heart. You were wonderful tonight 💗

Everyone thank you for voting and keeping us here. We have so much more to give. Please vote again tonight 18008683402 🙏🏻 and the link in my bio 💕

This week always comes with pressure. I do not take the weight and honor of telling a persons story lightly. Bobby’s story is filled with obstacles, pain, bravery, resilience and against all odds... big dreams from a little boy. I have no idea how that kid made it through to be the incredible, humble and generous man he is today, but he did, and I know it all started with that beautiful childlike ability to just dream. What a gift it was for me to share this week with you @mrbobbybones , I’m so proud of you, and I can’t wait to witness you dance your truth tonight. A million dreams is all it’s gonna take, a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make. #teambeautyandthegeek

The power of a woman who knows her worth and what she wants is limitless. Woman, wife, mother, sister, friend, boss, sensual goddess. All of us. We are the creative force of nature and the eternal muse. Love yourself, love your sensuality, own it and embrace your magnetism. When a woman sees herself as enough exactly as she is, when she claims herself, honors herself and loves herself, only then is she ready to receive.
Dance is a powerful way to explore, love and trust your body. It’s where I discovered how to love and own my sensuality. Appreciating my body and how she moved. Moving in a way that felt beautiful to me, that helped me find beauty in my self, my curves, my strength, my grace, my vulnerability and all my imperfections. It gave me confidence and inspiration to evolve, to grow beyond what I could ever have dreamed both on and off the dance floor.

Start dancing... and don’t stop ♥️

When you the boss but you’re still proud af 👊🏼 this man this week is bringing everything, and so am I. #teambeautyandthegeek

But first... coffee ☕️

@mrbobbybones I would actually say that you danced better tonight than last night, so for me I couldn’t be happier. We survived an insane week, we leaned a magic trick and performed it on live tv... AND you grew as a dancer. Let’s show them next week just how much you’ve grown. Proud of you B.
Everyone we need your votes!!!! We would really love to stay and do this all over again. Please call 18008683402 12 TIMES!!!!! And follow the link in my bio 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Lol.. what can I say!?!? Second week in a row I’m speechless.... @mrbobbybones you went out there and gave it everything you had. I know today was a heavy day for you, and this week in general was just incredibly stressful. You handled everything like a champ and I’m proud of you. Let’s do it all again tomorrow.... but maybe minus the floss...... 😉
Everyone we really really need your votes!!!! Go to and call 1800 868 3402 💗💗💗 #teambeautyandthegeek

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